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Is This the Best 16-bit Brawler? So Hai (371) 3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.9
Overall User Score (10 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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FNintendo (Nov 08, 2008)
Se têm Wii Points para gastar, não percam muito tempo à procura de um bom jogo, porque SoR2 é um título que tem de estar obrigatoriamente na vossa colecção. Vale cada euro pago e irá garantir-vos momentos do mais puro prazer vídeojogável, quer a solo quer com amigos. Obrigatório!
Nintendo Life (May 20, 2007)
If you like beat-em-ups then you will love this. For a game which was released in 1992 this game feels as if it has not aged at all. It is really the definitive two player scrolling beat-em-up and deserves to be in every gamer’s collection.
IGN (May 29, 2007)
Streets of Rage 2 has been one of the most wanted titles for the VC's Genesis line-up since the launch of the Wii. It's obvious why – the game is a blast. Played co-operatively or just by yourself, SoR2 is a great beat-'em-up experience and one of the best Genesis titles ever made. It's a highly recommended download, and takes its place near the top of the Sega Virtual Console crop – only the excessively explosive Gunstar Heroes outranks it at the moment.
80 (UK) (Jun 02, 2007)
On the downside, the scenery is less interactive than in the original and foes will no longer work together as a team to flank you. It's also not the hardest game in the world and, fun though the two-player mode is, you'll speed through it in less than an hour. Still, it's that rare thing - a side-scrolling beat-'em-up that improved on what went before, and still holds up today.
GameSpot (May 22, 2007)
If the version of Final Fight that was released for the Wii Virtual Console had been the arcade version rather than the hobbled SNES version, it would have been a real toss-up as to whether that or Streets of Rage 2 would be the go-to beat-'em-up. As it stands, though, Streets of Rage 2 wins, hands down. Simply put, Streets of Rage 2 stands on its own as one of the best beat-'em-up experiences you'll have, anywhere.