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The Video Game Critic (Mar 22, 2014)
The single player mode is addictive as hell, and you will find yourself cursing out loud during certain tracks. The split-screen action is very good, although the controls feel different. There's a lot of play value here, including unlockable bonus games like a motorcycle version of bowling. Nitrobike may not be as polished as other racers in its class, but if you're looking for a shot of adrenaline this one won't let you down.
70 (Feb 07, 2008)
Fans of Excite Truck should check out Nitrobike. Fans of Excitebike 64 should definitely check out Nitrobike. Everyone else itching for a new Wii racing game should at least consider renting it.
Cheat Code Central (Jan, 2008)
Ultimately, though, the thing that hurts Nitrobike the most is that it just doesn't bring much new content to the table in terms of Wii racing titles. In fact, aside from the well-done online mode, it's a near carbon-copy of Excite Truck. If you're the type of person who, like myself, didn't really care much for Excite Truck, you're going to want to pass on Nitrobike. If you really loved it, though, or if you're looking for a solid, well-rounded entry into the world of Wii racing games, then Nitrobike is certainly worth a look.
Game Shark (Jan 30, 2008)
Nitrobike is a fun off-road motorcycle racing romp. However, there’s not a lot of variety to the racing, save the style of the track, the type of race (time trial, eliminator, hoop crash, etc.) and some of the minimal differences between the bikes, so many of the races play out in a similar fashion. It’s challenging, though, and can lead to some pretty thrilling moments. Unfortunately, it can lead to some pretty frustrating moments as well. It’s a one-trick pony for the most part, but worth a rental at least for arcade racing fans.
65 (Apr 21, 2008)
Vaikeampaa on sitten se, kun saa kirjoitettavaksi Nitrobiken kaltaisen pelin. Tällaisesta täydellisestä keskinkertaisuudesta on mahdoton sanoa mitään, mitä ei olisi jo todennut noin viidestäkymmenestä tusinakilpa-ajosta tätä ennen; samalla uransa tässä vaiheessa haluaisi kuitenkin kirjoittaa paitsi lukijan tarpeita palvelevan, myös itseä tyydyttävän ja perinteisiä latteuksia välttävän arvostelun. Nitrobike tekee tästä erinomaisen hankalaa. Pelissä ei ole mitään, mitä voisi haukkua erityisesti: ohjaus on kelvollinen, grafiikka on ankeahkoa muttei täysin kelvotonta Wii-peliksi, ja pelimoodit eivät poikkea juuri mitenkään muista vastaavista. Kuuden pelaajan verkkopeli olisi potentiaalisesti mielenkiintoista - jos tietäisin yhdenkään toisen ihmisen, jolla on oma Wii-koodini ja tämä peli. Toisaalta taas mikään puoli ei nosta peliä harmaan massan yläpuolellekaan: luvassa on radan kiertämistä, mitaleita, avautuvia sarjoja ja marginaalisesti toisiaan parempia motskareita.
IGN (Jan 23, 2008)
As far as audio/visual/presentation goes, it lacks soul, and that is certainly a downer. There’s no denying the game’s entertainment value, but dropping full price on a product that’s only “mostly there” isn’t something we’d recommend; especially when you’ve got the slicker, cheaper Excite Truck sharing the same shelf space. If online is a must for you, consider at least a rental for this one. Otherwise wait for a sequel with a bit more to offer overall.
Maxim Magazine (Jan 09, 2008)
Remember Excite Truck? Now that was a fucking great game. OK, now imagine Excite Truck, only with dirt bikes instead of trucks. OK, got it? Now add in a fairly deep career mode (65-plus events!), blander tracks (you'll miss the sphincter-puckering drop-offs from Excite Truck), and six-player online competitive racing. Welcome, Nintendo, to online gaming! We've been expecting you for, oh, the last 10 years or so. Nice to have you! And voilà—you've got Nitrobike. The graphics aren't nearly as polished as they should be for a second-generation Wii title. But the racing action is solid, if overly familiar, fun.
Darkstation (Feb, 2008)
Nitrobike is a good idea, it does a lot of things right, but it isn't the final product I think Left Field Productions wanted it to be. Even with the simplistic feel of the game you still get the feeling that there could have been a lot more the developers could have done to make this an even better game.
Nitrobike is very much a middle-of-the-road game. It does a few things right, a few things wrong and, most of all, it does nothing new. If you need to race and Excite Truck isn't doing it for you, by all means, give this a shot. If you simply can't wait for Mario Kart on the Wii, maybe Nitrobike will help pass the time. Other than that, most people won't find enough enjoyment here to justify a purchase - especially during the same month that saw the release of the fantastic, Wii-exclusive freakout, No More Heroes. After playing Nitrobike, which as I said, shares a lot of common ground with Excite Truck, a thought occurred to me: Take the titles 'Excite Truck' and 'Nitrobike' and smash them together. What do you get? Excitebike - a game that, even though it was released over 20 years ago, is still more fun than either of these racers.
Worth Playing (Mar 07, 2008)
Nitro Bike is a concept without a home. People who are interested in technical accuracy will be turned away by the glaring inaccuracies in how nitro is used and the fact that it is nearly impossible to control your vehicle in any appreciable degree, and speed junkies will throw down their Wiimotes in disgust at how the game punishes you over and over again for actually using the edge you've been given. The most impressive trick this game ever shows off is the one that gets you to shell out your hard-earned cash.
50 (Feb 15, 2008)
Grundsätzlich habe ich keine Probleme mit Niedrigpreisprodukten. Bei Grafik und Sound kann ich dann mit den Einschränkungen ohne Weiteres leben, allerdings sollte zumindest der Spielspaß aufkommen, der diese, liebevoll „Trashspiele“ genannten Games, auszeichnet. Und genau an diesem Punkt macht einem die Steuerung der Motorräder einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Gerade zu Beginn fliegt man ständig aus der Kurve, knallt gegen Hindernisse oder erwischt Sprünge nicht richtig. Außerdem scheinen die gegnerischen Fahrer die reinsten Götter zu sein, was dazu führt, dass einem der letzte Platz vor allem beim Start auf die Stirn geschrieben steht. Gerade der schwierige Einstieg macht auch die Duelle mit Freunden zu Frustrennen, was auch das spaßige Motorradbowling nicht mehr rettet.
Game Partisan (Mar 19, 2008)
In the end, I’ll go ahead and say that about 80% of people out there should look past Nitrobike and instead wait for a more thoughtfully designed sequel or just hold off until Mario Kart Wii. Nitrobike isn’t a terrible game, but at the same time it’s also just not very fun. Combine that with the fact that it’s a near carbon-copy of an underwhelming title (Excite Truck, of course) and you’ve got yourself a game that’s most likely not worth 50 bucks. If, however, you really loved Excite Truck (and I know there are people like that out there, though I could never imagine why), then perhaps you should consider picking up Nitrobike.
NintendoWorldReport (Feb 05, 2008)
Comparing Nitrobike to ExciteTruck is unavoidable, what with the exact same control scheme and the name's obvious derivation from Excitebike. ExciteTruck is the better game by far: it features some awesome course design, encourages shortcut-finding, has several-hundred-foot jumps, an old-school arcade feel, and above all, personality. Nitrobike has none of these things. If you veer off the beaten path for even a second, a message appears: "Get back on the track!" If you don’t immediately obey, the computer will reposition you itself. Exploration isn’t tolerated. What's more, course designs are limiting and don’t really take advantage of the "Nitro" in Nitrobike. But worst of all, the game’s generic characters and setting rob it of any personality. Nitrobike is not extreme—it’s just boring.
50 (UK) (Feb 07, 2008)
Nitrobike does have redeeming features. The hoop levels are enough to steal an hour here and there and the satisfaction of besting one is considerable, and there's no denying that developer Left Field Productions has a good handle on the Wiimote, which means we do. Plus it does well by default - there simply isn't much competition. But when the game finds itself up against one cheaper, much better year-old rival and fails to make any in-roads, it's hard to justify sending you out to buy it. Better to hang around and see if Nintendo re-commissions Monster Games for another round of Trucks, because this certainly fails to excite.
48 (Feb 14, 2008)
Oh, das tut weh! Nach Pleiten wie GT Pro Series und Monster 4x4 World Circuit schafft es Ubisoft auch mit Nitro Bike nicht, endlich ein vernünftiges Rennspiel für Nintendos Wii abzuliefern. Grafisch befinden sich die Offroad-Ausflüge mit ihren langweiligen Kulissen auf unterem PS2-Niveau und auch die schwammige Remote-Steuerung ist mehr schlecht als recht. Doch selbst wenn die Entwickler eine Alternative mit Nunchuk erlaubt hätten, wäre Nitro Bike immer noch eine technisch unterirdische und spaßfreie Angelegenheit, bei der die öde Aufmachung samt Soundtrack zum Abgewöhnen nur das Gesamtbild abrundet. Leider, leider gibt es bis auf Excite Truck keine wirklich vernünftige Alternative, doch bereits die Anspiel-Version von THQs MX vs ATV: Untamed hat einen wesentlich besseren Eindruck hinterlassen als dieses Machwerk aus der Offroad-Hölle. Deshalb solltet ihr lieber noch bis März warten und Nitro Bike im Laden links liegen lassen.
Developer Left Field made Excitebike 64 and is clearly attempting to ape the more recent Excite Truck. Unfortunately, Nitrobike lacks any of the fun of these two titles. Sure it’s got remote tilt steering, liberal boosts, and plenty of jumps, but the core control is so fundamentally sloppy it verges on unplayable. The unclear track design will have players driving into walls and flying off cliffs, and shooting for possible shortcuts only leads to an out-of-bounds reset. Stunts are simple enough to pull off, but the swiveled camera angle prevents you from seeing and avoiding any debris waiting on the track below. Online play is available, but good luck finding anyone else who actually owns this turd.
Gamekult (Feb 15, 2008)
Les studios de Left Field Productions ont délaissé le réalisme de leur remarqué Excitebike 64 pour développer ce Nitro Bike entièrement tourné vers l'arcade. Dans la lignée d'un Excite Truck, le titre n'en a pas la capacité à surprendre. Certes les courses sur deux roues sont spectaculaires et la Wiimote en mode "volant" se prête bien au pilotage fun mais la réalisation plus Hells que Angels du soft le cantonne dans un rôle de défouloir, speed et bien trop éphémère. A réserver aux amateurs de courses explosives qui n'espèrent pas y passer trop de temps.
Gamervision (Feb 12, 2008)
With mediocre gameplay, even worse graphics, an annoying soundtrack, and almost no incentive to play for more than twenty minutes, this game doesn’t even warrant a rental. If you have a Wii and are dying for a good bike-racing game, just download ExciteBike from the Virtual Console instead. It’s much more worthy of your time and money.
GameTrailers (Feb, 2008)
Despite all of its flaws, Nitrobike has one thing going for it: if you blowup 15 times during your career you can unlock crash test bowling. It’s not particularly fun and uses some whacked-out physics, but at least it will keep you from playing the main game. The inconsistencies amongst design and control, drab visuals and ghost town online populace all point to a bad, broken game. It’s simply not worth the effort or the 50 bucks.
GameSpot (Feb 08, 2008)
All told, it almost seems as if Nitrobike's driving mechanics and track design were pulled from two completely different games. They simply don't fit, and that lack of harmony results in a frustratingly difficult experience. If that weren't enough, insult is added to injury when you consider what little incentive there is for battling through this mess. Wii owners itching for a quality racing game will want to pass on this one.
Video Game Talk (Feb 17, 2008)
While the MSRP may not scream bargain title, the overall package certainly does. The uninspired gameplay had potential but comes up short thanks to unforgiving track design, disappointing AI and a complete lack zeal for the genre. Lackluster graphics and poor audio do nothing to fill in the blanks either. There are moments where the game is actually entertaining but these highlights are few and far between. Stick with Excite Truck or simply move over to another console for a solid racing experience; Nitrobike isn't worth the price of admission.
1UP (Jan 22, 2008)
It's a shame, because the Wi-Fi play is arguably the best part of Nitrobike. While the technical issues persist, the smaller field and lag-free experience benefits from the knowledge that your online competitors are putting up with the same glitches that you are. A decent core forms the basis of the racing experience in Nitrobike, but nearly everything built around it, from the technical issues to the stunningly silly riders (which resemble rejects from any unsuccessful 3D fighter from the late '90s), finds some way to frustrate, annoy, or provide purely ironic amusement.
30 (Feb 11, 2008)
It's hard to believe that Nitrobike is as bad as it is. When it was revealed there was some genuine excitement amongst gamers who knew the developer's history, but the end result is a game that is somewhat of an embarrassment. With some of the worst presentation the Wii has seen and some partially broken controls, even an inevitable appearance in a bargain bin shouldn't tempt you to buy Nitrobike.
The Wiire (Jan 24, 2008)
Nitrobike combines the 'old-school' NES-style controls with wayward physics, leaving the game nearly uncontrollable at times. A minor bump in the road can set the racer back enough to ruin a first place lead, which will frustrate most players to the point of turning off the console. Tied together with a point system in which one can only advance further by placing in first or second, this game just isn't for anyone. Too hard for casual gamers, too lacking for hardcore gamers, this is one title that will leave players looking elsewhere for a decent racing experience.