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Super Mario Galaxy Screenshots (Wii)

User Screenshots

Wii version

Title screen
The game begins here
Uh oh, Bowser is kidnapping the princess and the castle!
Some opponents can be really large!
I caught a star.
At the planetarium..ooh, looks like I've got mail!
Heading off to a new galaxy...
Here's a few galaxies I can travel to
One of the many worlds to visit
As a bee you can fly, but don't land in the water!
Welcome to a rather tropical galaxy!
Swimming towards a treasure chest
These goombas are disguised as pumpkins!
Ghost Mario! Don't get caught by the spotlight, or you'll transform back into regular Mario.
You can smash crystal to get whatever is inside them
Use the pull stars to navigate through space
Where will this pink star transport me?
Rolling on a ball through an obstacle course
Don't fall down any holes!
Fire and ice; you really want to avoid the fire!
Skating on ice to chase a quick penguin
Jumping on top of a goomba
Run away! Run away!
You got a grand star!
As a bee you can climb honeycombs
The arrows indicate the direction of gravity
Bowser always gets in the way...
Jump over the shockwaves Bowser creates...
Somehow I need to defeat this giant bone fish!
Found a bee power up!
On many worlds you can walk on the sides or even upside down
Press "A" to talk!
There are many rooms containing pull stars, each will bring you to different galaxies