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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.4
Overall User Score (7 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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Nintendo Life (Feb 24, 2008)
After gaining a full understanding of the controls using the Gamecube controller Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity can be a very enjoyable title, its certainly not a fully fledged racing game nor is it anything like a snowboarding game, it sits somewhere in the middle of the two genres. Sonic fans might be annoyed with another spin-off title but if embraced correctly they should still get alot out of this latest incarnation. Far from perfect, but a good effort by SEGA, given time and understanding it's thoroughly enjoyable.
All in all, the game is good. It's a new and improved Sonic Riders with plenty of new tracks and characters to enjoy. It's a must-have for Sonic fans and a "might-enjoy" for aces of the racing genre, especially for those who like F-Zero and Wipeout. If you're not sure you'll like it, give it a rental or wait until the price drops. And remember: I'm not responsible for your frustration! - All I can say is: Have Fun!
Power Sonic (Dec 07, 2012)
Quem jogou o primeiro Sonic Riders irá notar algumas diferenças postas em Zero Gravity, começando pela velocidade inicial. A barra de Boost foi totalmente cortada, então a liberdade de usar um turbo não é a mesma. Com a adição da Gravidade, as vezes o Gameplay parece muito homogêneo. Ainda sim é salvo as diversas alternativas de caminhos de cada fase. Não existe mais botões que fazem uma curva mais fechada e sim a utilização da gravidade. Com ela, será possível alcançar plataformas mais altas e fazer curvas mais acentuadas sem diminuir a velocidade.
Graphically Zero Gravity is an average looking Wii game. The framerate does a decent job in the single player mode but certainly runs into trouble in the multiplayer mode. It's not enough to damage the game, just enough to notice from time-to-time. But the game really never comes across with an awe inspiring feeling of speed. This is especially true in the multiplayer where the screen is just too cramped to see what's going on. The soundtrack is more or less techno and in a game like this it fits in well.
60 (Sep 21, 2009)
Sucht man Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity in der Liste der Wii-Titel, so wird man dieses wohl oder übel nur im eher mageren Mittelfeld finden. Vor allem da die Konkurrenz nicht schläft und Renntitel wie Mario Kart Wii oder andere wohl die deutlich bessere Alternative sind, wenn man guten Spielspaß in diesem Genre sucht. Betrachtet man also das Gesamtpaket von SEGAs Fun-Racer, bekommt man hier eine doch recht innovatives Rennspiel mit äußerst zweckmäßiger Story sowie durchwachsener Technik präsentiert, der den ein oder anderen ungeduldigen Spieler dank schwammiger Steuerung und des unausgewogenen Schwierigkeitsgrad teilweise zur Verzweiflung treiben könnte.
Avid Gamer (Mar 17, 2008)
If Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity had nailed the Wii-remote controls then this would be pulling in the 7 and 8s. Sadly, the controls, coupled with a distinct lack of ‘addiction factor’ means that monotony kicks in. We want to award Sonic Riders a high score but its failings are too important. It doesn’t stand out in our minds, and if it wasn’t for this review, would be quickly forgotten.
GamePro (US) (Mar 31, 2008)
Though the tracks and gravity gimmicks are fun to experiment with, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity isn't likely to be something you'll come back to as a competitive racing staple. If you can suffer the controls or have GC pads lying around, it's not a bad kickback 'n relax option for some speedy cartoon laps.
Cubed3 (Feb 29, 2008)
All in all, it's a step forward from the original, but still retains much of the flaws and annoyances. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity isn't the best racer on the market, and in the case of the Wii's catalogue it's not the worst either. Sonic fans will be chuffed to see regulars making appearances, and the storyline coming together as the game progresses. However, much more work is needed in control and difficulty to tighten up a potentially good formula. Perhaps only for the hardcore fans of the blue wonder then...
60 (Jan 25, 2008)
It’s not all bad, it really isn’t. Hyperspeed is awesome once the player gets the controls down, and the levels are all very pretty. Music accompanying them is enjoyable and not at all annoying, and if I had any complaints about the levels, it’d be that there are a few too many industrial-style levels. There’s a surprisingly large amount of scenery in the levels, so its too bad you’re going too fast to stop and look. Plenty of characters from the Sonic universe are available too, once they’re unlocked through the story mode.
I’ll admit it: At this point about the only thing Sega could do with Sonic to make me happy is to turn him into a nice, blue fur coat. Seriously, this guy is about as relevant a mascot as Blind Melon’s “bee girl” (remember her? Didn’t think so). Zero Gravity is the sequel to a forgettable last-gen racing game, one that squanders its few decent ideas (the slingshot cornering ability is cool) and solid track designs on an imprecise Wii motion control scheme that does little but make this game needlessly frustrating. However, if you have a GameCube controller handy, Zero Gravity is very nearly mediocre.
59 (Mar 06, 2008)
Das zweite Sonic Riders macht einiges anders als sein gescholtener Vorgänger. Vor allem die Zeit verzögernden Powerdrifts stellen eine coole, wenn auch teils etwas hakelige Neuerung dar. Trotzdem ist auch Zero Gravity weit davon entfernt ein Rennspiel-Hit zu sein: Der Umfang ist viel zu mickrig, Steuerung und Geschwindigkeitsgefühl sind für einen Sonic-Titel einfach zu träge und das Tricksystem hat maximal Alibi-Charakter. Auf Wii wird der Spielspaß zudem von der schwammigen Bewegungssteuerung gebremst - glücklicherweise darf man aber auch jederzeit zum GameCube-Pad greifen. Warum man alternativ nicht einfach das Nunchuk anstöpseln darf, wissen wohl nur die Entwickler.
GameZone (Jan 18, 2008)
This game could have been a real heavy hitter, especially coming off of the holiday rush. Instead with unpolished controls, dismal graphics, and a mediocre soundtrack, this game will remain a shadow of what it should have been.
El concepto que ha utilizado Sega en dos Sonic Riders es bueno y tiene potencial, pero está mal realizado, pareciera que los rivales controlados por el CPU fueran en línea recta directos a la meta; se debía haber trabajado mucho más con el jugabilidad, pues es mejor utilizar el mando de Gamecube. Sin embargo, esto tampoco ha dado buenos resultados, lo cual es una gran pena, ya que estamos hablando de una de las franquicias mas grandes del mundo Sega. Esto quizás signifique el final de la serie.
IGN (Jan 14, 2008)
This is the second stint of Sonic Riders we’ve seen, and while there’s decent potential for the racer, we’d be fine if Zero Gravity was also the last. There’s no denying the entertainment that could come from a blazing fast Sonic racing title, but the Riders franchise has tried twice, and both times failed to deliver solid control and a true sense of speed. There are decent concepts to be found in Zero Gravity, such as the ability to freeze time and go into bullet-time power slides, but when the game’s overall speed is on pace with a 50cc Mario Kart race (or DK Bongo Blast), there’s something wrong with the design. The level design is decent, the trick system is nothing more than hitting jump at the right time, and the gear upgrading is barely there in concept form, let alone a fleshed out design. It’s time to rethink the racing design, and go back to the franchise’s roots. C’mon SEGA, all we want to do is run fast…
Game Revolution (Feb 08, 2008)
It’s sad, really. Now that Sega’s console days have gone the way of the Colecovision, Sonic just doesn’t get the respect that he used to. I imagine that he’s got a mortgage to pay and baby hedgehogs to put through school, so he probably needs the royalties to keep starring in these mediocre games. But Sonic, please, if you’re listening, put the hoverboard down and take up motivational speaking or something. You’re embarrassing yourself.
Worth Playing (Mar 14, 2008)
Given the profile of the average Wii gamer (Do you own a copy of Mario Party 8? Do you actually enjoy it? Then I'm talking about you.), I'll have to recommend this as a rental to see if it's to your tastes. The racing has been so simplified that it may find a much larger audience than the original did. It's not for me, though. I like technique and speed in my racing games, unless we're talking something like Outrun 2, and even that has a drifting mechanism that makes a modicum of sense. I've noticed people have had an easier time with this game than the first; as for myself, I just kept seeing misstep after misstep for a franchise I once loved.
45 (Feb 22, 2008)
Plombé par une maniabilité à la Wiimote tout bonnement exécrable, ainsi que par des nouveautés qui font plus office de régressions qu'autre chose, Sonic Riders Zero Gravity parvient à être encore moins séduisant que son prédécesseur. Seuls les fans du petit hérisson bleu ainsi que quelques joueurs masochistes auront peut-être plaisir à parcourir ces circuits, les autres passeront leur chemin sans un regard en arrière.
GameSpot (Jan 18, 2008)
The graphics are mostly fine, and in a couple of spots, the game manages to convey a real sense of speed. The sounds aren't bad, either. Some of the music is catchy, and it's nice that the characters talk smack every time you pass a rival. Still, the game's overall lack of content makes it one of the last things you'd want to spend 40 bucks on. Even though it manages to capture the occasional burst of Sonic speed, there isn't enough content in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity to keep you entertained for more than two or three laps.
1UP (Jan 15, 2008)
Despite the variety of modes offered, Zero Gravity suffers from several deficiencies. The controls -- namely character acceleration -- feel awkward and counterintuitive; for instance, you're forced to hold forward on the left stick to accelerate while also trying to steer your character. The tracks are a mishmash of right-angle turns and jumps that sometimes lead you down random paths, requiring several runs just find your way around the track. Another frustration is the inconsistent difficulty between modes; in story mode, one wrong turn usually means losing the race, while in the normal racing circuits, the computer opponents offer very little challenge to even modest racers. Although somewhat fun despite its flaws, Sonic Riders never manages to overcome its missteps and deliver a consistently enjoyable experience.
40 (UK) (Apr 17, 2008)
So once again, we have here a modern day Sonic game devoid of the elements which made olden days Sonic games so good - speed, simplicity, a decent control system, that sort of thing. Sonic Riders Zero Gravity is not hateful, just pointless. A complete waste of time, effort and the planet's resources. Please stop it.
AceGamez (2008)
Dodgy controls aside, there's little inherently wrong with Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, yet it's painfully average and just lacks the amount of fun that would warrant a purchase. It's perhaps worth renting to see if you like setting yourself up to be disappointed, but it's not a game that comes recommended. Zero Gravity? Zero Fun more like...
Blend Games (Feb 06, 2008)
There just isn’t enough content or polish in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity to warrant your hard earned cash. At times the game feels speedy, like a Sonic game should. But the ludicrous power ups and alternate hover boards do little to extend the life of the game. You’ll be frustrated and bored before you ever catch up to one of the birds on the opposing team. Yes, I just said you are racing against birds. And no, I have no idea why birds have formed a hoverboard gang.
The Next Level (USA) (Feb 15, 2008)
While cruising through those stages and looking out for every game you fondly remember, it eventually dawns on you that you're only having fun because those games were great, and this one is not. Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity is yet another black mark on Sega's formerly meaningful name, and easily one of the most disappointing Sonic games ever made.
20 (Mar 17, 2008)
Graphiquement ce n'est pas catastrophique, et les animations sont fluides... mais lorsqu'on se retrouve devant un jeu de course où le simple fait de diriger son personnage est une véritable punition, il a beau être le plus beau jeu du monde qu'il reste ce qu'il est forcément : un navet.