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Swords Credits (Wii)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Swords Credits

Panic Button

EngineersD. Michael Traub, Andy Boggs, Craig Galley
ArtAaron Smischney, Rick Blankenship, Brad Garneau
DesignJames Stiefelmaier
Kid Testing DepartmentAria Stiefelmaier, Austin Stiefelmaier
Panic Button Special ThanksElizabeth Blankenship, Adam Blankenship, Jason Blankenship, Susan Sharp, Natalie Stiefelmaier


The Harten Center for Underpriviliged SoundsClark Crawford
Music CompositionJason Graves

The Voice Actors

Sensei / SamuraiJose Brown
Knight / PirateBrian Jepson
VikingJack Lee
Rival / PrincessClaire Hamilton
DroidClarkbot 3000


Art DirectionSergio Rosas
ArtistsCarlos Tenorio Navarro, Quetzal Aguilar Dominguez, Nauhyotzin Morales Piña, Rogelio Garcia Areizaga, Daniel Garcia de Leon, Jesus M. Alanis Garcia, Gomer Suni Estrella Gomez, Salvador Felix Flores, Carlos Flores Gzz, Jorge Aguilar Flores, Elma Sarahi Cantu Ayala, Abraham Lara Reyes, Martin Eduardo Gamez Banuelos, Oziel Leal Salinas, Fernando Muñoz

Majesco Entertainment

Creative DirectorJoseph Sutton
ProducerJonathan Black
Product Development ManagerCatherine Biebelberg
Director, Business DevelopmentAdam Sutton
Art DirectorFrank Lam
QA ManagerEric Jezercak
Project LeadOnix Alicea
Lead TestersJoey Goldstein, Joseph Ronquillo, Marc Dunyak
TestersBrian Suscavage, Joseph Curren, Martin Sanelli, John Moran, Jason Somers, Michael Ruley, Shariff James, Brian Harvey, Michael Accetta, Derek Morgan, Daniel Taylor, Robert McCartney, Larry Contreras, Joseph Rovinsky, Mark Hamill, George Chang, Jonathan Young, Wilfredo Diaz, Michael Tantao
Special ThanksJesse Sutton, Gui Karyo, Gabrielle Cahill, Heather Anderson, Anna Chapman, Rogers and Cowen
Director of MarketingLiz Buckley
Senior Product ManagersKevin Brannan, Alison Brash
Assistant Product ManagerPeter Rosky
Marketing CoordinatorManny Hernandez
Director of Creative ServicesLeslie Mills DeMarco
SVP of PublishingJo Jo Faham
SVP of Business and Legal AffairsAdam Sultan
Director of TechnologyPaul Campagna
IT ManagerKevin Tsakonas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (232155)