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To complete just the main quest is a bit less than that; if you skipped all side quests or were just really efficient you could probably do it in six to eight hours without too much trouble. It's too bad, because more of this game would have been fun. There are simple multiplayer options, where you and a friend can compete to catch sprites, with or without the interference of goblins, but I doubt most would spend a whole lot of time playing them since it is fairly shallow. Sadly, there is no co-op, which would have been fun considering there is more than one family member available much of the time. But with all that said, for fans of the movie, or someone looking for something a bit different, I found it to be fun, and if the price is right, you probably will too.
Game Vortex (Mar 02, 2008)
The production values on The Spiderwick Chronicles are high and fans of the movie will definitely want to check this out. For others that may not care about the movie or the books but just want an entertaining action/adventure game, there is a lot of entertainment in this package. The little details were thought out well in advance and there are strong design touches in everything from the controls to the characters to the visuals and music. Recommended.
Worth Playing (Mar 10, 2008)
Overall, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a fairly enjoyable experience for most anyone, whether you're a seasoned adventure gamer or someone who simply likes the movie. There is no aspect of this title that is completely perfect, but every aspect is almost completely perfect, making for a pleasant diversion whose flaws are comparatively minor and won't detract from the enjoyment of the game. Make sure that you don't miss this one!
Cheat Code Central (Feb 25, 2008)
For fans of the film - which I have yet to see - The Spiderwick Chronicles game is actually a quality adaptation intended for children, but challenging enough to be enjoyed by adults. But even though this is a decent video game on its own, how well the film does at the box office will probably determine how well this game sells.
IGN (Feb 13, 2008)
The Spiderwick Chronicles recreates that feeling of being a kid and suspending your disbelief in fantasy. Much of this success in setting a mood and creating an intriguing world to explore is attributable to Holly Black's original books. But I have to give credit to developer Stormfront for creating a fun game to go inside the Spiderwick license. The graphics aren't much to look at and the game can become frustrating at times. But there is a big area to delve into, the music is great, and there is a lot of gameplay variety. There's something new to find around every corner, and that's something I can't say about enough games. The Chronicles could get younger players hooked on adventure gaming.
70 (Mar 13, 2008)
Die Geheimnisse der Spiderwicks ist eine ungewohnt charmant präsentierte und gut spielbare Filmumsetzung für junge Fantasy-Fans ab schätzungsweise acht Jahren - lasst euch von der USK 12-Freigabe nicht abschrecken! Geübte Spieler sind bis auf einige optionale Nebenaufgaben trotz drei jederzeit änderbarer Schwierigkeitsgrade jedoch hoffnungslos unterfordert, während der an sich simple, aber extrem hakelige Endkampf eine Zumutung für jedes Alter darstellt. Auch der geringe Umfang, die überschaubare Spielwelt und die geringe Gegnervielfalt zehren unnötig am Spielspaß. Davon abgesehen werdet ihr jedoch meist liebevoll unterhalten, geht mit vier verschiedenen Protagonisten auf phantastische Entdeckungsreise, löst einfach gehaltene Rätsel und Geschicklichkeitsaufgaben und freut euch über die ordentliche deutsche Lokalisierung.
UOL Jogos (Mar 21, 2008)
"Spiderwick Chronicles", visto como um produto voltado para o público mais jovem, e ainda baseado em um filme atual, funciona de maneira divertida e eficaz. Ainda que tenha problemas na apresentação e traga combates, consegue prender a atenção e divertir, principalmente devido a seus fortes elementos de exploração e resolução de enigmas.
Video Game Generation (Apr 28, 2008)
The gameplay is a tad simple, with the two main mechanics consisting of either catching a fairy or killing a goblin, but for a game aimed at children, the younger will certainly be drawn into this game regardless. The occasional vagueness notwithstanding, there may still be a few times when old mom and dad will have to step in despite the simplicity, thanks to a sometimes deadly camera and annoying head-on races (both of which suffer thanks to the auto-jump). If you’re looking to avoid that hassle altogether, it’s comforting to know that you can also use the Classic Controller; it’s slightly less comforting to know that it will find its own ways to kill you. The multiplayer is a bit disappointing, but the main game side quests, while not as deep as, say, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, make the experience a lengthy and worthwhile one.
NintendoWorldReport (Apr 23, 2008)
The Spiderwick Chronicles is an approachable game with quality graphics and faithfulness to the series, with briefly exciting combat that makes it fun enough for most players to enjoy it for a while. However, there are also plenty of negatives. The inserted movie scenes are a letdown, battle aiming is slow, and the game’s camera can be annoying. The inability to switch characters is disappointing, as is the fairy coloring mini-game. Overall, these drawbacks add up to The Spiderwick Chronicles being a game that is decent but not exceptional.
DS-x2 (Jul 23, 2008)
Although my enjoyment of the game waned during the mid stages, I did complete it and that can’t be said for a lot of games I’ve played. If your a fan of the film you’ll enjoy playing as the characters and the cut-scenes will please – maybe encourage you to go watch the film again. It’s not an overly long game, unless you decide to go for the magical 100% completion, but its target audience will still find plenty to keep them amused.
GameSpot (Feb 22, 2008)
The characters in The Spiderwick Chronicles do their best with their wicked bats, fairy nets, mouse-man friends, and cool-looking house, but they're no match for the entropic forces of fetch quests, bad platforming, and uninspired action. Though the heroes of the movie eventually save their own day from the forces of boredom, they probably won't be able to save yours.
USA Today (Feb 28, 2008)
The bottom line is that this is an average movie tie-in game. Kids will spend a lot of time fighting their way through this magical but somewhat scary world.
55 (Apr 11, 2008)
Mélange des genres superficiel, ces Chroniques de Spiderwick pour Wii ne parviennent jamais à captiver réellement l'attention du joueur. Entre un système de combat ultra basique et des quêtes répétitives, il faudra vraiment avoir apprécié le film pour leur trouver un intérêt.
Game Chronicles (Mar 04, 2008)
The Spiderwick Chronicles is a game that closely follows the story from the feature film and is about average. Buy it if you like but there are no real surprises or great gameplay features that will be worth taking a second trip to the backyard of Arthur Spiderwick.
50 (UK) (Mar 13, 2008)
There's the kernel of something really interesting in The Spiderwick Chronicles. Glimmers of a free-roaming kids adventure game with RPG overtones, based on actual folklore. Sadly, it only manages to be that game for an hour or so, before steadily becoming less interesting and more generic and annoying, culminating in an ending that is absolutely cruel considering the age of the intended player. In terms of gameplay, it's better than the usual game-of-the-film efforts - Stormfront's last entry was the woeful Eragon - but it's the gulf between potential and reality that makes this one sting.
1UP (Feb 08, 2008)
The Spiderwick Chronicles is a standard licensed game -- it's got just enough content to make a virtual reenactment of the Human/Goblin war worthwhile for fans of the franchise. For everyone else, you're better off constructing a real spirit net and seeing how long your can run around your neighborhood before someone summons the cops.
GameZone (Feb 14, 2008)
You may be the biggest Spiderwick fan in the world, but unless you’re looking for a tiring gameplay experience that’s been done a zillion times before, do not let this spider crawl into your Wii collection.
Game Revolution (Feb 15, 2008)
Regardless of what my girlfriend says, I’m not actually a pre-adolescent boy. And though this game is obviously targeted at the pre-teen set, my inner ten-year old remains uninspired. I was surprised at how simple and fun the fairy collection was, but the combat mechanics are a dull affair. Traipsing around in the walls isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and the game’s reliance on the field guide is a lazy design trick. I’m also not a fan of being made to feel like an old man who can’t find his keys. Save yourself the six hours it takes to play through The Spiderwick Chronicles, and go relive a much more interesting part of your pre-adolescence before senility truly does kick in.
GamesRadar (Feb 27, 2008)
Wandering back and forth through the same areas to collect one silly object after another will drive you "This is Sparta" raving mad, especially when you realize that you have to collect every fairy sprite and finish every last side quest just to see how the story ends. Yes, the story is heartwarming, and it is engaging, but it's also mainly delivered through the video scenes that were taken from the movie. You could just watch that in its entirety in a quarter of the time it'd take you to play this game (and you'd have more fun).