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83 (Jun 11, 2010)
E' comprensibile l'interesse che Nintendo ha rivolto verso questa produzione Koei: Samurai Warriors 3 è un titolo decisamente massiccio, ricchissimo di contenuti ed estremamente longevo. E' anche uno dei prodotti tecnicamente più interessanti su Wii e nonostante la ripetitività intrinseca della serie risulta maledettamente divertente e appagante. La profondità di gioco è davvero notevole, così come la valanga di opzioni e possibilità proposte al giocatore. Non è un gioco per tutti, attenzione: a chi non interessa minimamente l'epica era Sengoku e i suoi bizzarri personaggi, Samurai Warriors 3 sembrerà un semplice picchiaduro tridimensionale. Ma per gli amanti del genere e dell'epoca storica si tratta di un acquisto caldamente consigliato.
Gameplanet (Jul 07, 2010)
If you got bored with hack-n-slash games a long time ago – and I place myself in that category – then Samurai Warriors 3 just might be the game to pique your interest again with its mixture of huge battles, strategic planning and historical significance.
Destructoid (Oct 04, 2010)
You already know whether or not this game appeals to you. If you're a long-term Warriors hater, then nothing this game does will appeal to you. If you're even a casual fan, however, this is one of the best examples of the series out there. It does so much, that even those parts that fail are easily replaced by something else. It's a great Warriors game, and well worth checking out for hack n' slash lovers.
Nintendo Life (Jun 04, 2010)
Despite occasionally getting lost and feeling overwhelmed by all the options and moves, Samurai Warriors 3 is a real treat and it's easy to see why Nintendo secured it exclusively for the Wii. Although there is a ton of content, the gameplay is structured in bite-sized pieces so players can make some serious accomplishments in a short span of time. With dozens of characters to explore and upgrade through four game modes, it's a game you can play for a very long time without feeling like it's taking over your life. If you have an interest in games with a strong historic flavour and a mix of action and strategy, it's definitely a game you'll want to check out.
3D Juegos (Jun 10, 2010)
La cultura y la historia militar japonesa se extiende hacia los países europeos en un título repleto de acción hack 'n slash y un nuevo modo de juego ideado y diseñado por el mismísimo Shigeru Miyamoto. Samurai Warriors 3 es una obra notable en la industria japonesa de los videojuegos, y también una continuación digna de más de 50 horas sobre una de las franquicias más rentables de Koei.
Worth Playing (Oct 23, 2010)
Samurai Warriors 3 is strictly for hardcore fans who already know what they're getting, or the newcomer who has yet to experience the series. It's definitely friendly for new players, but it's not going to deter the people who hate these games from bashing it on their forum of choice.
Nintendojo (Nov 01, 2010)
For gamers who have already experienced the Warriors series, you pretty much know your opinion of Samurai Warriors 3, but putting aside all the preconceived notions and past history of these games and coming at it from the merits and flaws of this game by itself, Samurai Warriors 3 is a very solid game. Given the fact that this is the franchise’s real debut on a Nintendo console and Wii’s success in bringing in new gamers, Samurai Warriors 3 is going to be the first chance for many gamers to try this controversial series, and to those people I definitely recommend at least giving it a try.
70 (Jul 26, 2010)
Samurai Warriors 3 non è assolutamente un cattivo gioco. E’ anzi, un più che discreto picchiaduro a scorrimento in 3D. I difetti maggiori sono da ricercarsi nella relativa vecchiaia delle meccaniche di gioco e in un’insufficiente varietà di situazioni che può portare in breve alla noia. Tuttavia le tante modalità presenti, l’alto numero di eroi selezionabili, il divertimento che si trae dallo sconfiggere orde e orde di nemici rendono il prodotto altamente godibile.
GamingXP (Jun 30, 2010)
Alles in allem kann man sagen, dass „Samurai Warriors 3“ ein unterhaltsamer Hack‘n‘Slay-Titel ist. Für Nintendo Wii-Verhältnisse sind die Grafik- und Soundeffekte überdurchschnittlich, und auch die einzigartigen Charaktere samt Stories wissen zu überzeugen. Allerdings fehlt ein wenig Abwechslung und die unübersichtliche Minimap erschwert den Einstieg.
Meristation (Jun 03, 2010)
Tras verse fuera de los planes de Koei a la hora de lanzar al mercado títulos como Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce, Warriors Orochi 2 o Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2, teniendo en su lugar que conformarse con el extraño y fallido experimento que resultó ser Samurai Warriors: Katana, Wii puede al fin disfrutar de un beat 'em up masivo de calidad gracias a Samurai Warriors 3, título que además llega en exclusiva a la plataforma de sobremesa de Nintendo. Koei decide dejarse de experimentos con el impreciso detector de movimiento del Wiimote para lanzar un SW a la antigua usanza, el cual se juega de lujo con un pad clásico de Wii o GameCube, aunque no tanto con el combo Nunchuk + Wiimote dado que la disposición de botones no es ni mucho menos la ideal para un arcade de estas características.
NZGamer (Jun 25, 2010)
At the end of the day, Samurai Warriors 3 is perfect if you’re looking for some disengaged-brain carnage. The characters look great, have some interesting moves, and you might even learn something while you play. As long as you don’t approach the game expecting a real strategic challenge, with complex fight combinations, there’s no reason not to check this one out – but penny-pinching gamers might want to rent it first before they commit to buying.
Great execution, but lacking in ideas. Avoid thumb cramp and take your money elsewhere.
60 (Jul 19, 2010)
¿Más de lo mismo? Probablemente. Entre este y el Strikeforce me quedo con el segundo porque tiene más variedad y el motor gráfico está algo más depurado. Pero esto no quita que Samurai Warrior 3 sea un título fiel juego a la saga que no va a decepcionar en absoluto a quienes les gusten este tipo de juegos.
55 (Jun 01, 2010)
En dépit de ses nombreux modes de jeu et de son background intéressant, Samurai Warriors 3 déçoit amèrement par la faiblesse de sa réalisation et le manque d'inspiration de son gameplay. Un fan de la série, en manque de batailles épiques, peut éventuellement se laisser tenter mais le commun des mortels n'en retirera aucune satisfaction.
55 (Jun 10, 2010)
Its hard to recommend any game purely based on 'so bad it's good' reasons of course and I'd certainly suggest only the most devoted fans should ever consider picking Samurai Warriors 3 up at anything close to full price. Manage to grab it on the cheap though and you may find it becoming something of a guilty pleasure, a game to be popped into the Wii when all you really want to do is disengage your brain and kill thousands of bad guys while mutilating your own fingers in the process.
50 (Jul 05, 2010)
Se por um lado a grande variedade aparente parece querer levar este jogo para outro patamar, por outro tem a puxá-lo para baixo o facto de não passar disso mesmo, uma aparência. Samurai Warriors 3 pode bem ser apontado como um projecto no qual a ambição vale bem mais do que toda a ideia base.
Cubed3 (Aug 22, 2010)
Samurai Warriors 3 could have been a fantastic game, but there are some serious issues with this title that needed to be ironed out. It’s a hack and slash by nature and nothing else; if you are into that kind of thing then look no further, but if you want some variation in your gaming then broaden your horizons a little. It’s not a bad title, but it’s not a particularly good one either, and it just gets too ‘samey’ too quickly.
50 (Jun 11, 2010)
To reiterate the point I’ve been hammering home throughout this review; the game is frighteningly monotonous. I expect there’s a certain type of player that could get something from the game, but the only thing I was getting was very bored. The game’s not broken, just designed with a complete disregard for people with normal attention spans. It feels very last gen, with an archaic story structure and combat system that hasn’t changed all too much since the very first Dynasty Warriors games. Clearly there are people out there still buying these games, but isn’t it about time this franchise was laid to rest?
45 (Jun 10, 2010)
Kein Warriors-Fan wird erwarten, dass Koei das Rad neu erfindet, aber man kann doch wenigstens verlangen, dass sie gute Ideen weiterführen und ausbauen, statt mit zweifelhaftem Recycling und halbgaren Erweiterungen wie dem warum auch immer nicht kooperativ spielbaren Historischen Modus selbst die treusten Fans irgendwann mit ihrer seelenlosen Update-Melkerei zu vergraulen. Ich wüsste spontan jedenfalls keinen einzigen Grund warum ich mir Samurai Warriors 3 zulegen sollte, wenn ich den auch nicht gerade einfallsreichen, aber insgesamt wesentlich unterhaltsameren Vorgänger im Schrank stehen habe. Gut, reine Wii-Spieler haben kaum Alternativen, aber auf diesen uninspirierten Exklusiv-Titel kann wirklich jeder getrost verzichten...
XGN (Jun 19, 2010)
Niet iedere game die mede door Nintendo ontwikkeld wordt, is per definitie goed en Samurai Warriors 3 is hiet het bewijs van. De gevechten zijn vaak tegen honderden soldaten en van tactische mogelijkheden is alleen op papier sprake. Als je het uiteindelijke gevecht in gaat blijkt dit toch zwaar tegen te vallen. Hetzelfde geldt voor de graphics. Zo mooi als de filmpjes zijn, zo lelijk zijn de in-game beelden. En dan hebben we het nog niet eens over de audio gehad. Een echt pluspunt aan dit spel is overigens wel de online co-op, waarin het in ieder geval wel leuk wordt om de grote groepen neer te hakken. Dat alleen ken Samurai Warriors 3 echter niet redden.
NintendoWorldReport (Dec 01, 2010)
There are also a fair amount of unlockables, the chief among them being the numerous playable characters. While you will have to endure the game's horrible gameplay in order to gain access to this content, those who stick to the game will ultimately be rewarded with a rather satisfying game. Hardcore fans of the genre might be able to have some fun with the game, but for everyone else, it would be wise to look into some of the Wii's other titles.
GameSpot (Sep 29, 2010)
If you've played any of the games in Koei's Warriors franchise, then you'll know exactly what to expect from Samurai Warriors 3. If you've enjoyed any of these games, you may be able to tolerate its stubborn adherence to outdated combat mechanics, uninspired story, and downright ugly visuals. However, if you're new to the series or simply didn't care for the previous iterations, then by all means stay clear of Samurai Warriors 3. Most recent action games, including some entries in the Warriors series itself, make this one seem archaic by comparison.
Gamekult (Jun 07, 2010)
Bref, si la richesse du contenu ne fait pas de doute, surtout quand on voit les sommes requises pour débloquer les généraux (plus de 35 au total), cela fait bien longtemps que l'on avait été témoin d'une telle débâcle.
Game Revolution (Nov 02, 2010)
On the whole, Samurai Warriors 3 is a missable entry in a missable series. I’ve admitted before that I have a bizarre appreciation for the series, and this still holds true – I can play Samurai Warriors 3 for a couple hours each day and feel no worse for the time spent. But that’s a personal problem I’m having looked into, and I can’t really recommend the game series as a whole, let alone this game specifically... to anyone. The games suck. Not in a grand ‘broken beyond redemption’ sense, but in a more mediocre, ‘nothing to see here, people’ kind of way. Go spend your money on a good game. You’ll be happier for it.
IGN (Sep 28, 2010)
It’s telling to me that the biggest question that arises when anyone walks by my desk is, “Why are they still making these?” Everyone seems to be in consensus that these games have been chock full of the same boring gameplay for years now, so the only reason I can imagine they’re still making them is the cold hard cash some group of die-hard fans keeps putting in their hands. Somewhere out there, some of you are giving them money to sell you the same game over and over again. If repetition and mindlessness is what you’re looking for in your life, go do some pushups or eat cupcakes till you’re sick – either would be more satisfying than purchasing and playing Samurai Warriors 3.