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Introduction: Michiko's rebels are slain, your friends cried out for you before they died.
Introduction: the eyes speak to Kachua.
Menu screen
This is why this is considered...
...such a difficult game.
The training coach
Training, apples are for bonuses.
The boss of the training area, the father of the coach, he thinks you're trying to steal his daughter.
Saki dreams that he eternally fights the Ruffians...
His 'peace' is soon to be disturbed.
Ruffians darken the skies of Japan.
Zapped by one of the games more conventional enemies.
The hero and his beloved, even if they don't quite know it yet. (Saki...He's on the left should you not be able to figure out which is masculine.)
Ambuscades in an elevator.
Radan takes a nasty slice along the belly. Kachua watches in fury, her precious research!
Kachua has her revenge... by throwing soldiers at you?
Japan is submerged in blood.
The now transformed Saki (the semi transparent form in the foreground) dodging the attacks of the transformed Kachua.
A mysterious figure talks to Brad trying to calm him about the death's of the women he loved.
Clearing mines.
Leaping over rays deep within Brad's ship firing at the same time.
Chasing a sentient Ruffian, Leda.
Lunging out of danger.
Uh-oh Brad, looks like we caught up with you.
Slicing the adorable Leda. Watch out for Brad's green crosshairs.
Deadly swordplay with the master of the Armed Volunteers.
Achi rips a piece of the ship away for a platform to fight from.
Going after the fighter jets.
Gunning a Armed Volunteer off his aquatic ride.
Slice the explosives, shoot the hull, avoid the lasers... no problem.
A weapons satellite targeting Saki.
A jet spherically explodes.
Brad will fight you from his jet, seems like a good plan.
The projectile, take it out before it hits!
Slicing a semi-humanoid Ruffian in half.
Reflecting a missile with your sword, it will head toward whatever you were targeting.
Physics be damned.
Saki in his new form
Airan is treated to a view of a possible future by Achi.
This is in New York, yeah I've seen worse in the trains.
Saki, demolishing the city!?!
Cars this spacious, it has to be the Long Island Railroad, no subway is this nice.
A sand octopus?
The spider seemers net is electrified.
Suddenly side-scrolling.
A dinosaur?
This level has dinosaurs, so why no also add dragons? x_x
What's going on Achi (girl in blue) and hello there mister Dino.
Saki look heroic as he sets out to save the earth.
Oh my...
This game does not let up.
Saki, a little worse for wear and tear, and Airan are together at last, could this be the end?