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Nintendo Life (Jul 08, 2008)
To be fair, there are some really unique ideas in SPOGS Racing. The only problem is that most aspects of the game are so far below average that these few redeeming qualities tend to get lost along the way. There will inevitably be some racing game fans that will find enough good in this title to warrant a purchase, but the broken gameplay, cheap AI, and dismal visuals will likely be more than enough to scare everyone else off. If you're looking for a quality racing game fix on the WiiWare service you are going to have to wait a bit longer, sadly. SPOGS Racing’s tag line says "Put your face in the race" but in all honesty you're not going to want your face anywhere near this game let alone in it.
WiiWare World (Jul 08, 2008)
It's no secret that the WiiWare service has been crying out for a racing title, so many fans of the genre have already put a lot of hope in SPOGS Racing after viewing the many inviting screenshots and videos that have been popping up around the internet over the past few weeks. Combining the look of an arcade racer with many of the unique and fun mechanics of a kart racer, the formula used in SPOGS Racing would seem like the perfect combination for a quality WiiWare racing title. Sadly it didn’t quite turn out that way, as we will find out.
20 (Aug 12, 2008)
Was einem für 10€ geboten wird, ist schlichtweg eine Frechheit. Miese Grafiken, die selbst auf dem Nintendo 64 nicht auf der Höhe der Zeit gewesen wären, ein minimalistischer Spielumfang und nervendes Gameplay machen SPOGS Racing zum bislang schlechtesten WiiWare-Spiel. Hände weg von diesem Müll, man bekommt nur unnötig den internen Speicher der Wii zu gemüllt.
GamesRadar (Aug 08, 2008)
It’s one of those games that almost defy comment. A game that boasts of dramatic stunts that actually turn out to be the camera cutting away to show that you’re jumping a gap. Rubbish and pointless. Easily the poorest WiiWare game so far, a racer based on a nonsensical premise. There’s more fun to be had in reading instruction manuals for toasters.
SPOGS Racing is a racing game about pogs. Go ahead and take a second to let that sink in. Ready to go on? Alright, good. The pogs are just floating in the middle of a tire. There are no racecars or karts, just tires. Tires with pogs floating in them, complete with a muffler sticking out of the tire. Moving past the whole physically impossible thing, we are presented with a high speed racing game. To race, you literally just hold down the 2 button and turn every so often.
IGN (Jul 07, 2008)
This is as bad as it gets. SPOGS Racing is ugly, boring, and sports some of the worst racing AI ever. It's an absolute joke that D2C is charging money for this. SPOGS looks like someone's first go at homebrew developing. There is no excuse for this to be on WiiWare, standing alongside the likes of LostWinds and Final Fantasy: My Life as a King. There are much better racers (even better budget racers) on the Wii.
10 (UK) (Jul 22, 2008)
SPOGS Racing at least gets the honour of being the worst game on WiiWare. It looks awful and it plays even worse. It's the most inept game I've played on any format, in any genre, in recent memory. You'd have to rewind to the SNES era to find games that are even comparable as far as visuals go, and even then I think we'd all be much happier with, say, Stunt Race FX on the Virtual Console. 1000 Wii Points for this is an absolute joke. But not a funny one.