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1UP (Jun 07, 2008)
We Ski offers an absurd amount of events, objectives, and extras -- and it's all icing on the mountain, as this would be a great game without most of it. The comfortable motion controls ensure that even a simple, leisurely ski around the resort is usually a joy. For 30 bucks, We Ski is the best bargain ski vacation you could ask for.
85 (Jul 02, 2008)
Take it for what it is meant to be, and this is a game where all the family can experience a light Mii-infested slice of alpine skiing heaven.
80 (Jun 16, 2008)
Loin d'être un tour de force technologique, Family Ski se montre suffisamment homogène et soigné pour séduire nos petits yeux exigeants - compte tenu des capacités de la console s'entend. Un spectacle encore magnifié par les éclairages nocturnes, car oui, il est bel et bien possible d'arpenter les pistes sous les étoiles en admirant les feux d'artifice au fond de la vallée (des intempéries surviennent même de temps à autres). C'est là que réside toute la force de Family Ski. Avec son gameplay subtil et son univers rafraîchissant, le titre de Namco Bandai s'avère terriblement attachant, au point que l'on y revient volontiers régulièrement, rien que pour le plaisir de bouffer de la poudreuse et de slalomer paisiblement entre les arbres. On n'avait plus connu telle ivresse de la glisse depuis un certain 1080° Snowboarding, et là tout est dit...
Gamereactor (Finland) (Jun 09, 2008)
Family Ski on mukava laskettelupeli, jonka parissa on helppo rentoutua. Se ei tarjoa varsinaista pelattavaa kuin kymmeneksi tunniksi, mutta Happy Ski Resortiin palaa mielellään vain laskettelun ilosta. Freestyle-pelimuodon lisäksi Family Ski tarjoaa myös yksittäisiä hiihtokisoja pujottelusta kumparelaskuun jopa neljälle pelaajalle. Mikäli lasketteluhammasta kolottaa, eikä hammas irvessä vääntäminen ole ykkösedellytys, kannattaa Family Ski laittaa ostoslistalle.
Gamigo (Jun 27, 2008)
Knapp am Ziel vorbei: So kann man Family Ski am ehesten bezeichnen. Sowohl Balanceboardsteuerung als auch die klassische Variante machen sehr viel Spaß. Wenn nur die Performanceeinbußen im Multiplayer nicht wären. Hier hätte man vielleicht doch noch ein paar Wochen Entwicklung in Kauf nehmen sollen. Wer sich aber an diesen Dingen nicht stört und gerne schon in der heißen Jahreszeit Skifahren möchte, der kann zugreifen.
GamesRadar (May 13, 2008)
Remote wobble may have more creative possibilities than the balance board, but We Ski is perfect proof of the immersion Nintendo’s wallet straining piece of kit can offer. So, balance board on trial? We Ski acquits the blubbery priced blubber-buster with style.
Game Vortex (May 27, 2008)
We Ski is a fun game, and would be great for families with younger kids... or even older kids looking for a way to entertain their parents. The game gets old a little too quickly, but at $30, it isn't a bad deal. I think the balance board would have made it heaps more entertaining, but a lot of the gameplay is eaten away with annoying "help" pop-ups and having to stop skiing to talk to idiots stopped on the slopes. Rent it for parties.
77 (Jun 27, 2008)
Family Ski hätte das Zeug dazu gehabt, ein ganz großer Titel zu werden. Leider sorgen Ruckler und der erzwungene Umstieg auf die konventionelle Steuerung jedoch dafür, dass der Skispaß mit Freunden oder Familienangehörigen stark getrübt wird. Wer allerdings die Familie in den "Zuschauerraum" verbannt und seine Abfahrten mittels Balanceboard alleine erledigt, wird letztlich gut unterhalten. Außerdem ist es einfach ein großer Spaß, wenn man angefeuert durch Freunde oder Angehörige die Pisten hinunter donnert. Skifans und Spieler mit einem Faible für außergewöhnliche Titel, sollten bei Family Ski durchaus zugreifen.
ZTGameDomain (Jun 06, 2008)
Wii Ski is one of those games that will likely impress anyone who decides to give it a shot. At $30 it's hard not to recommend it to fans of Nintendo's other casual sports games such as Wii Sports and the more recent Wii Fit. It feels more content heavy than the other two, but not quite as solid making it a nice middle ground title that sits nicely in any Wii owner's collection. If you enjoy the typical waggle-sports found on the console Wii Ski will likely please you, if you are still not a believer in motion control there is little here to advance the medium, just a lot of mindless fun to be had.
The Video Game Critic (Feb 28, 2009)
The scenery is so bright and inviting that I even enjoyed sight-seeing while riding the lifts! Progressively difficult challenges become available as you progress, and while some are great fun (racing, slalom), others border on tedious (like the find-Waldo style people searches). The bouncy soundtrack is sprinkled with classic game sounds, which really adds to the upbeat tone of the game. Also nice is the ability to night ski or play a four-player split-screen. It takes a while to warm up to, but I like how We Ski conveys the sensation of actual skiing while maintaining the spirit of a light-hearted arcade game.
The game feels subdued, and the challenges are pretty sparse. The Wii Fit board functionality adds innovation, but it doesn't add what this game really needs; excitement.
72 (Jul 04, 2008)
Der Name sagt alles: Family Ski legt seinen Fokus eindeutig auf Einsteigerfreundlichkeit und Multiplayer-Spaß. Hier kann tatsächlich eine ganze vierköpfige Familie einen Splitscreen-Ausflug auf die Piste wagen. Dank des niedrigen Schwierigkeitsgrades gibt es auch für die Anfänger in der Gruppe Erfolgserlebnisse. Einsame Ski-Asse sollten sich dagegen bewusst sein, dass das Abfrühstücken der Herausforderungen schon nach wenigen Stunden monoton werden kann. Die Steuerung fällt intuitiv aus: Ob ihr Fernbedienung und Nunchuk in die Hand nehmt oder auf das (nicht beiliegende) Balance-Board steigt: Nach ein paar Minuten gleitet ihr elegant über die Piste. Das einfache Tricksystem wird euch ebenfalls kaum Probleme bereiten. Anfänger mit einem Balance Board und gesellige Spieler können also ruhigen Gewissens zugreifen.
Nintendo Life (May 27, 2008)
Overall We Ski is a pretty neat little package with good controls and use of the balance board, solid presentation and an interesting fresh approach to the genre. It's downfall is the slight lack of depth in gameplay modes, which soon feel repetitive. Anyone who's already bought the balance board should certainly give this one a try, especially those that enjoyed the ski sections of Wii Fit.
Family Ski ist kein eigentliches Rennspiel, wie man es auf den ersten Blick erwarten würde. Vielmehr wird man dazu eingeladen sich in ein fiktives Skigebiet zu begeben und dort seine Zeit zu verbringen. Man besteigt den Sessellift, macht unterschiedliche Abfahrten, plaudert mit Leuten und erfüllt zahlreiche kleine Aufgaben. Der Spieler wird zwar immer wieder Rennen bestreiten, aber eher dazu aufgefordert, das hübsche Skigebiet einfach zu erforschen. Gelungen ist dabei ganz besonders die Steuerung, die ansprechend reagiert und die Spieler unbewusst dazu bringt, aufzustehen und die beiden Controller wie Skistöcke unter den Arm zu klemmen. Family Ski ist eine gelungene Skisimulation, die besonders Einsteiger und eben Familien mit Kindern begeistern wird. Für die bereits geübten Gamer dürften die Geschwindigkeit etwas zu langsam und die Herausforderungen zu einfach sein.
Gameswelt (Jul 08, 2008)
Der erste Skiurlaub auf der Wii hätte mehr bieten können, bleibt aber auch nicht ganz im Schnee stecken. Die Steuerung über das Balance Board funktioniert mit etwas Übung ganz gut und sorgt für witzige Verrenkungen vor dem heimischen Fernseher. Für Profis fehlt leider der spielerische Tiefgang und die Langzeitmotivation, aber Gelegenheitsspieler können sicher für einige Zeit ihren Spaß mit ’Family Ski’ haben.
Worth Playing (Jun 27, 2008)
As stated before, We Ski's biggest draw, and also its biggest fault, is sacrificing skill for accessibility. If you'd like an enjoyable, simple ski experience with lots of easy challenges and the ability to go wherever you want, whenever you want, then this title will be right up your alley. However, if you prefer something a bit more challenging or need a more focused experience, then you'll likely bore of We Ski in a hurry. With a dedicated single-player career or a bit of character attribute building, this budget title could have warranted a mandatory purchase. What it actually turns out to be, though, is another game for the casual set, with little to offer the hardcore gamer who's still waiting for Nintendo to slake his thirst for a Wii game with more than just a pretty face and a whole lot of waggle where it counts.
Video Game Talk (May 18, 2008)
Most older players won't get an extended life out of We Ski, as the game play can get a bit repetitive, and starts out very easy, though for families looking to play together, it's worth every penny. It all depends what kind of player you are. If you're into bettering your past play, then the many opportunities to improve your skiing and beating your past scores can become addictive, especially any of the downhill races. But if you like a game that has a clearly defined storyline, this one will probably only satisfy for a short while. You can only do snow plow turns so many times before wondering what else is out there.
Bordersdown (May 20, 2008)
Up to four skiers can enjoy carving down the mountain together in local split-screen which at first sounds like a great feature on a game that concentrates on the actual skiing experience, but just like real life, you are always hanging around for someone slower, or wishing you were faster. The reality is that longevity is limited to how much the player enjoys swooshing down the snow in the solo game and for some this isn’t going to be enough. A beautiful experience, while it lasts.
Gamernode (May 22, 2008)
As I mentioned earlier, We Ski is a game that seems to have been designed not with the "hardcore" gamer or racing enthusiast in mind, but more for someone who is interested in exploring a virtual skiing experience at his or her own pace. There are few real motivational goals in this sandbox-style game, and while that might be great for some, We Ski's biggest downfall is that it lacks substance. Try it out if you are interested in chillin' out on the ski hill, but skip it if you need more to drive your gaming experience than your own whims.
N-Europe (Jun 18, 2008)
Family Ski is a fun title with a great “jump-in” feel to it. Varied missions and solid, intuitive controls ensure anyone can play. If you like skiing at a cheaper price point, there's no reason not to plough into this one.
GameDaily (May 13, 2008)
While We Ski lacks the distinction needed to consider it a must-have title, it's a very good game, especially around the acceptably inexpensive $30 price tag. The gameplay feels like actual skiing rather than just another arcade game, the numerous activities will keep you busy by yourself or with others, and the Balance Board support couldn't be any timelier. If you're up for a downhill run and SSX Blur just isn't your bag, hop aboard We Ski's lift and hit the slopes.
Cheat Code Central (May 19, 2008)
Along that line of thought, I can't wait for the next edition of 1080° to come out! Simply by flipping the Balance Board parallel rather than perpendicular to the player will completely revitalize that franchise. The fact that I'm dreaming of the possibilities of a great 1080° title says a lot about some of We Ski's downfalls. Even though We Ski is pretty fun, it will not speak to the majority of core gamers. Things like not being able to pull tricks wherever you want, hitting powder-laden tree runs, cruising back country bowls, or having a substantial career mode to lavish over make this title feel shallow. Even still, I think this is a great game for families and players that don't mind some lighthearted fun.
GamePro (US) (May 23, 2008)
My favorite part of the game is the atmosphere of the Happy Ski Resort. Music coming over the loudspeakers is snatched from other Namco Bandai games like Katamari Damacy and Pacman, the lights at night are beautiful, and the whole place is populated with NPCs stretching, chilling, or skiing, themselves. Best of all, you can commemorate a fun afternoon with friends by calling a photo-op. Up to four characters can appear in each picture wearing their favorite gear in one of fifty poses. Watching the compiled slideshow enhances that warm fuzzy feeling that the entire We Ski experience gives, despite being a wintry game. I can't imagine playing it top to bottom, but as a discounted novelty to pop in every now and then, We Ski is a good time.
GameSpot (May 29, 2008)
We Ski isn't a game that will satiate your need for high-speed thrills, over-the-top stunts, and fierce competition. Rather, it's a relatively sedate game in which you can have fun exploring, taking part in friendly contests, running errands for other skiers, and posing for photos. If that's something that appeals to you, then the Happy Ski Resort is definitely somewhere you should plan on visiting.
65 (Jun 12, 2008)
Family Ski n'est certainement pas la meilleure simulation de sports d'hiver mais c'est un jeu dont le gameplay rafraîchissant permettra de vous détendre un moment. Si vous voulez enchaîner les tricks à toute vitesse passez votre route, mais si vous cherchez plutôt à sillonner des pistes pour vous balader, ce jeu est pour vous. Vous profiterez bien mieux de Family Ski si vous possédez une Balance Board, avec cet accessoire le jeu mérite certainement une note de deux points plus élevée.
Digital Chumps (Jun 09, 2008)
If you're looking for a great skiing simulator that uses the balance board, you might want to stick with Wii Fit, which implements fore/aft control and just feels more natural overall. However, if you simply want a skiing-oriented game for the Wii and you aren't concerned about the specifics, We Ski is at least enjoyable and unique. It's just a shame the experience isn't bigger and the gameplay isn't more intuitive.
All in all, We Ski tries, and is largely successful, at creating a casual skiing game with a novel control mechanic. Which is great, but the actual content wouldn't have held my attention for even an hour if it were just some old PS2 game (which, graphically, it sadly resembles). So, can a game be both a failure and a success at the same time? I believe philosophers call this the "Wii paradox".
Computer Bild Spiele (Jul 02, 2008)
Die Steuerung ist sehr differenziert und für Anfänger schwer zu beherrschen. Das passt nicht recht zur niedlichen Knuddelgrafik. Der Spielumfang ist dagegen deutlich zu gering ausgefallen. Deshalb insgesamt nur ein "befriedigendes" Sporterlebnis.
60 (UK) (Jul 14, 2008)
However, the game-world is pretty small, the gameplay is relatively shallow and there's not quite enough challenge and reward on offer. Not to mention the crotch flaying. It's worth buying if you can find it at a bargain price, and works as a decent alternative to Wii Fit for balance board owners. Just don't expect too much.
Blend Games (Jun 12, 2008)
Overall, We Ski plays very nicely. The overall cutsy atmosphere of Happy Ski Resort rubs off on you. The easy controls, happy-go-lucky characters, familiar music, and beautiful experience that We Ski offers make it a fun game. I don’t know if I’d go as far as to recommend paying $29.99 for it, but definitely look for it eight months from now in the bargain bin at Wal-Mart.
Gamervision (Jun 02, 2008)
The biggest problem with We Ski is that it’s just not exciting or challenging enough to make most gamers want to keep playing. I’m sure it’s difficult to make a game accessible to players of all ages, and while this is certainly a nice casual title for a new gamer, Namco may have alienated many others in the process. There are plenty of extreme sports games that have managed to suck gamers in over the years, but We Ski won’t be one of them. It’s not that it’s a bad game; it’s just that after a few hours of skiing downhill, talking to resort guests, and doing a few chores, you will pretty much have had your fill. If you recently picked up Wii Fit and are looking for something else to do with your new peripheral, We Ski will make a nice rental title. However, it won’t be long before you’ve cast this game aside to get back to your regular workout routine.
JeuxActu (Jun 16, 2008)
Ce n'est pas le jeu du siècle, mais Family Ski permet de passer de bons moments pourvu qu'on ne soit pas trop exigeant sur un gameplay qui se veut simple et accessible. On regrette tout de même que l'utilisation de la Wii Balance Board ne soit pas plus poussée et ressemble davantage à argument marketing qu'autre chose. Dommage également que le jeu soit vendu chez nous à un prix normal, contrairement aux Etats-Unis ; mais on commence à avoir l'habitude...
60 (Jun 10, 2008)
Le premier jeu exploitant la Wii Balance Board pourrait finalement attirer quelques frustrés des sports d’hiver. Si l’on pouvait légitimement s’attendre à un énième mauvais mini-jeu, Family Ski offre quelques agréables surprises notamment en termes de sensations. Si les épreuves manquent de profondeur, le tout se révèle être plutôt divertissant et ne manque pas de cachet.
Hooked Gamers (Jun 03, 2008)
In the end though We Ski is a decent piece of software, which benefits heavily from Balance Board support. It’s not going to satisfy hardcore skiing fans but based on its cartoony looks those fans should have known better than to expect anything resembling a skiing simulation. However for the base Wii Fit owning crowd, We Ski could give you more than a few hours of family friendly fun and they might want to think about spending a little time at the Happy Ski Resort.
GameZone (May 15, 2008)
The $30 price tag isn’t too bad for gamers craving the latest in motion control. But without a real campaign to jump into, We Ski feels like a collection of random, unrewarding races and mini-games.
IGN (May 20, 2008)
We Ski put itself in a great position for the launch of Wii Fit, but it’s unfortunate that the core game doesn’t support the well-executed balance board integration with stronger core gameplay. The experience is slow, the mountain is small, and the game bombards users with text pop-ups and the need to constantly slow down and chat with other resort patrons in order to initiate short-lived challenges and races. Once you do get going, the balance board control is well done, but it’s also just a replacement for the left and right tilt of the regular controllers, and doesn’t factor in any forward/backward momentum to allow players actual speed control. We Ski is a better product for having balance board support, but foot control and Mii integration don’t mean much when the main gameplay is so lackluster.
Game Tap (May 22, 2008)
As a casual game, We Ski works. Sometimes it takes the "casual" a little too literally, but its tight controls and impressive physics make you feel like you're mastering skiing techniques even if your heart rate barely fluctuates. It's more of a weeklong ski trip than a commitment to a skiing lifestyle, but at least We Ski is a decent snow trip.
G4 TV: X-Play (May 22, 2008)
We Ski doesn't feel like it's quite ready for prime time, which may be due to the publisher's need to schedule the game to coincide with Wii Fit. Still, the title's lower price point and excellent controls are worth experiencing with or without the balance board, which is primarily used for turning. As crazy as it sounds, the freestyle mode, despite its annoyances with the hide-and-seek mission system, is oddly relaxing. We Ski is a low key game for people who want to experience skiing on their own terms. Veteran racers expecting a more traditional format or trick-based game should treat this title like a first-time skier on the slopes and give it a wide berth.
FOK!games (Jun 26, 2008)
Het is moeilijk om Family Ski te beoordelen. Technisch gezien is het geen verkeerde game, maar Family Ski is een game die niet leuk genoeg is. Het mist een goede sfeer en daardoor word je niet bepaald blij van de game. Het mist de uitdaging, dus het spel uitspelen is niet erg aantrekkelijk. Toch komen er in Family Ski wel wat leuke elementen naar voren. De Freestyle mode is zeer leuk bedacht en kent de nodige leuke opdrachten. Daarnaast is de multiplayer altijd leuk om te doen. In het begin lijkt de game erg goed, maar naarmate je de game verder speelt neemt het plezier behoorlijk af. Kortom, Family Ski is een game die je alleen koopt als je ook in de zomer al in je ski-kleren loopt. Ik raad echter wel aan om even te wachten met een eventuele aanschaf van het spel; het is momenteel nog erg prijzig voor een game in dit genre. Wacht dus tot de winter, want dan gaat de prijs vast en zeker twintig tot dertig euro omlaag.
50 (Jun 25, 2008)
Namcos Skireise krankt daran, dass der Veranstalter das Paket zu leicht geschnürt hat. Der Berg ruft gelegentlich, aber eigentlich seid Ihr am ersten Abend schon so gut, dass Ihr neue Herausforderungen mit der Lupe suchen dürft. Gegen den Computer in Einzelrennen anzutreten, macht auf Dauer auch nicht so viel Spaß. Bleibt eigentlich nur der Mehrspielerteil. Er allein rettet das Modul vor der kompletten Einmottung nach einem Wochenende. Da hilft es wenig, dass das Fahrgefühl nur nett und brauchbar, statt bahnbrechend umgesetzt wurde. Es ist kein echtes Skifahrgefühl, das allein als Motivation ausreichen würde.
50 (Mar 12, 2009)
Om het af te maken kun je je snowboarder of skiër geheel vormgeven zoals jij dat wilt. Er zijn een hoop voorgeprogrammeerde gezichten en vervolgens kun je allerlei kleding en wintersportattributen uitzoeken. Tevens is het mogelijk om je Mii te gebruiken als personage, iets dat we graag zien in een game op de Wii, omdat het de ervaring toch iets persoonlijker maakt. Uiteindelijk zullen alleen de mensen die te weinig weten over games om te snappen wat ze missen zich vermaken met Family Ski & Snowboard. Als ze tenminste niet opgeven en de besturing onder de knie krijgen.
Gamekult (Jun 23, 2008)
Sorti un peu de nulle part, Family Ski étonne par ses qualités. Il propose ainsi un domaine skiable aussi grand que varié dans lequel notre Mii peut évoluer comme bon nous semble et goûter à la liberté en fonçant dans la poudreuse ou en admirant le paysage depuis le télésiège. Family Ski peut en plus compter sur une maniabilité particulièrement complète - qui vaut surtout pour sa compatibilité à la Wii Balance - et qui promet d'excellentes sensations à la fois crédibles et fun. Le jeu reste certes sobre techniquement et l'on regrette également son contenu trop peu accrocheur à terme. Mais sa simplicité et sa justesse d'exécution le rende juste agréable et rafraîchissant. Quand la Wii skie, ça n'a rien de saoulant.
Game Revolution (Jun 09, 2008)
But if you’re someone who’s been out of school for a while and wants to remember what it’s like to feel the sting and confusion of a mysterious grading system, or if you’re someone who desperately needs a summertime grading fix while school’s out, then by all means, check this out.
We Ski isn't the deepest game ou there, but it does offer a more fun-oriented use for you shiny, new Balance Board than Wii Fit does. Considering what you get, the budget price of $30 is still about $10 too high to make this a worthwhile impulse buy. That said, We Ski does offer a fair amount of challenge for those who are willing to put up with the game's minor control issues and ceaselessly peppy attitude.