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NintendoWorldReport (Jul 03, 2009)
Overlord: Dark Legend is damn fine game when all is said and done. It's a focused, linear experience that never really slows down. There's not a lot outside of the entertaining main quest, but the time you’ll spend completing it is riddled with fun and absurdity. Anyone who's been waiting for great Wii exclusives - and always wanted their Pikmin to be more evil - should not pass on this great game.
1UP (Jun 22, 2009)
In a way, Dark Legend is like Overlord with training wheels on. Which isn't by any means a bad thing. It introduces some fairly complicated gameplay in a painless way while maintaining focus on a great storyline, excellent dialogue, and the sheer glee of making a bunch of underlings break a lot of stuff along the way. It serves as both a great introduction to the series, and a fun distraction for veterans who've already enjoyed the games on other systems.
Vandal Online (Jul 03, 2009)
Sin duda, Overlord: La Leyenda Siniestra es un soplo de aire fresco al catálogo de la videoconsola, no sólo por su sistema de control -que ya está adoptado en otras obras-, sino por ese aire desenfadado y alejado del bien que emiten la aventura. Lamentablemente el juego cuenta con varios errores que empeoran el producto final y que podrían haberse corregido de cara al lanzamiento oficial. Pese a todo, estamos ante un buen juego que hará las delicias de los aficionados al género y que, sin duda, convencerá a todos los que se atrevan a darle una oportunidad.
XGN (Jul 02, 2009)
Ondanks een flink minpunt in de besturing is dit een titel die Wii bezitters zeker gespeeld moeten hebben. Grafisch is de game erg netjes en ook het geluid zit wel goed. Kortom: De Overlord is terug om het verhaal van zijn ontstaan te vertellen, al stottert hij hier af en toe bij.
IGN (Jun 23, 2009)
All in all Climax Studios has done a nice job of crafting a fun world to explore and plenty of enemies to decimate. The real issue is engine stability, and polish. While it’s amazingly fun to run around beating on helpless animals, commanding legions of minions with a simple aim of the Wii-mote pointer, and laughing at the well-crafted story and dialogue therein, there are just some obvious issues that can’t be ignored, and will ultimately impede your fun. Minion AI is moronic at times, ranging from delightful and aggressive to bordering on unusable. The camera is always a struggle as well, and with no way to move it outside of C-center and a pretty slow IR-based movement it can make battles and puzzles a hassle.
All in all, Dark Legend gets a lot right, and as the Wii missed out on the well-reviewed original Overlord, gamers who own Wiis but no other gaming platforms should definitely give it a shot. The clever plot, the funny dialogue, and the ease of control all make for an experience worth having, and how does one say no to Pikmin with a touch of evil? On the other hand, Overlord newcomers who do have access to the original (360, PS3, PC) might want to start there, and those who already enjoyed that game might find themselves a little disappointed with Dark Legend.
GameZone (Jul 17, 2009)
Great for those who have yet to experience the Overlord series. Everyone else should pass.
70 (Jun 29, 2009)
Unterm Strich bleibt ein unterhaltsames Abenteuer, das Action, Strategie und Erkundung vor allem für Einsteiger mundgerecht und souverän serviert. Es ist allerdings bedenklich, dass man Wii-Zocker schon im Designansatz so unterschätzt: Das eingangs erwähnte Pikmin ist drei Klassen kniffliger und genial, selbst Goblin Commander hat für Kenner mehr zu bieten.
GameSpy (Jul 01, 2009)
Dark Legend's fun, I just don't think that a person with considerable skill at games will find it all that challenging. Still, if you want a good, humorous story, and are looking for something to entertain you (albeit briefly), then Dark Legend is among the better choices for the Wii.
InsideGamer (Jul 04, 2009)
Overlord Dark Legend is allerminst een slechte game. Er is namelijk genoeg afwisseling om te compenseren voor de vrij lage moeilijkheidsgraad. Bovendien verloopt het commanderen van onderdanen met de Wii-mote soepel en is dit gewoon erg leuk om te doen. Het belangrijkste is dat de sfeervolle wereld ervoor zorgt dat je geneigd bent te blijven spelen. Als je accepteert dat de game vrij kort en vrij gemakkelijk is, dan is het absoluut de moeite waard om de jeugdavonturen van de Overlord te beleven.
AceGamez (2009)
For those that have enjoyed Overlord prior to Dark Legend, the things that the game does well-namely the control-is not enough to make this get past feeling like 'My First Overlord'. For fans, the HD sequel would be a better choice, providing a longer, more realised adventure. That said, it's a game that utilises the Wii remote effectively and appeals to a much wider audience than some of the more recent 'hardcore' Wii games. It's never too brutal, but also never too tame, hitting just the right spot to have widespread appeal. If the difficulty had been this way too, then this would have been a great choice for any Wii gamer. As it is though, Overlord Dark legend is merely a good version of a great product.
Cynamite (Sep 07, 2009)
Der gelungene Genre-Mix sorgt zusammen mit dem abgedrehten Humor für Spielspaß, der durch viele Ruckler und den zu niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrad getrübt wird.
GameDaily (Jun 30, 2009)
We enjoyed stomping through the game's fairytale environments attacking gingerbread men, stomping wolves and shaking minions to make them explode. That said, Dark Legend attractive visuals often force the action to chug, an overabundance of minions makes the game far too easy and at times incompetent artificial intelligence forces you to reissue the same commands to brain dead minions. If you can deal with those issues, then you'll probably enjoy this dark and destructive adventure.
GameTrailers (Jun 30, 2009)
Of the three games in the Overlord family, Dark Legend is something of a black sheep. It's smaller in scope and lacks some fundamental parts of the formula, but in its pursuit to be different, it's managed to one-up its cousins in certain key ways. The series' minion-control mechanics are a shoe-in on the Wii, and as an Overlord game, it succeeds at what it aims to deliver: mindless fun with irresistible charm.
70 (Jun 26, 2009)
Erg moeilijk wordt Dark Legend nergens en dat is dan ook meteen het grootste punt van kritiek. De game mist daardoor aan levensduur. Ook is het een beetje apart dat een game die draait om de ultieme slechterik je zoveel goede daden laat doen. Maar wat maakt het ook uit? De tijd die je in Dark Legend steekt ben je lekker bezig met het mollen van je omgeving en vijanden en dat werkt prima. Gecombineerd met goede graphics en prima geluid is dit een erg leuk avontuur voor Wii-eigenaren.
70 (UK) (Jun 21, 2009)
As an introduction to the Overlord brand, there's no doubt that Overlord: Dark Legend does a fine job. With its joyfully evil brand of warm humour enlivening every encounter, it's a game that makes you feel good about being bad. And with slick controls and a satisfying blend of action and strategy, it's a game that's never less than enjoyable to play. But while it provides superior controls and less frustration than Overlord II, it regrettably falls down by failing to offer enough of a concerted challenge. There's a wealth of promise here, but maybe we'll have to wait for the next Wii version to see it live up to that.
70 (Jun 22, 2009)
While Codemasters' Overlord II will be the evil doing choice for many, Dark Legend on Wii manages to be an extremely competent third-party offering. It's too easy and suffers from a few technical shortcomings, but the campaign is always fun and entertaining. As an intro to Overlord, Dark Legend does its job. Play it on Wii and then move on to the superior and altogether more challenging next-gen sequel.
70 (Jun 26, 2009)
Trattandosi del debutto ufficiale di Overlord sulla console di casa Nintendo, Dark Legend può essere considerato prodotto ottimo. L'unione tra malvagità e comicità si rivela un mix vincente, e il suo particolare gameplay, capace di fondere alla perfezione strategia ed azione, riesce a di divertire per tutto l'arco dell'avventura. Come detto in precedenza non è però tutt'oro quel che luccica e dunque, pur essendo meno frustrante di Ovelord II, questo titolo perde gran parte del suo fascino a causa di una difficoltà tutt'altro che sostenuta. Insomma, le potenzialità per espandere quest'interessante concept di gioco ci sono tutte, ma dovremo forse aspettare il prossimo capitolo per Wii per vedere soddisfatte tutte le nostre aspettative.
GamePro (US) (Jun 30, 2009)
If it wasn't for the mild puzzles, you could almost certainly finish the game by chopping and hacking your way to the end. For once in the Overlord series, the Minions feel like the kids back in high school you didn't invite to your party -- but they showed up anyway so now you have to babysit them. I do commend Codemasters for catering to the Wii with a brand new Overlord game instead of porting over Overlord II, which could only have ended in tears -- but give us a challenge guys. We're not stupid.
Overlord Dark Legend is not a bad game. It’s a fun and humorous game to play through, but just when things are getting really interesting it comes to a crashing halt and finishes out of nowhere. The game controls well and is easy enough to learn but the game is just too damn short. Check it out if you are a fan of the series or want a fun game to rent for the weekend but don’t expect a long drawn out adventure. If the game was going to be this short, then it should have been made a tad bit more difficult to balance out the lack of content.
GameSpot (Jul 13, 2009)
When you play Overlord: Dark Legend, you get the sense that developer Triumph Studios doesn't think highly of your intelligence levels. Almost every feature is watered down to its most fundamental level. Underused minion abilities, character progression that is all but pointless, boss battles that almost play themselves--Dark Legend isn't fulfilling because it doesn't go far enough. The story and the comedy offer a joyfully malevolent springboard for another fun, fleshed-out adventure. Sadly, Dark Legend covers only the fundamentals, leaving the true heart and soul of the franchise unexplored.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 18, 2009)
The reality is that Climax have created a game with an overly generous learning curve and a typically unthreatening front end – that’s no great departure from most studios’ strategies in bringing a franchise to the Wii, nor is it anything less than a sensible business model given the target market of the console. For those of us who are open to innovation and who appreciate the fantastical, immersive experiences the craft can throw up, Overlord: Dark Legend is destined to feel like something of a wasted opportunity. The result of taking a winning formula to the uncharted territory of Nintendo’s platform could’ve been something quite beautiful. Instead, we’ll have to settle for something quite marketable.
Teletext (2009)
The controls are superior to Overlord II, but the gameplay and difficulty is even more simplified.

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