Advertising Blurbs - Nintendo 3DS (US):

    Space is your battlefield!

    As a resourceful, extra-terrestrial warrior, your mission is to save the peaceful Land of the Dragons from vicious creatures.

    Aided by the dragons, you must use every trick in the book and every skill at your command in order to stave off these alien invaders and save the day!

    In addition to its all-new 3D presentation, 3D Space Harrier also features touch control functionality and an Arcade Cabinet mode!

    Contributed by Harmony♡ (20221) on Jul 17, 2016. - Wii:
    Space Harrier was originally released in the arcade in the 1980s, developed by AM2, which also developed OutRun and Afterburner. Space Harrier is widely recognizable by many arcade fans due to its distinctive, colorful art design and its fast-paced action. The SEGA Master System version is considered a solid port of the arcade game, containing 18 levels of intense fun. As the "Space Harrier," you must fight your way through "The Land of Dragons" and defeat the bosses at the end of each level to restore peace to the land. Are you prepared? Get ready!

    Contributed by Victor Vance (10127) on Feb 10, 2015.

Back of Case - Sega Master System (US):

    You are Harrier, the resourceful extra-terrestrial warrior. And space is your battlefield.

    Your mission is to save the Land of Dragons from vicious creatures led by the vile and crafty One-eyed Mammoth.

    Aided by your only friends, the Dragons, you find yourself attacked again and again. You fight off one heavily-armed alien after another.

    You must use every trick in the book. Every skill at your command. The clashes are thrilling and demanding. The combat scenes are powerful.

    Can you survive the intense fighting? For your sake. For the sake of the Land of the Dragons. You must!

    Contributed by coenak (3608) on Jan 14, 2008.

Original Arcade Flyer:
    Now, we're off to the fantasy zone

    Our hero, a seasoned veteran of many space wars is on the "scene" again, this time to save the DRAGON land which is occupied by barbaric and evil creatures, and controlled by supernatural phenomena. SEGA proudly presents another in a long line of original game concepts in "SPACE HARRIER", an action packed adventure that pits you in mortal combat with aliens of another planet.

    Contributed by Katakis | カタキス (39490) on Nov 28, 2005.

Back Cover - Sega 32X:

    Deep Space

    The last blast!

    You pick up a frantic distress call from deep space. You teleport to the Land of the Dragons which is swarming with incredible monsters.

    You must laser blast your way by giant snakes and robotic monsters. Blast through rings of fire, blazing dragons, dreaded orbs and mutant space-heads!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76519) on Nov 11, 2003.