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Gaming Age (Nov 06, 2007)
Overall Namco Museum Remix is a nice little package, but at 40 bucks you have to wonder why there isn't a bigger selection of classics and of course why they didn't include the two most popular titles. This alone may have gamers pass on this collection, but I do admit that the games included and the remixes are engaging enough to merit a purchase for the classic gaming enthusiast.
Worth Playing (Nov 25, 2007)
Namco Museum Remix is a collection of games that have been slightly altered to work with the Wii's innovative controls, but it's ultimately a simple title made for the enjoyment of the nostalgic masses. Some of the games are a little too simplistic, though at points, they can be challenging for players with pre-developed trigger fingers. It's a colorful and light-hearted offering that features its lead icon, Pac-Man, in every game. Anyone nostalgic for arcade greatness with a modern touch should find enjoyment in Namco Museum Remix. Anyone with a passing interest in the title — and that would be most people — should just rent it.
Namco Museum Remix is a solid package with a few hiccups here and there. A complete lack of online certainly doesn’t help its cause, but the same-screen multi-player is incredibly addictive if you have the means to enjoy it. The quality of the nine classics on the disc is debatable, the remixed games are a hit or miss, and the hub mini-game (while a nice diversion) can become tedious at times, but for what it is Remix delivers another solid compilation of titles that is worth checking out if you know what to expect before going in.
Game Chronicles (Nov 16, 2007)
Namco Museum Remix is a mixed bag of games as well as a mixed review in quality and what you get. There are some pretty good games but you have to really want them to pay the full price for this Wii game. The Pac Man style is here in droves and you do get the classic versions of some good games but you also get a few that are just plain terrible along with the good ones.
54 (Nov 21, 2007)
Namco Museum Remix is a decent compilation, but it will have gamers wanting more, especially for the higher price point. The five remixed games will not hold your attention for very long, and the classic games in the museum are probably filled with titles that the average gamer has not heard of. Perhaps these classic games would have received an extra bit of replay value if it used Wii-Connect24 to upload high scores, but of course that would be asking for too much coming from a Wii game. If you have not downloaded these classic games on your Wii Virtual Console, through the XBLA, playing them in their original form, or bought a previous compilation, then picking up this disc might be a worthy consideration if you desire to learn about gaming of the past.
GameZone (Nov 11, 2007)
Fourteen games included in one package is always a tempting offer. This is especially true when you start thinking back to the number of impressive titles Namco has released over the years. However with Namco Museum Remix you get an assortment of lackluster games with only a few shining stars. Unfortunately the shining stars are just not enough to keep this collection above water.
50 (UK) (May 26, 2008)
Overall, if you're still searching for the definitive Namco collection, this isn't it. The remixes are lacklustre and the paltry inclusion of nine largely throwaway oldies typifies the mean-spirited approach that Namco always applies to its Museum collections. For completists, the new version of Pac N' Roll is fun for a while and by far the most interesting part of the package, but, as usual, we're complaining like grumpy old men about what might have been.
IGN (Nov 14, 2007)
It’s obvious that some effort went into putting this package together, as the interface, level hub, and overall presentation of the game is fleshed out with bright tones, cheery music, and a decent style, but the depth just isn’t there. If a few of these remixed titles were on Wii Ware we’d have no problem dropping a few bucks for the ones that appealed to us. As it stands, there’s no reason anyone should be dropping $40 on a package made up of just a few decent titles. If companies like Namco want to compete with the nearing onslaught of on-demand downloadable content, these compilations will need to deliver like never before, and Namco Museum Remix is about as far from doing that as possible.
GameSpy (Nov 05, 2007)
One very odd aspect of Namco Museum Remix is that it doesn't include the original version of any of the games that it remixed (Wacky Gator and Pac'n Roll aside). As if the museum lineup wasn't strange enough, there's simply no excuse to not have the original versions of Galaga, Rally-X and Motos. You have to wonder what Namco Bandai is thinking while putting these recent collections together. The $39.99 price tag also seems a bit too high. It would be a lot easier to recommend if it were half that price. As it is, you're paying $40 for lackluster collection of old arcade games, a port of a good DS game, and a handful of varying quality remixes that all feel like expanded mini-games.
Defunct Games (Dec 05, 2007)
Namco Museum Remix is easily one of the most perplexing games of the year. It tries to draw you in with the promise of new versions of classic games, but these "remixes" tend to be complete wastes of time. Worse yet, the nine non-remixed arcade classics are marred by a terrible selection of games and poor Wii control implementation. Namco Museum Remix is an all around mess that has to be seen to be believed.
40 (Apr 23, 2008)
Namco nous fait une fausse joie avec ce titre qui ne remplit pas du tout son contrat. Sur les 14 jeux inclus dans le soft, seulement 5 ont été complètement refaits en 3D. Les autres sont proposés dans leur version originale et ne présentent que peu d'intérêt. Sans compter que pour une compilation vendue à 40 euros, le contenu de ce Namco Museum Remix se révèle franchement léger.
Level 7 (Apr 19, 2008)
Namco Museum Remix bjuder på några oförglömliga arkadklassiker. Dock känns utbudet för skralt och de 3D-spel som lagts till som komplement är varken speciellt kompletterande eller underhållande. Att återuppleva gamla klassiker är underhållande i sig men utan onlineläge och övrig spelglädje är det inte värt att införskaffa ett helt nytt spel för endast nio sköna retrolir.
AceGamez (2007)
Sadly then, while the games in this compilation might have been arcade classics in their day, they don't really stand the test of time and certainly don't benefit from the Wii's motion sensing mechanics. As such, Namco Museum Remix is like a trip to a real museum - educational and interesting to a degree, but ultimately something that is over pretty quickly and that you won't want to revisit any time soon.
GamesRadar (Oct 22, 2007)
Just like a gift from grandma, these games have been repackaged so many times, it's hard to justify going out and paying full price for Namco Museum Remix. Multiplayer is nice in the arcade classics, but it can't save the insipid updates. We can't help but feel Namco's overestimating our affection for Pac's smiling yellow puss if they thought that'd be enough to get gamers to enjoy this pathetic pile of remixed drivel.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 21, 2007)
I've played a lot of video game compilations in my day and never have I been so torn as to what to think. It's clear that Namco is doing what it can to make these games fresh again, even if that means ripping out the very reasons why people played them in the first place. I also want to applaud Namco for digging deep and offering up some rare arcade games that you don't see very often in these compilations, but at the same time none of these games are as fun as they should be and you'll quickly realize that there's a reason you don't remember Cutie-Q. The Namco Museum Remix is a mess all around, there aren't a lot of games here for you to play and the ones that are fun are short lived. I'm not completely opposed to the idea of remixing classic arcade games, but Namco needs to use this Wii game as an example of what not to do.