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Fun for fans of light-gun genre, yet not of Samurai Shodown. Minter064 (26) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Excellent New-Gen fps (with some dodgey sword play) Ynda (21) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 2.8
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.0
Overall User Score (24 votes) 3.1

Critic Reviews

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NGamer (Dec, 2006)
Not only making excellent use of the Wii's controllers, this is huge fun in it's own right. For a launch title to get so much right is an indicator of great things to come.
Wenn ich die zwei besten Launchtitel wählen müsste, dann wären es Ihr-wisst-schon-welches und Red Steel. Ubisoft zeigt hier sehr deutlich, dass Wii sich auch für die Umsetzung klassischer Genres eignet. Obwohl spieltechnisch gesehen fast keine Innovationen vorhanden sind und das Spiel viel zu linear und fast schon arcadelastig daher kommt, spielt es sich dank der Steuerung sehr erfrischend und viel besser als so manch anderer Konsolenshooter. In gewisser Weise ist Red Steel daher ein Experiment, ein geglücktes Experiment wohlgemerkt. Die Schwächen in der Steuerung bei den Schwertkämpfen sind sehr schade und rauben dem Spiel ein wenig den Spaß, trotz allem ist Red Steel aber ein echter Kracher zum Launch des Wii. Dafür gibts auch unseren WiiX Award. Und wenn im zweiten Teil die paar Kinderkrankheiten dieses Spiels behoben werden und man auf einen unlineareren Ablauf setzt, dann wird der noch mal ne ganze Ecke besser.
N-Zone (Jan 20, 2007)
Ich kann beim besten Willen nicht verstehen, warum Red Steel erst ab 18 Jahren freigegeben ist: Das Spiel ist weder besonders brutal noch fließt während der 12-stündigen Spielzeit ein einziger Tropfen Blut. Trotz (oder gerade aufgrund) mangelnder Story ist Red Steel vielmehr ideal für Feierabend-Rambos, die nicht immer Lust auf knackige Rätsel haben.
Gamezine (Dec 10, 2006)
Ne passez pas à côté de cette nouvelle expérience unique. Foi de Ryo, ce Red Steel est le genre de jeux qui ne court pas les rues pour l’instant, et qui devrait pousser le jeu vidéo dans le bon sens. Bien joué. Ce serait bien un petit Red Steel 2 maintenant, d’accord M. Ubi ?
There's no doubt that Red Steel is worth the purchase when you grab your Wii. It's a superb shooter with a great plot, innovative gameplay and some really brilliant moments that will surprise even the most seasoned of gamer. It's a decent length too, with a good 15 hours of play in the main mode.

But some control issues and patchy inconsistencies (mainly in the physics and level design) pull it short of earning that juicy 9 score. Still, of the 27 Wii games that will launch in December, Red Steel is certainly one of the best.
GameZone (Nov 27, 2006)
Red Steel is fun, but it’s not for everyone. Those who do not wish to hold up their controllers and have the patience to learn a new control style will not be enthused. Give the game the time it deserves, however, and you’ll find that, in spite of its repetition, this is one very cool and exciting shooter.
Games Master (Dec, 2006)
Some clever ideas and enjoyable moments, inside an average (but solid enough) shooter.
Red Steel puts it all out there and allows you to do many of the things FPS games allow you to do. It is a fun and skilled gamer experience that requires some learning and patience. You will enjoy Red Steel the first time around, but I don’t see any space for replayability value.
eToychest (2006)
However, despite its faults, the long and short of it is that Red Steel is a fun first-person shooter, and hopefully a decent indicator of where developers will be able to take this genre on the Wii. The title controls extremely fluid, and is likely to draw praise from those PC gamers who up until now have been turned off by how the first-person shooter genre has been portrayed on the home console market. This is certainly one of the stronger titles for the Wii's retail debut, and while certainly not for everyone, is still a commendable example of the immersive experiences the Wii is capable of conveying.
GameTrailers (Nov 20, 2006)
The Wii was originally designed to be a system that would bring new players to gaming, but if games like Red Steel are any indication, things aren’t necessarily more accessible. It’s an ambitious game with controls to match, but once you get the hang of its ins and outs you’ll definitely have a good time blasting and slicing your way through the Yakuza. It’s a game like no other, but it takes a great deal of patience before you’re able to truly enjoy it. If you’re a core gamer looking for a launch game, Red Steel is a nice choice. Casual players should give it a rent first to see if their manual dexterity is up to the task.
75 (Dec 09, 2006)
Das Bild des zweischneidigen Schwertes bietet sich leider an. So überzeugen das gut funktionierende Zielsystem und die gelungene Atmosphäre. Die Kehrseite des blanken Stahls sind jedoch eine qualitativ sehr schwankende Optik, abwechslungsarme Schwertkämpfe und teils sehr frustrierende Stellen. Was mich schließlich trotzdem zum Red Steel Fan gemacht hat, war die coole Atmosphäre des Spiels und die vielen Momente, in denen ich stolz auf einen gewonnenen Kampf war. Mein Tipp: Ausprobieren!
GamesFire (Jan 01, 2007)
Red Steel hat seine Macken, dennoch macht der Shooter Spaß. Die Story ist anfangs zwar alles andere als spannend, dafür möchte man im Laufe des Spiels immer mehr darüber wissen, warum sich die Entführer von Miyu so für das Katana-Giri interessieren. Dank der passenden Grafik und der überzeugenden Soundkulisse wird Red Steel gut präsentiert, auch wenn das Ganze durch die teils relativ hartnäckige Steuerung getrübt wird. Wer offen für ein neues Steuerungprinzip ist, auf Ego-Shooter steht und genügend Kondition für die teils frustrienden Schwertkämpfe mitbringt, der wird mit Red Steel sicherlich einige gute Stunden verbringen können.
71 (Dec 15, 2006)
As I mentioned earlier, Red Steel held a lot of weight on its shoulders. It promised a lot of unique and fun features. It was the first revealed Wii title, and at the end of the day I say this game is worth checking out; it has a lot to offer. Yes is has some pretty bad camera actions, and some goofy voice acting and some other small problems, but it also provides an interesting unique game that’s only playable on the Wii. The level designs are awesome, the lighting in game is pretty, the texture in most levels look great and the play mechanics if you stick with it offers a pretty fun experience. Give this game some time and you could see what it can offer. Don’t write it off because of all the negative press that it has received. Read the reviews, watch the videos, but you won’t know until you play it yourself with an open mind.
Consoles Plus (Jan, 2007)
FPS d'action bête et méchante, Red Steel sauve la mise grâce à une ingénieuse utilisation du Nunchuk et de la Wiimote. Le premier jeu à proposer un gameplay aussi complet, quoique perfectible.
games xtreme (Jan 04, 2007)
It is a fun game but the initial frustration and problematic controls will put quite a few people off, especially those that want an instant fix and can’t be bothered to play further into the game to find out what happens next. It might be a bit of a clichéd story and the graphic novel/photo kind of storytelling worked in Max Payne, but here it falls a bit flat and leaves you wondering if the game is going to get better. It does, but you’ll need to play a fair way into it before the story opens up beyond the initial focus. The multiplayer is enough to keep you amused for a while but nothing beyond that, which is a shame, but those are the breaks as they say. A good effort but hopefully if there’s a sequel we’ll see something truly special.
70 (Apr 07, 2007)
Red Steel ist für mich ein zweischneidiges Schwert. Es macht natürlich furchtbar viel Spaß dank des innovativen Gameplays. Die Steuerung funktioniert nach einer relativ langen Eingewöhnungsphase sehr gut, auch wenn manchmal etwas träge reagiert wird. Man muss sich eben darauf einstellen, dass es kein flotter Ego-Shooter ist, der wohl mit Sicherheit auf Wii genauso möglich wäre, sondern dass man mehr aus der Deckung agieren muss. Da das Spiel auch komplett so ausgelegt ist, gibt es damit auch keinerlei Probleme. Wenn man jedoch von der anfänglichen Begeisterung über die neue Steuerart absieht, bleibt nur ein solides Spiel, das wenige echte Höhepunkte bietet und technisch enttäuscht. Als Launchtitel ist Red Steel jedoch zu empfehlen. Der zunächst erwartete, rundum gelungene Shooter ist es jedoch nicht.
70 (May 17, 2007)
« Red Steel » est intrinsèquement un jeu démodé, linéaire, moche et directif, mais par ailleurs réactif, explosif et souvent extrêmement divertissant. Il offre quelques moments inspirés et une aventure solo consistante, mais l’ensemble est plombé par un graphisme exécrable et l’impression diffuse que « Red Steel » n’est pas tout à fait fini, qu’instillent les séquences soit disant cinétiques, qui ne sont en fait que le défilement d’un story-board image par image, l’animation saccadée, ainsi que l’étrangeté et le minimalisme de ce qui tient lieu de textures. Tout cela ne suffit jamais à gâcher le plaisir que procure « Red Steel », mais à une époque où l’on attend d’un FPS qu’il soit beau et bourré d’action, il n’est tout simplement pas au niveau. «Red Steel » est un prototype, il en fait juste assez pour montrer qu’un jeu d’action à la première personne sur Wii pourrait être vraiment génial, mais il n’utilise malheureusement jamais ce potentiel.
Softpedia (Apr 17, 2007)
Red Steel is an average game and it's a pity that such a good title can be pulled down to the side of mediocrity by its controls and camera angles. Without those flaws, Ubisoft's latest first person shooter would have shined brighter, getting more credit from critics and gamers. Still, there are people who adore such controls and love this game, so Red Steel can be considered a title that's aiming for the top and with a sequel coming up, it might as well reach it.
70 (Dec 29, 2006)
Red Steel ist besser als sein Ruf. Mit diesem Satz könnte man den Eindruck zusammenfassen, den ich beim Zocken erhielt. Klar, das Spiel wird dem vom Marketing erweckten Hype nicht gerecht - so schlecht wie es einige Medien machen wollen, ist es aber noch lange nicht. Im Gegenteil: Die Shooter-Einlagen machen nach der Gewöhnung an die neuartige Steuerung viel mehr Spaß als bei Call of Duty 3 und gehen deutlich intuitiver von der Hand. Wenn Ubisoft nur die Schwertkämpfe besser hinbekommen und diversen Räumlichkeiten mehr Beachtung geschenkt hätte, nicht zu vergessen stimmigere Zwischensequenzen und die Ausmerzung etwaiger technischer Patzer, könnte man den Titel durchaus als gelungenen bis sehr guten Vertreter des Actiongenres sehen. Wer also über die Ungereimtheiten hinweg sehen kann und einen geradlinigen Shooter sucht, der durchaus von der neuen Wii-Steuerung profitiert, sollte Red Steel definitiv eine Chance geben.
Video Game Talk (Dec 12, 2006)
When using the manual aiming system in handling the controls, the Red Steel can be very entertaining and quite fun to play. Once the single player chapters are complete, multiplayer can add a bit of replay life assuming your real life friends are up for it. Those looking for an online experience will be out of luck. The entire single player storyline takes about 10 to 12 hours to complete and messing around with the multiplayer variances will eat up a bit more time. I can’t recommend purchasing this title as the control system will frustrate many Wii owners to no end. But for Wii owners familiar with the intricacies of a first person shooter, it’s certainly worth a rental to enjoy the story and all the action.
70 (Dec 12, 2006)
Man kann diesem Spiel locker unter 60% geben, wenn man mit der Steuerung nicht klar kommt oder Texturen vergöttert. Aber da sind diese Katana-Kämpfe, die ein Gefühl von dem vermitteln, was der Wii in Zukunft leisten könnte - das Blocken und Ausweichen, die gezielten Hiebe. Noch ist da viel Luft nach oben, aber der Weg ist richtig. Und trotz der technischen Schwächen habe ich Red Steel wieder und wieder gespielt. Ich mag die Schüsse zur Entwaffnung, die Neonlichter Tokyos, die Musik. Es ist letztlich das Neue, das erfrischend Andere in der Steuerung, das das Actionerlebnis für mich unterm Strich befriedigend macht.
Gameslave UK (Jan 10, 2007)
Red Steel is a difficult game to judge. When you're in the swing of things and blasting away enemies with ease, it's easy to forgive the game's technical faults and simply enjoy what is a fun little title. In an age when gamers demand the most from their games, it's obvious that Red Steel will come under criticism for it's flawed control and average graphics. But stick with it past the clumsy opening hours and you'll be rewarded with a fun FPS that feels very fresh despite its linear roots. As it stands, this is a fun but flawed launch title, but one that gives me great hope for the Wii. It's obvious that the ingredients are there for a revolutionary console FPS experience - roll on Red Steel 2.
Worth Playing (Dec 26, 2006)
The thing about Red Steel is that it's difficult to say if you should play it or not. Do you have a great nostalgia for first-person shooters of the early '90s? Do you really want to play through an early '80s action movie? Can you handle occasionally getting trapped in a Death Spin while being shot to death from enemies at which you can't quite manage to aim? If you can tolerate these things, Red Steel will reward you with improbable scenarios and enjoyably destructive firefights. If you demand your A.I. to be spot-on and choose cover that isn't made up of boxes of grenades, or if you get annoyed easily by not quite having the timing right to trigger pre-recorded sword combos, then maybe you should sit out this rather imperfect – but fun – FPS for the Wii after all.
TigerChainsaw (Oct 11, 2021)
Red Steel’s review score will vary depending on each user’s experience with the motion controls. If the motion controls work well, this is a fun arcade action shooter filled with hilariously bad voice acting. If you can’t get the motion controls to work you’ll likely quit within 10 minutes and throw it on the shelf never to be touched again.
68 (Dec 18, 2006)
Wenn Red Steel eines bewiesen hat, dann dass die Wii-Remote mit Shootern ausgesprochen gut harmoniert – wenn sie auch nicht so intuitiv ist, wie manch einer erwartet hat. Ubisoft geht in Punkto Steuerung zwar in die richtige Richtung, hat aber nicht das passende Spiel zur Hand – mehr FEAR und weniger Quake wäre hier vermutlich besser gewesen. Aber auch unabhängig von der Steuerung ist Red Steel ein enttäuschendes Spiel, dessen Story, Leveldesign und Grafik unter dem Genre-Standart liegen. Zwar muss man Red Steel zugute halten, dass die Erwartungen riesig waren und das Core-Gameplay durchaus Spaß macht, im Ergebnis ist Red Steel aber nicht mehr als ein mittelmäßiger Launch-Titel.
There are those that are going to appreciate what Red Steel has to offer and those who are going to look at the game’s numerous problems and take a completely negative view of the game. The sword fighting could have been better, so could the AI and so could the graphics. The controls don’t feel as good as they could have. The animation glitches are also annoying. The game is also far too linear. However, putting those problems aside for a second, it’s difficult to argue that the game isn’t fun at times. There are moments when the game is genuinely enjoyable. If you’re looking for an FPS/action game for your brand new Wii, then it comes down to Red Steel or Call of Duty 3. Call of Duty 3 is the better game but if you want a change from the World War II scenario and can put up with the game’s inadequacies then Red Steel is certainly worth a look, although in fairness it’s easy to see future Wii titles surpassing what’s on offer here.
The Video Game Critic (Jun 09, 2007)
The graphics are decided low-resolution compared to other recent first-person shooters, but I still enjoyed the Japanese settings and attention to detail. Yes, there are boring locations like factories and warehouses, but also imaginative areas like dance clubs, massage parlors, a working car wash, and a fun house. I really enjoyed riding the conveyer belts during factory shootouts. Red Steel's musical score is terrific, and I love how it picks up the tempo during critical confrontations. Topping it all off is a nice four-player split-screen mode. Red Steel may not have lived up to its lofty expectations, but judging it for what it is, I'd have to say that it's a lot of fun.
GamePlay (Croatia) (Jan, 2007)
Katkad je bolje biti nepoznat, no Ubisoft si to nije mogao priuštiti. Em se radi o jednoj od rijetkih europskih igara u "launch" ponudi japanske konzole, em se radi o prvom FPS-u za Wii, em treba dokazati da novi kontroler može ono što se od njega očekuje... em si glup, em si ružan, em si hammer... ili kako je to već išlo. Uglavnom, nije išlo.
65 (2006)
Premier FPS exclusif sur Wii, Red Steel ne sera pas la révolution attendue mais demeure une production sympathique, mais non sans défauts.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 13, 2006)
Red Steel is one of the most interesting and ambitious launch titles for the Wii, and even though it doesn't provide a flawless experience, it's still fun. For me Red Steel lands in the middle of the 9's and 4's with a solid 6.5. I would like to see this series evolve into what gamers expected and I think Ubisoft is on the same wave. You would be safe with a rental of Red Steel, and I've even suggest this game for purchase, just keep in mind, it's not going to be a Resistance or a Gears of War.
Video Game Generation (Dec 03, 2006)
I can basically sum up my Red Steel experience in four words that can be applied to any part of the game, "Why isn't it better?"
It would’ve been fantastic to see a title such as Red Steel hit it big right at the launch of an extremely innovative console, but instead this game feels way too rushed. The idea is certainly creative, and if a Red Steel 2 comes out Ubisoft could easily release a polished sequel that could be so much better. As it stands now, though, Red Steel is worth trying out if you aren’t overly critical, but it’s hard to recommend this title for purchase because the initial amusement won’t last you too long.
UOL Jogos (Dec 04, 2006)
"Red Steel" não é um jogo ruim, mas falha em quesitos básicos, que comprometem a experiência como um todo. Gráficos, controles, multiplayer e mesmo o transcorrer da campanha single-player, decepcionam aqueles que aguardavam um game de tiro acima da média. Assim, fica difícil indicá-lo para qualquer perfil de jogador, deixando para "Call of Duty 3" o título de melhor shooter da leva inicial do Wii. Quem sabe outra produtora - ou a própria Ubisoft, à medida que "Red Steel 2" já está em produção -, aproveite as boas idéias do game para um novo projeto.
The story is generic with some frills added. Basically you’re saving a kidnapped girl from a bunch of thugs, but Ubisoft added in little tidbits like trying to get married to her and family history, etc. Sadly, though, the game is nothing more than “cutscene, level, cutscene, level, cutscene, level”, and they aren't very well done to begin with. All in all, Red Steel may be a good game to bring Japanese gamers to FPS games, but as far as US gamers go, there’s not much to like. No good multiplayer, totally linear and predictable story, buggy and frustrating engine, and only a few redeeming points. Call of Duty 3 brings a much better FPS experience to the Wii, even though it’s on the other next-gen consoles as well.
60 (Dec 20, 2006)
Red Steel weet als spel op zich niet te overtuigen. Het is de besturing die met het schieten en de ontzettend toffe zwaardgevechten het spel redt. Het is dus de vraag of je de matigheid van het rest van het spel kunt negeren om te genieten van de eerste First Person Shooter op de Wii.
60 (UK) (Dec 12, 2006)
Red Steel is an old-fashioned game at heart, linear and cheesy and a bit inflexible, but also responsive, explosive and often greatly entertaining. It has inspired moments and a substantial single-player venture, but the whole thing is undermined by the terrible presentation and the all-permeating impression that Red Steel isn't quite finished, from the story-board-sketch cut-scenes to the jerky animation and weird, basic, placeholder textures. It's never enough to stop Red Steel from being enjoyable, but in an age where we expect our FPSs to be beautiful as well as action-packed, it's just not up to standard. Red Steel is a prototype - it does just enough to show that a Wii first-person action game could be genuinely superb, but sadly, it never capitalises upon that potential itself.
G4 TV: X-Play (Nov 20, 2006)
In the end, this is a collection of average FPS elements merged with highly innovative controls that don’t really mesh too well. It’s frustrating almost as often as it’s fun, and the gameplay never quite becomes second nature. Red Steel’s controls save it from being a sub-par game, but also keep it from being great.
IGN (Nov 20, 2006)
Red Steel doesn't live up to the hype. It nails everything except gameplay control, which is absolutely and indisputably the most important factor. It's especially unfortunate because the game's aiming sensitivity is fine. When your screen is still, you can easily target and pick off enemies – you'll be able to unleash head-shot after head-shot, to be sure. The problem is that you can't turn from left to right without dragging your screen there with the reticule, which is ridiculous. It's either an oversight or a terrible design choice, but either way it profoundly interrupts the fast-paced action that bombards players from beginning to end. It might seem like a simple thing. You might be telling yourself that you can live with it.
In short, if you want to have a try go rent a copy. I guarantee that you will not be sad to give it back. It fails to really showcase the Wii and its unique controller. In short Mr Miyagy would be "weerry disappointed".
Retroage (Sep 12, 2011)
Mówiąc prosto z mostu Ubisoft po prostu dużo gada, ale mało robi (przynajmniej jeśli chodzi o Wii). Jak na 128-bitowca jakim jest aktualna stacjonarka Nintendo to naprawdę jedna z najniższych półek. Podsumowując Red Steel jest tytułem ewidentnie zrobionym na szybko i na odwal się, jednak co by nie mówić to z tego wszystkiego dwie rzeczy można wyróżnić, tj. całkiem niezłe sterowanie i muzykę.
GameSpot (Nov 17, 2006)
Red Steel isn't completely devoid of merit, but it's a half-baked, buggy game that feels rushed and poorly executed. There's a good concept in here somewhere, as a swords-and-guns shooter pitting you against yakuza villains certainly seems like it could be very exciting. However, the experience itself hardly fulfills any of the promises behind it. So if you're looking for an exciting new way to simulate gunning or cutting lots of dudes down using the Wii Remote, you'd best keep looking.
Lawrence (Jan 02, 2007)
If Red Steel were released on any console but the Wii, it would come and go without anyone paying any notice. It would be another generic, sub-par FPS that offers absolutely nothing new. However, it is on the Wii, and it is a launch title, so it will obviously sell a decent amount. I just hope that the unfortunate consumers who purchase it don’t assume all FPS games on the console will be this mediocre. Blame Red Steel, not the Wii.
Games TM (Oct, 2006)
(...) For every moment of satisfaction, there's an equal measure of frustration to match it. It's probably just as well for Ubisoft that the novelty of Nintendo Wii's Remote will carry Red Steel as a launch title. We'd lie to see the swordplay taken aside and developed as a game in itself, perhaps with multiple foes. As far as the rest is concerned though, it should commit seppuku.
Nintendo Life (Feb 13, 2007)
On one hand the controls in Red Steel are perfect offering precision targeting, yet on the other hand the sword fighting feels poor and unresponsive. At times the graphics provide some of the best effects we’ve seen on the Wii, yet at other times the textures look drab, rough and uninspiring. Even the voice acting is a mixed bag going from convincing to hilariously unconvincing. All I can say is this is one of those games you have to try for yourself. Hey, if you don’t like it there is always eBay right?
50 (Dec 08, 2006)
Le résultat était à craindre avec les délais imposés par Ubisoft à l'équipe de développement. Red Steel s'efforce d'exploiter le système de jeu de Nintendo mais la révolution se fait attendre avec des contrôles souvent imprécis et surtout trop limités et frustrants. Et quand bien même on passerait outre, il faut encore composer avec un game design et une architecture complètement dépassée à notre époque. Il reste alors un gros nanar d'action qui vaut pour l'aspect novateur des commandes de la Wiimote.
Game Shark (Dec 04, 2006)
Speaking of glitches, I did have two freezes that required a full system restart, but other than those, the game ran pretty flawlessly. In the end though, when it comes to Red Steel, if you do finish the game, you have to ask yourself, ‘would I have finished it without the Wii control scheme?’ Probably not.
Deeko (Nov 20, 2006)
Don't let the score dissuade you from the purchase. If you're actually interested in feeling how the Wii remote can revitalize the stale FPS genre, then I urge you to check out Red Steel. If you can look past the rough graphics — and put aside the overly-harsh criticism that the mass game media is raining on the parade — you'll find a very interesting and inspiring experience that is sure to satisfy your urge to experience the Wii remote in an inventive way. It's definitely not the best launch game, and it will be undoubtedly surpassed by the second-generation FPS games that are imminent, but it does implement the Wii's controls in a way that's sure to become the console's standard as it sees more refinement.
1UP (Nov 18, 2006)
Don't be fooled into thinking Red Steel reinvents the FPS. It's nothing more than a ho-hum shooter with a creative but flawed gimmick stapled on. Sure, it might not steal the launch lineup, but at least it proves this type of game is welcome on the Wii.
Yahoo! Games (Nov 28, 2006)
The Wii's featured shooter misses the mark and gives you carpal tunnel syndrome in the process.
GameSpy (Nov 30, 2006)
There has been criticism on both sides of the fence. There are those who feel that Red Steel has a steep learning curve that takes some getting used to. There are then people such as myself, who attribute such statements to fanboydom, console launch fever, or buyer's remorse. All of the aforementioned could be considered impairments of judgment. It's a broken, buggy game, and if the statement about learning curves were true, it would still take far too long to gain wings before the average gamer would grow disenchanted. The game feels completely rushed to retail in time for the launch.
40 (Dec 22, 2006)
Sadly, Red Steel is nothing more than a rushed launch title that will inevitably end up in bargain bins across the globe, and that's unfortunate. Why? Because Red Steel has a ton of potential. Sure, my old Biology teacher said the exact same thing to me and look where my potential got me... Nevertheless, Ubisoft is a talented group and had all the right ideas, and with a bit more development time, Red Steel could have been a great demonstration of the Wii's controls. As it stands, you're better off holding off on Wii FPS action until Prime arrives.
Playing any mode with a standard controller would reveal Red Steel's shallow innards. Aside from the input device, Red Steel offers nothing new or innovative. A few explosion-prone areas provide some cheap thrills, but by the fourth level, the game has lost all momentum. That's assuming you'll fight the controls long enough to get that far.
FZ (Dec 20, 2006)
Red Steel är en stor besvikelse. Visst är det en av de första förstapersonsskjutarna till Wii, men det lovar verkligen inte gott för genrens framtid på Nintendos nya konsol. Det ska dock påpekas att de flesta av spelets tillkortakommanden inte beror på konsolen i sig utan snarare på dumma designval och brister hos utvecklingsteamet. Med rätt utvecklare och idé tror jag fortfarande att FPS-genren kan fungera riktigt bra på Wii, även om Red Steel har gjort sitt bästa för att övertyga mig om motsatsen.
Game Revolution (Dec 19, 2006)
UbiSoft almost had us. Give a bunch of gamers a remote to swing and of course we'll want to use it as a sword. Predictable? Infantile? Yep. But so is Red Steel, which is as childish as shooters come, and definitely not the game we wanted for the Wii's launch.
20 (Jun 27, 2007)
Red Steel ends up being an over-hyped disappointment. There are novel ideas that could shine with proper execution, and perhaps Ubisoft can craft a much more polished sequel. As it is, it's a treasure trove of missed opportunities.
Background (Dec, 2006)
Sans être exceptionnel en soi, Red Steel exploite la Wii avec brio et confirme les espoirs que l'on avait placés en lui. Immersif et terriblement accrocheur, le jeu est une virée en plein film d'action, où vous êtes pour le coup le seul et véritable héros. Une valeur sûre, et une initiation rêvée à la manipulation de la Wiimote.

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