Rayman: Raving Rabbids Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Title screen
Rayman and the baby Globoxes are having a picnic...
...when mysterious bunnies start turning up!
Kidnapped by the Rabbids, Rayman must take strange tests.
Before the game starts, you're told how to play.
A Rabbid lights the explosive present.
Run to the finish line quickly!
A Rabbid is...dusting...a...cow?
Chuck the cow as far as you can!
Trace the shapes to give the Rabbid a delicious meal.
All done!
The Rabbids love to dance.
Shake either the nunchuck or the Wii Remote as the Rabbids approach.
Successfully completing all the challenges gives you bonuses.
The Rabbids attack!
Super Rabbid ambush!
Watch out! Injuns!
Rewrite history with Rabbids and..er, plungers.
Saved a baby Globox!
Beating the final test earns you a plunger!
Rayman takes a look at his 'prize'.
In your cell, you can listen to music, change outfits, and other events.
You can replay your previous events if you want.
Whack the toilet doors shut to preserve the Rabbids' modesty.
Jump rope with frightening gargoyles.
Pump the nunchuck and aim with the Remote to drown Rabbids in carrot juice.
Try to shoot the Rabbids before they get too close.
Sam Fisher invades Rayman.
You can also fire off a grapple to pull Rabbids towards you for use as a shield.