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Silent Hill: Shattered Memories Screenshots (Wii)

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Wii version

Uh-huh. Will I also have to sign a waver in case I "die of fright?"
Harry and his daughter in happier times
The mysterious therapist.
The first and most direct of his tests.
The Wii remote lets you answer yes and no questions
Harry Mason, post crash.
Heading out to look for Cheryl
The Wii remote points the flashlight in any direction
Simple puzzle to introduce you to the controls
Welcome back to Silent Hill
Decent graphics... real time light source, reflections, etc
Another puzzle manipulated with the remote
Sexy Cybil. Her appearance changes based on your answers to the psych tests.
You can control your view at points with the remote. Ah ah! Don't look down!
Your phone becomes an invaluable tool on your adventure
You can call any number you see in the world, with sometimes humorous results.
The phone also acts as your map.
What's that disturbance on the swing?
Let's take a picture...
A ghost is revealed, Fatal Frame-style
Objects are also haunted, and deliver past messages to your phone.
The ice world cometh
Can't go back the way you came now.
The monsters come out. Can't fight them. Have to run.
You can bulldoze doors open when you're running for your life.
Monsters latch on and must be thrown off with the remote
You can glance behind you, but you probably shouldn't!
If you find a road flare you can use it to temporarily hold off the monsters.
Sorry Harry, but your adventure is just beginning.