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Eurogamer.net (UK) (Jun 02, 2007)
The only downside is that, while it's preferable to the GBA re-releases in terms of price, this VC release still isn't great value. It looks rather sparse compared to the slightly cheaper and enhanced Live Arcade version, which also has the advantage of being the original not an emulation of a console port and is therefore worthy of that notorious 8. This, however, only gets...
Wiiloveit (2008)
If you love Pac Man, then we'd recommend this (despite the controller sometimes not responding immediately) but since it is just the same old level over and over and over with some basic but not-very-enticing presentation, you'd probably be better off playing it online for free.
GameSpot (May 15, 2007)
Ever since Pac-Man first appeared in arcades back in 1980, countless renditions of the game have been produced for different video game consoles, computers, cell phones, watches, and other electronic gadgets. Some versions duplicate the look and feel of the original arcade cabinet better than others. Namco's Nintendo Entertainment System version, which was first made in 1993 and is now available from the Wii's Virtual Console, is one of the better ones. Pac-Man and his ghostly enemies behave just like they do in the arcade game, and the graphics and audio are mostly spot on. The $5 price for Pac-Man and Pac-Man alone seems a little steep compared to the recent Namco Museum and Xbox Live Arcade releases, but this is a decent way to play Pac-Man at home if you don't have access to those other options.
Nintendo Life (Apr 13, 2007)
Regardless of its shortcomings, Pac-Man is one of those games that remains timeless. As we've already established, the graphics are really primitive and the sound is sparse but it's not a huge issue as the gameplay remains as addictive as ever. Pac-Man is from an era where the challenge of a videogame was all about scoring as many points as possible, and even today this has a certain appeal to it.
IGN (May 14, 2007)
It's highly probable that anyone that would be interested in downloading this latest VC release may very well already own the game as part of a collection, on another system, or perhaps even an original arcade unit. As already mentioned, this is a truly respectable and accurate port of the original. Yet if it's already present in your gaming library, there's really no need to download it again. Further, much to the chagrin of purists, some even argue that Ms. Pac Man is an all-around better game -- that may even ultimately see a VC release itself. And once again, with Nintendo opting for the quick-and-simple releasing of ROMs onto the VC (instead of opting for extra features like an online scoreboard on Xbox Live), your 500 Wii points may be better burned elsewhere.

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