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It may not be "scary" in the long run, but its eerie story is genuinely tragic, haunting, and creepy. Kaddy B. (796) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.3
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.9
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.4
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.4
Overall User Score (19 votes) 4.1

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Destructoid (Dec 11, 2009)
While Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a total departure in every way from what Konami proper had started, it manages to reinvigorate the series. This "re-imagining" could have been a story rehash, instead we get a brilliantly deep game with subtle subtext and surprising symbolism. It's deep enough that some may glaze over the reasons behind the game play decisions and story elements, which were, again, brilliant. It focuses on the horrors of the human mind and gets away from the tired ghost story, making for a story much more involving and disturbing than recent Silent Hill titles. A lovingly crafted story draws you in and then wows you with a surprise ending that leaves a lingering fascination. And chills. I'm still thinking about it. From one die-hard Silent Hill fan to another, this is a true Silent Hill game. A better Silent Hill game. Do not miss this game.
Atomic Gamer (Dec 31, 2009)
It’s a game that demands to be replayed at least once - my first playthrough was rife with sexual themes and imagery, to the point where even some of creatures’ appearance could be considered over-sexualized. In my second game, this was far less common, giving Shattered Memories’ narrative a notably open interpretation, though the game’s wink-nudge self-reflexivity keep it firmly anchored to Silent Hill universe, despite the far-reaching overall changes. Shattered Memories is in some ways a true return to form for the series, although with recent news of Akira Yamaoka—whose music and vision has consistently defined the series - leaving Konami, it may be the last true Silent Hill game, period. Whether or not this is true, or if Konami intends to flounder on soullessly without Yamaoka remains to be seen, but if this is to be the series’ swan song, it’s a great note to go out on. And to all my fellow Silent Hill fans, I say this: at least we’ve already learned to let go.
Games Aktuell (Mar 19, 2010)
Weniger Action, mehr Horror plus geniale Steuerung: Das neue Silent Hill Shattered Memories gefällt!
The Telegraph (Feb 19, 2010)
That Shattered Memories represents such a departure for the series seems to have been a bone of contention with some US reviewers, who have complained that it doesn’t feel like a Silent Hill game. Perhaps Konami could have been braver and released it as brand new intellectual property, but the few strands of DNA it shares with its predecessors shouldn’t hold it back from the praise it undoubtedly deserves. Shattered Memories’ daring differences should be celebrated; it’s one of the most innovative and enjoyable survival horrors for many a year.
90 (Mar 15, 2010)
Climax have managed to take Silent Hill in an exciting new direction while at the same time maintaining some of the key atmosphere of the series. In a lot of ways this game is the anti-Resident Evil 4 – where Resident Evil 4 took the lumbering Resident Evil franchise and transformed it into a fast-paced action game, Silent Hill has instead travelled down the opposite path, into a non combative psychological thriller. Really, any self respecting Wii owner that laments the lack of “proper games” on the Wii should buy this.
N-Europe (Jan 10, 2010)
If there is a downside to this great game, it’s that it is almost entirely linear and that it will only take you about five hours to get through. The incentive to go through it all again is there as the multiple endings and the new shapes the world will take on if you make different decisions warrant another play through. But the second and third times around it should take about half the time, as even gamers with a short memory will be able to redo the puzzles without too much thought. Without giving too much away, the story is intriguing, and it constantly challenges you to think about where things are going. Is this real? Is Harry crazy? If I can’t trust my senses, then how do I distinguish nightmare from reality? This game has really put the Survival and Horror back into the Survival Horror genre, it’s just a shame the whole experience does not last longer. Roll on a sequel.
NintendoWorldReport (Jan 19, 2010)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories fills a gap in the Wii's horror lineup, and it does so with finesse and substance. It is a game that can be appreciated by anyone craving a good psychological thriller that makes good use of motion controls and in doing so, appeals directly to the Wii's core audience. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a fun, creepy, and well-made game on the Wii. It looks and feels like the folks who made it really cared about their project. In the controversial landscape of Wii third party games, it's a game everyone can point to and say "more please."
DarkZero (Mar 04, 2010)
It is becoming something of a cliche these days, but I’m going to say it anyway. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is the Resident Evil 4 of the series. Things had got stale and boring and this series had lost sight of what made it so special in the first place, instead becoming a bit of characture of itself. The fear of something being not quite right. The fear of not knowing what is around the next corner. The protagonist fearing something dark lurking inside himself, only this time, the protagonist is merely an avatar for yourself. It flies in the face of the typical Wii game, yet uses the console’s unique strengths and comes out a better game for it. If you’re one of those people who is sick of all those party games on Nintendo’s lovable, family-friendly console, and are crying out for a proper, grown up videogame, look no further than this. Silent Hill. Saved. On the Wii. By a developer other than Team Silent. Who’d have thought it?
Nintendo Life (Dec 17, 2009)
Whether you buy into the psychology bits or not, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is still a great horror game on a console starved for them, yet is more remarkable for being a distinctly Wii game through-and-through. Play it for the atmosphere, play it for the suspense, play it for the story; we don’t care, just don’t miss out on one of the best Wii games this year.
90 (UK) (Dec 08, 2009)
It has been a rocky road getting Silent Hill back on track after the unexplained decision to remove development duties from the original Team Silent, but with Shattered Memories, Climax has found its feet in some style. Packed with inventive ideas and one engaging sequence after another, it's a spirited, poignant and unsettling game that not only delivers a long-overduereturn to form, but reinvigorates horror adventures in the process.
gamrReview (Dec 29, 2009)
When it comes to the list of attributes that make a great video game, Shattered Memories has all the boxes checked. It has the innovative and fun gameplay, immersive atmosphere, a twist-filled story, fantastic graphics, great sound, and that unidentifiable bit of extra chutzpah to make it even more memorable. Longtime Silent Hill fans may scoff at the more action-oriented focus, but trust me when I say this is a psychological thriller like no game before. After all, what other game watches your actions and tailors the suspense and horror to your personality? Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is not just 'a great Wii game' - it is an incredible video game. Period.
Gamervision (Dec 23, 2009)
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is without a doubt one of the year’s finest games, and is another example of a well made third-party game for the Wii. After witnessing what the developers were able to accomplish emotionally and psychologically, I’m convinced that there’s a whole new level of gameplay we gamers have yet to experience. Shattered Memories strips survival horror down to the bare essentials, and comes out as one of the strongest games in the genre’s history. It may not have much in common with its predecessors, but this is one Silent Hill story that everyone should witness.
Retroage (Apr 26, 2011)
Dla fanów gatunku polecam grę Silent Hill: Shattered Memories z całego serca. Krótka ale naprawdę fajnie zrealizowana. Dla fanów serii polecam podejść do niej z pewnym dystansem, rozumiem że nie każdemu może odpowiadać zmiana oporu przeciw potworom z czynnego na bierny. Ogółem strasznie miła odskocznia od kolorowych światów tradycyjnie serwowanych na Wii.
86 (Feb 25, 2010)
Der Weg, den Climax mit Shattered Memories einschlägt, ist mutig. Denn ähnlich wie Quantic Dreams PS3-Thriller Heavy Rain ist der Ausflug in Konamis Stadt des Grauens ungewöhnlich. Silent Hill bricht mit Konventionen und schwimmt gegen den Strom der schnellen Survival-Action à la Dead Space oder Resident Evil 5: Es ist eher Psycho-Horror als Survival-Terror. Und es ist durch seine behutsame Erzählstruktur, die Abkehr von Kämpfen hin zu panischer Flucht und den Fokus auf Geschichte, Stimmung und Figuren ein durchdachter Schritt in eine subtilere Richtung. Aber so spannend dieser übersinnliche Psycho-Thriller mit seiner reifen Herangehensweise an schwierige Themen wie Familie, Sex und Tod auch ist, ist er noch lange nicht perfekt. Die Gefahr während der "gespielten Realität" kommt leider etwas zu kurz, die Interaktion mit der Umgebung ebenso, was aber durch viele optionale Gänsehautmomente abgemildert wird.
IGN (Dec 04, 2009)
Even so, there are some incredible moments encapsulated within Harry's icy journey and you will be both wowed and scared as you finally uncover the truth about his daughter's disappearance and the nightmarish goings-on in the creepy town.
WiiDSFrance (Mar 05, 2010)
En définitive, ce Silent Hill : Shattered Memories est une véritable bouffée d'air pour la série. Avec ce remake du premier opus, les développeurs de Climax ont accompli un travail remarquable afin de transformer complètement l'aventure sans la dénaturer. Dôté d'un gameplay aux petits oignons, d'une ambiance incroyable mais aussi d'une réalisation à la hauteur des attentes des joueurs, le titre parvient sans mal à s'imposer comme une référence en matière de survival horror sur la console de Nintendo. Un titre à essayer absolument pour tout fan qui se respecte !
GameTrailers (Dec 09, 2009)
Shattered Memories deviates from what players would expect from a Silent Hill game, and doesn't really fit the definition of survival horror, but the experience is still very much worthwhile. Exceptionally strong visuals for the platform and creative, well-implemented motion controls make for a memorable experience, as long as you're OK with running away from some of your more disturbing problems.
Gamer Limit (Dec 14, 2009)
Despite some elements that could have been improved considerably, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories takes the series in a much-needed new direction, making this a game that you simply must experience.
Hooked Gamers (Dec 15, 2009)
The most noticeable change to the core game play is Harry's inventory. He now has a wide variety of gadgets and materials at his disposal. Mason has a flashlight with him and a cool iPhone-esque phone that he will occasionally use and may even receive some in-game clues on via text messages. A small map with him highlights specific areas that he is either in or he may need to get to. However, these are the only items in the game that you can use. There is a potential to be getting mauled by monsters, of course there is. But instead, the player needs to run as fast as he can to a safety point, or ANYTHING that can help you escape. Just finished the PS2 version. Highly entertaining, but not very challenging. Except for the nightmare parts, you just drift from a place to another. The final punch explains it all, but still, if you're not a hardcore SH fan, you might not get the point of the game.
80 (Dec 18, 2009)
A mature, unique story populated with interesting characters and locations make Silent Hill: Shattered Memories an easy recommendation for anyone looking for a title that earns its rating without decapitations and nudity. The controls, however, are an incredibly mixed bag of unique ideas and frustrating execution. Again, they were never enough to make me turn my nunchuck into a throwing star, but I won't say I didn't let a few curse words go, either. A must-buy for any Silent Hill fan, and a strong Wii game to boot.
Giant Bomb (Dec 27, 2009)
One of the most interesting and yet least apparent aspects of Shattered Memories is the long list of ways it reacts to your play style. From the questions and psych tests your therapist throws at you to just about everything you do while exploring, the particulars of the storyline can change dramatically. The game determines which areas of the town you have access to, what supporting characters look like and how they act toward you, even the personality of Harry himself. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories takes some bold, unpredictable risks with this venerated franchise, and the result is a heck of a lot more interesting than yet another survival horror game with motion-assisted aiming might have been. And thanks to the careful handling of the narrative, it's an indelible experience that proves you don't need endless shooting and buckets of blood to produce a mature, resonant horror experience, on the Wii or on any other platform.
Adventure Gamers (Dec 31, 2009)
Overall, the game works brilliantly despite its gameplay issues: The Nightmare world can’t hold a candle to the original’s Otherworld, the puzzles are simplistic, and running from a horde of enemies can be frustrating and clunky. But you don’t play Silent Hill strictly for the gameplay – you play it to be entrenched in a world of darkness, anxiety, and terror. If that sounds like a good time to you, Shattered Memories delivers, whether you’re a veteran of the series or a complete newcomer. For those who can’t stand any action at all, the thrills may still come at too high a price, but for adventurers looking for a bit of an adrenaline rush mixed in, Shattered Memories comes wholeheartedly recommended. If you’re looking for the creepiest game of the year, you’ll likely find it here. Welcome to Silent Hill.
Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is an interesting and often fantastic reimagining of the original Silent Hill. The controls can be a little finicky, but they also allow a greater sense of interactivity with the environment. The shift in focus from creepy freak-out horror to a more psychological thriller approach may turn some off; I found the new approach incredibly interesting and had a great time unraveling the mystery. What I did not have a great time with, however, were the nightmare sequences, which frequently broke any sense of immersion and added little more than trials of frustration. Still, Climax has done some truly wonderful things with Shattered Memories, and it should please those out there looking for something a little different.
GameSpot (Dec 10, 2009)
Throughout the years, the Silent Hill franchise has gradually lost focus of its psychological roots and moved instead toward an ultimately subpar, more action-oriented experience. Shattered Memories is a fantastic return to the core concept of personal fear, and though its developers made some unorthodox decisions--such as removing combat entirely--those decisions have paid off handsomely. This is not the Silent Hill that may have terrified you more than a decade ago but an entirely new experience that is truer to it than any other game bearing the name since Silent Hill 3. Despite a few issues, including its surprising brevity, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is a great game for anyone looking for a scare, whether you've been to the haunted town before or not.
78 Gaming Portal (Mar 10, 2010)
Dakle, nova doza paranormalnog mazohizma nije u potpunosti ispunila naša očekivanja, ali s druge strane nije ni razočarala u tolikoj mjeri da je ne bismo preporučili ljubiteljima žanra. Riječ je o potpuno novom naslovu drugačijeg pristupa - igri s kojom smo se nakon razočaravajućeg Homecominga vratili na pravo mjesto - ondje gdje je sve i počelo. A to je ipak doživljaj vrijedan pozornosti. Stoga vam ovaj Silent Hill preporučujemo unatoč spomenutim manama. Nije toliko bitno na kojoj ćete ga platformi igrati - sve dok ga previše ne uspoređujete s originalom Shattered Memories poslužit će vam kao dobra zabava.
Game Vortex (Dec, 2009)
The navigation controls feel very similar to another Wii-exclusive, Metroid Prime 3 and aside from the first and third person perspectives, the aiming controls are almost interchangeable in their execution except that Silent Hill: Shattered Memories sometimes suffers from occasional Wii-mote recognition issues which will cause the Wii-mote to drop out and instantly make Harry spin in circles. When the cohesion of all the control elements works, it works remarkably well, but a little too often it becomes a struggle and contradicts what Silent Hill does best, which is absorbing you into its world. There are definitely some good ideas and clever tricks that more games need to see and use, but Silent Hill: Shattered Memories should have traded a little more on substance over style to make it more fun. If you beat it, you are left with good memories, but like Harry's psyche, these memories are faded and warped beyond reality.
Cheat Code Central (Dec, 2009)
The nightmare segments of this title, truly, are unnecessarily frustrating, and serve as the only major blemish on an otherwise enjoyable game. Unfortunately, there's no way to bypass these infuriating segments and memorization isn't always a guarantee for success, so if you want to enjoy the rest of the title, you'll likely just have to retry them again and again until you get lucky. Still, the game is good enough that it is worth slogging through these nightmare segments in order to get the full experience. The moody visuals and the soundtrack from renowned composer Akira Yamaoka are great and exactly what you'd expect from a Silent Hill title. The psychological testing bits are also quite interesting and add a ton of replayability and variety to the game. If only the good aspects weren't constantly polluted by the aggravating nightmare portions, Shattered Memories might have been one of the best Silent Hill's yet.
Game Revolution (Dec 31, 2009)
Silent Hill is decidedly on the brief side, and you may well blow through your first game in six or seven hours. Another drag on the game's overall appeal for some gamers is that the Nightmare sequences, as intense as they are, can start to feel like the same thing, over and over again; they're really the only instances of out-and-out “Monsters” to be found in the game, and the notion of traditional Bosses is absent entirely. Consider it a down-payment on a deep, brilliantly-executed story that can only be fully appreciated once you've completed the game at least once. The real hell of reviewing Shattered Memories is that there are some whopper surprises, revelations and brilliant moments that us reviewers simply daren't spoil, under penalty of... I don't know, maybe winding up in Silent Hill ourselves. Between you, me and the god-awful thing that's about to come scrabbling over that frozen fence, it just doesn't seem worth taking the chance. I'm sure as hell not going to.
Gamernode (Dec 15, 2009)
SH:SM is an impressive game. It uses all of the Wii's features to immersive you, providing a moody and atmospheric experience that plays off of your own psyche in interesting ways. Some technical issues and design choices hold it back from greatness.
Digital Chumps (Jan 11, 2010)
You can imagine the frustration of being hounded by these annoying monsters while running around in circles, trying to figure out where the exit is. These sequences were meant to be scary, and they certainly could have been, but the level of frustration triumphs. Fortunately, entering Nightmares is obvious so you can at least prepare yourself for the upcoming headache. Now obviously, had these been done better, I would have loved to have seen these sequences as a more fluid part of the adventure experience -- that would have been awesome. The Nightmares are the worst part of Shattered Memories, but if you can get through those, there's a really great game here. While fairly short, around six hours, there is reason to come back for more. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories gets a lot right, and just a couple of major things wrong. If you're in the mood for spine tingling uneasiness, and can bear some frustration, be sure to play this one.
GamingExcellence (Feb 22, 2010)
Overall, the game is definitely worth playing at least once, but suffers mostly because of the series that it was intended to be a part of. Taken out of the Silent Hill Series and given its own unique background and story it would have been a much more enjoyable game. As its own psychological profiling game it has some definite merits. It bears noting, however, that regardless of what game series it’s a part of, the nightmare sequences would hamper it and make it annoying to play. The nightmares did get a little easier the second playthrough around as I vaguely remembered the right paths to take to escape and if you’re able to do that as well then a second playthrough is definitely a must, just to see the changes in environment and characterization through different player choices. Shattered Memories is not, however, a very good addition to the Silent Hill series, and I eagerly look forward to Konami developing a much more suitable addition to the series.
Gamekult (Feb 22, 2010)
Pratiquer une refonte du moule traditionnel de la série fût à coup sûr la meilleure décision prise par Climax Studios au lancement du projet Shattered Memories. Totalement réinventé et méconnaissable, le premier Silent Hill troque ses horreurs occultes et son brouillard légendaire contre une ambiance glaciale et un périple dont l'imaginaire s'adapte en partie à la psyché du personnage/joueur. Malgré quelques écarts techniques et une structure pas aussi modulable qu'on peut l'espérer au final, ce nouvel épisode signe le retour de la série sur le terrain de l'audace et de l'introspection. Et après un Silent Hill : Homecoming en demi-teinte, on ne peut que s'en réjouir.
70 (Feb 22, 2010)
Silent Hill Shattered Memories est un titre qui divisera au sein de la communauté Silent Hill. Tout en ayant habilement remanié le fond et la forme, les développeurs de Climax se sont néanmoins fourvoyés en cherchant coûte que coûte à construire leur jeu autour de quelques éléments de gameplay. Le résultat se veut donc mi-figue mi-raisin. En somme, si on appréciera un scénario plus sophistiqué ou l'ambiance glaciale, en totale opposition avec celle du volet initial mais dénotant d'un malaise aussi profond, on pestera devant une plus grande linéarité et des séquences de cauchemar synonymes de courses-poursuites complètement loupées. Toutefois, Silent Hill reste plus que jamais une aventure dérangeante. Dommage que ce ne soit pas toujours dans le bon sens du terme...
GameSpy (Dec 10, 2009)
I said that it's misleading to call Shattered Memories a horror game, and in a lot of ways, I feel like it's so different that calling it a Silent Hill title will make series fanatics wonder what that even means anymore. It brings some wonderful new ideas to a franchise that's been starting to feel stale, but it wraps them up in a series of repetitious levels that feel arbitrarily forced in for the sake of making a game that's at least six hours long. The studio behind Shattered Memories obviously has a better understanding than most developers about what does and doesn't work on the Wii, and, with the increased emphasis on psychology, I can't wait to see their future work within the nightmare world of Silent Hill.
GamesRadar (Dec 08, 2009)
After finishing Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, we're still left wanting more from it and from SH in general. The devs made some real strides in design and concept for the series, and they treat “waggle” like it isn't a dirty word. Its mature storyline and characterizations, its clear-yet-challenging puzzles and the series' trademark atmospheric scares all make Shattered Memories worth experiencing. Even if you have to suffer through some Nightmare portions that act as a roadblock to thrills, it’s at least worth a rental to see somebody take the Wii in a new – or at least "re-imagined" – direction.
Game Informer Magazine (Dec 08, 2009)
Shattered Memories’ frustrating control flaws and dull pacing make it a hard game to recommend. Its engaging characters, improved story, and unique profiling mechanic only make it worth checking out for diehard Silent Hill devotees willing to wade through the muck. If you’re a Silent Hill fan interested in a fresh take on the stale formula, this Wii entry may be the Cheryl you’ve been searching for – but it comes at a cost.
1UP (Dec 08, 2009)
Altogether, Shattered Memories presents something that will drive away Silent Hill veterans, who couldn't care less about the plot that completely redefines what Silent Hill is, while newcomers will find a confusing, muddled tale with frustrating chase sequences. It's praiseworthy that Climax tried to take the franchise in a new direction and created such a beautiful world, but Shattered Memories' faults stand out too starkly. If the developer had tried to keep anything from Silent Hill, they should have ditched the faux plot relationship to past games and gone after what makes Silent Hill truly unique: the psychological scares.
Game Shark (Dec 16, 2009)
The Psych Profile adds a unique layer of personal attachment to the characters and settings, but I don’t go to Silent Hill to expose my unconscious sexual desires. I go there to be scared, and Shattered Memories isn’t up to the task. The Nightmare becomes more of nuisance with each appearance and the real-world portions pose all the danger of an interactive novel. If you’re not buying Shattered Memories for the fantastic story, it’s better left forgotten.
Game Critics (Jan 15, 2010)
Climax previously made Silent Hill: 0rigins, unequivocally the worst game in this declining franchise. They have not done so badly in this case, and if that sounds like I am damning the game by faint praise, well, I am. Shattered Memories is an uneven mess, most favorably described as a kernel of greatness wrapped in a husk of wrong-headed design and iffy implementation. Its plodding adventure segments lack tension or any kind of serious challenge, and most of the nightmare segments suffer overmuch from their inscrutable geography. That said, the no-combat aesthetic is more true to the essence of the series than Homecoming's ninja-dodge fighting, and the game's psychological responsiveness, if a bit obvious, could have been pretty creepy without the big red warning. Does this mean that Climax could get it right, could produce something that matches the series's earlier, delirious highs? Perhaps so, but they didn't do it here.
GamePro (US) (Dec 08, 2009)
At the end of the day, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories isn't a bad game by any means -- it's an incredibly original and ambitious project, but the weight of its problems, both old and new, keep it from being much more than a nostalgic love letter addressed to diehard series fans.
The Video Game Critic (Oct 23, 2010)
In the final analysis Shattered Memories is a poorly-executed and sometimes embarrassing attempt by Konami to cater to a mature audience.