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95 (Jan 11, 2010)
Les chiffres parlent pour nous : Sonic the Hedgehog 2 est le jeu le plus vendu sur la Megadrive. Les développeurs de chez SEGA ont su récupérer ce qui a fait le succès du premier volet (gameplay, level design) et ont ajouté une bonne dose de nouveautés. Un excellent jeu, qui encore aujourd’hui fait figure de référence en matière de jeu de plates-formes en 2D.
IGN (Dec 08, 2008)
Most Wii owners will undoubtedly write off this edition of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on the Virtual Console, either because they'll just be confused by its title or because they'll erroneously assume that it's a technically inferior port of the Genesis classic with the same name. It's not. Anyone who brushes this one off is doing themselves a disservice, because Sonic the Hedgehog 2, the Master System game, is entirely its own adventure and is well worth its asking price of only five dollars. For those off you out there still burned by the lack of quality in Sonic's latest adventures, do yourself a favor and put down 500 Wii Points for a download of this hidden gem from the hero's early years. Its name is confusing, but its fun factor is clear.
70 (UK) (Jan 18, 2009)
This isn't the highlight of Sonic's early career - that would be the still-absent Sonic & Knuckles - but this is an affordable and enjoyable nugget, and one which puts the hedgehog's recent wretched efforts to shame.
Nintendo Life (Dec 09, 2008)
On the whole this game is worth a look for Sonic fans who haven’t yet had a chance to become acquainted with his 8-bit antics before. It is sufficiently different from the first Master System game to warrant a look, however it is noticeably easier this time. It probably goes without saying that the Mega Drive version is a much better game all round, but judging what system this was released for it is hard to complain really, it was a solid purchase at the time and is still worth a look for nostalgic Sega fans today.