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Game Chronicles (Nov 04, 2007)
I would love to have explored more islands. But I know Sim’s producers never rest, they are always coming out with new and exciting things for the Sim’s to do. I can see an advanced version of this coming game coming out in the future. Overall I feel this game is fun and addicting and I would recommend it if you are a Sim’s fan.
AceGamez (Nov 15, 2007)
The Sims 2: Castaway is a really good, well put together title that deserves some attention. Sure, it's not one of the three things I'd take with me to a desert island - those three spaces are reserved for a helicopter, a trained pilot and a good flask of Yorkshire Tea for the ride home - but Castaway is something that I'd look forward to playing upon my safe return from the island. Whether you decide to go for MySims instead depends on your personal preferences. If you prefer traditional Sims with a classic twist on the franchise then Castaway in a must, but if your heart lies in unique visuals and a higher level of Wii interactivity then MySims might be for you. However, both titles are highly recommended, and you can't go wrong with either.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 07, 2008)
It’s certainly the best Sims game to wash ashore any console in awhile, and will please fans of the Sims franchise while being a alluring adventure for those Wii owners not already acclimated to the Sims PC gaming juggernaut.
GameSpot (Oct 24, 2007)
By offering new graphics, new sounds, new music, and a new way to play The Sims, Castaway offers a lively way to enjoy the series and those little gibberish-speaking characters that have made such a name for themselves--as long as you have enough patience to spend a good chunk of time hunting and gathering.
GameSpy (Oct 25, 2007)
With this in mind, Castaway is nonetheless a beautiful example of how Maxis' long-running series can renew itself and even become appealing to console owners. There's plenty to do, a lot to discover and even when everything is done players can decide to stick around the islands and keep tinkering. Your Sims may be on a vacation they never asked for, but that doesn't mean it's not a lot of fun.
Deeko (Nov 15, 2007)
Those wondering about differences between the Wii version and PS2 version will be happy to know that there aren't any real differences, even in the control department. It's a bit easier to control things on the Wii version, but only slightly, so it's nothing to write home about. In the end, Sims 2: Castaway is one of the more entertaining Sim titles to come out in a while and you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not giving it a shot. It's certainly not a stereotypical Sim title and almost anyone can pick this game up and give it a whirl.
Worth Playing (Mar 16, 2008)
I found the gameplay in The Sims 2: Castaway to be quite entertaining and, to a point, addictive, especially after delegating a large amount of the repetitive resource gathering to island primates and other castaways. The game suffers from frequent loading, although the load times feel shorter in the Wii version. Keep in mind that the title is single-player only, although it still is well-suited for enjoyment by the entire family (I particularly enjoy becoming a castaway consultant for my kids while they play). Sims fans and fans who like a more relaxed style of gaming will certainly want to add this title to their collections.
75 (Oct 27, 2007)
Na, das war doch ein netter Ausflug in die Tropen. Ähnlich wie beim an Animal Crossing angelehnten MySims hat Electronic Arts auch in den aktuellen Teil der Serie verstärkt Adventure-Elemente einfließen lassen. Doch das neue Spin-Off richtet sich eher an Fans des klassischen Spielprinzips. Statt lediglich entspannt zu erforschen und neue Objekte zu bauen, solltet ihr immer ein Auge auf die Bedürfnisse eures Sims behalten. Dank dem Überfluss an wild wachsendem Obst müsst zwar nicht ums Überleben kämpfen wie im Survival Adventure »Lost in Blue 2«. Doch auch die schiffbrüchigen Sims leben nicht vom Brot allein. Dieses Paradies ruckelt zwar in Form von grobpixeliger, arg veralteter Grafik über den Bildschirm, doch trotzdem ist es durchaus unterhaltsam, sich seine eigene blaue Lagune zu erschaffen.
The Wiire (Nov 17, 2007)
At the very least, this game is worth a rent. It's worth even more for a fan of the franchise. The immersion is wonderful, the replay value is high enough to receive the Infinite Replay award.
IGN (Oct 24, 2007)
Designed for everyone's inner Gilligan, The Sims 2: Castaway is an amusing, if somewhat flawed exploration of island life. While it gives an interesting twist on the standard shipwreck concept, the hampered nature of the guidebooks, strange placement of plans in menus and continual micromanagement does hamper some of the fun of the title. However, Sims fans will find this to be a good break from the traditional Sims formula, and one that will keep them entertained for a while.
GameZone (Oct 24, 2007)
It may be an acquired taste, but if you’ve ever wanted a Sims game that really jumps ship (silly pun intended), The Sims 2 Castaway has all the island-dwelling excursions you could hope for, minus the unfriendly encounters with the Others.
Cheat Code Central (Oct 31, 2007)
In closing, The Sims 2: Castaway is a unique approach to the series and is one of the more pleasant simulations to have come out this year. With plenty of new tasks to accomplish, people to find, and lands to explore, there is little more you could ask for in terms of content. Sure the visuals could have been better and there are a few gameplay kinks that could've been worked out, but for a Sims fan, it is right on target. Newcomers to the series will fit in quickly, and if you don't happen to own a gaming PC, then all the more reason to pick up this particular version anyway. It may not be the best simulation ever or even in the series itself, but it makes for a rather lengthy adventure with plenty of charm. Try not to burn yourself out though.
Jolt (UK) (Nov 16, 2007)
Like those games though, there’s an ever-pervading feeling that Castaway would be far more at home on a handheld system. In fact, if the home console version of the game could have been released on the handhelds rather than the greatly cut back versions that actually got released instead, Castaway might even have provided some serious competition to those masterworks. Instead, just as reality means that being stranded on a desert island would have more to do with picking sand from between the cheeks of your arse in between trying to avoid dying than simply basking in a stress-free tropical paradise, The Sims 2: Castaway ends up being a pleasant enough diversion that’s unlikely to hold the attention for any great length of time. It’s fun enough while it lasts, though.
Even though the Wii controls work extremely well, you'll spend most of the game mashing the Z button to harvest every stick, stone, and pineapple you see. Plus, the graphics are way nastier than any black smoke monster.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 2007)
Un gameplay tout neuf, des objectifs, de l'ingéniosité, du mystère et des secrets, mais oui, Les Sims version jeu d'aventure c'est bien !
Nintendo Life (Nov 09, 2009)
This game is probably the best Sims game that has made it onto a home console. It’s focus on exploration rather than “free-play” gives the game purpose, meaning and also structure without throwing away the classic formula that made the Sims the gaming phenomenon they are today.
Cubed3 (Nov 03, 2007)
As far as Sims games go, Castaway is a refreshing change of pace that brings some truly unique and enjoyable ideas to the series. Whilst the overall experience is certainly flawed in many ways, if you can look past that (which does become easier with time, with the exception of building limitations) there is a lot of content and options tucked away for you to discover. If you’ve been looking for a decent Sims game for your home console, this could well be it.
60 (Oct 25, 2007)
Après quelques heures de jeu, le plaisir de retrouver les Sims 2 dans un décor exotique et une situation inédite, est vite terni par une réalisation peu reluisante et un aspect survie mal exploité. Restent le système bien huilé de la série et quelques bonnes idées qui plairont toujours aux fans.
Gamekult (Nov 02, 2007)
Le bilan est plutôt mitigé pour cette version console des Sims 2 : Naufragés. Malgré les graphismes moyens, ces îles exotiques sont bien conçues et pleines de charme. La flore est diversifiée et il est possible de construire de nombreux objets, mais les problèmes liés à la jouabilité et à la maniabilité entâchent l'aventure. Sans compter qu'il arrive que les ralentissements mènent à un plantage du jeu, et voilà que l'on doit recommencer à partir de la dernière sauvegarde. Le contenu est plutôt bon, mais difficile de jouer à ce titre sans être frustré par l'un de ces défauts qui gâchent forcément l'ensemble.
Game Revolution (Nov 29, 2007)
The truth is, good people suffer to complete dreary ports like Castaway, but this feels like one more bump in EA’s rocky relationship with the Wii. Concepts and premises like this whimsical survivor tale are fresh at least; now EA needs to escape from Suck Island and find fun gameplay. Until then, there are many more things you can and should do with your time and Wii then mill through Sims 2: Castaway - maybe I’ll go outside for real after all.