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Wii Fit delivers on its slogan "Fitness Made Fun," and it will get both kids and adults exercising. It will tone muscles, improve balance, burn calories, and yes, make you sweat. And it does all this in a light-hearted manner. It's a good program to explore if you are new to fitness or if you need fun games to motivate you to move. However, if you are a serious, hardcore athlete, while you will find these activities interesting to explore, don't give up your gym membership yet. Wii Fit is an excellent introduction to what can be done using this new Wii Balance Board.
The Video Game Critic (Nov 19, 2008)
Making it all the more addictive is the fact that you're scored after each exercise, and it's fun to top your personal best and unlock new exercises along the way. If I had one reservation, it's the need to hold the Wii-mote in one hand the entire time, which can throw your off balance ever so slightly. Wii Fit can be tough to find, so if you see one don't hesitate. I was skeptical but now I'm hooked. Wii Fit may not produce dramatic results, but anything that keeps gamers focused on their health has got to be a good thing.
USA Today (May 22, 2008)
Wii Fit delivers on its slogan "Fitness Made Fun," and it will get both kids and adults exercising. It will tone muscles, improve balance, burn calories, and yes, make you sweat. And it does all this in a light-hearted manner. It's a good program to explore if you are new to fitness or if you need fun games to motivate you to move. However, if you are a serious, hard-core athlete, while you will find these activities interesting to explore, don't give up your gym membership yet. Wii Fit is an excellent introduction to what can be done using this new Wii Balance Board.
A great product featuring moments of charm that Nintendo do so well, it is reasonably priced considering the high quality of the board peripheral and comes highly recommended.
Computer Bild Spiele (May 05, 2008)
Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene werden ideal betreut und können unbeobachtet und folglich ohne Scheu etwas für die körperliche Fitness tun. Sogar sehr sportliche Menschen vermag „Wii Fit“ mit entsprechenden Übungen auf Trab zu bringen. Die fühlen sich dann zwar nicht ausgelaugt wie nach zwölf Runden Boxkampf oder einem Triathlon, doch lassen sich bei optimaler Kontrolle gezielt Muskeln ansprechen und der Gleichgewichtssinn trainieren. Das ist ein rundum „gutes“ Ergebnis für das innovative Konzept.
Exceptionnel, Wii Fit n'a pas son pareil sur le marché du jeu vidéo. Avec ce titre, la Wii prouve qu'elle est définitivement plus qu'une console de jeu.
V2.fi (May 08, 2008)
Nintendon kuntoilulautaan investoimista kannattaa harkita vakavissaan, jos on missään vaiheessa pelaajan uraansa huomannut, että hikoiluttava pelaaminen on vähän niin kuin laihtumista syömällä suklaata. Balance Board ei jää pölyttymään nurkkaan kuten kuntopyörä, ja joku siitä roikkuva härveli, ja nuo puntit, ja ne DVD:t, ja joo, mutta... Vannon!
Wonderwallweb.com (May 27, 2008)
Wii Fit offers plenty of mini games to unlock and I feel there is enough to keep you interested over long periods of time. If you are looking for just a game this is not really the best to go for as it is more of a lifestyle guide with some added fun to keep you interested, however if you want something different that may help you get those muscles moving then you should give this a go.
Hooked Gamers (May 28, 2008)
Wii Fit may not really help you lose weight unless you are willing to spend hours upon hours on the Balance Board. It does assist you in exercising, but perhaps it is better to see it as a journey to become healthy and active. With a MSRP of $89.99 for the game and the Wii Balance Board included, Wii Fit is a steal!
GamePro (US) (Jul, 2008)
If you are a Wii fanatic or are just looking to play a game that entertains as much as it innovates, then Wii Fit is right up you alley. And I'm going to encourage "hardcore" gamers to at least try it out before they bash the product as being a gimmick - believe it or not, you just might find yourselves having fun.
Play.tm (Apr 11, 2008)
Wii Fit is going to have its cynics, but on balance (sorry) this is a great addition to the Wii's arsenal of gaming options. Not only does it further expand on the casual gaming market, but it genuinely turns the games console into a legitimate lifestyle product. The only problem is that with its upcoming success it will be hard to escape the Wii Fit phenomenon in the coming months. I even predict it will eclipse GTA IV in the mainstream press in terms of column inches. If you manage to get your hands on it before the Wii Fit fatigue sets in you are in for a treat. If you do end up being fed-up over all the fuss surrounding the game, you really should push through the burn and join the masses for what is another gaming phenomenon from the Nintendo stable.
Cubed3 (Apr 20, 2008)
Simply put, this is one of the best packages on the Wii and something that everyone should at least try out, whether you are a fitness fanatic or not. Nintendo has crafted an easily accessible programme that offers up not only exercise options, but a whole heap of motion-related fun that can be enjoyed by friends and family alike. Whether or not players actually lose weight, improve posture or tone muscles is entirely up to them and their will power to do so whilst using Wii Fit as a supplemental device. Welcome to Wii Fit, the next phenomenon…
Atomic Gamer (Jun 05, 2008)
Sharpening your mind with Nintendo’s casual gaming hit Brain Age was just the beginning. Now the wizards behind the Wii want to whip your whole body into shape with their latest “not quite a game” effort Wii Fit. Bundled with the bathroom scale-like balance board, the title gets gamers off the couch and on their feet with a variety of fitness-focused minigames. But, to be honest, Wii Fit is far less a game than an actual weight-watching, exercise-encouraging tool; unlike the Brain Age series—which are still games at their core, despite the mind-improving marketing behind them—Wii Fit takes a more serious approach to self improvement. Don’t let Nintendo’s previous non-traditional games fool you: Wii Fit is definitely more exercise than entertainment.
Gamers.at (May 13, 2008)
Wii Fit war für mich Pflicht seit der Games Convention 2007. Idee und Umsetzung sind wirklich gelungen und bringen Leben in die schlaffen Muskeln. Leider kann das Training am Balance Board echte körperliche Ertüchtigung wie beim Jogging oder Fahrrad fahren nicht ersetzen, sondern maximal ergänzen. Jedenfalls ist für mich die virtuelle Insel, die als Landschaft für die Laufübungen dient, ein möglicher Blick in die Zukunft, wie wir vielleicht in einigen Jahren einfach per Knopfdruck an unterschiedlichen Orten der Welt eine kleine Lauf-Tour machen könnten. Wii Fit schafft auf jeden Fall eine neue Fitness-Community, die bald zu richtigen Yoga- und Balance-Gurus werden wird.
Gamigo (May 02, 2008)
Und wieder einmal ist Nintendo ein großer Wurf gelungen mit dem erschließen gänzlich neuer Käuferschichten. In Sachen Präsentation hinkt Wii Fit zwar sämtlichen Titeln hinterher, gleicht dies aber durch die innovative Steuerung und das eben gänzlich andere Spielgefühl locker wieder aus. Überhaupt ermöglicht das Ballance Board auch in Zukunft reizvolle spielerische Möglichkeiten, so dass also selbst Sportmuffel evtl. zugreifen sollten. Wir jedenfalls müssten uns schon arg täuschen, wenn dies der letzmalige Einsatz dieser innovativen Steuerung gewesen sein sollte. Daher von Seiten der Redaktion: Alle Daumen hoch!
Console Monster (Apr 16, 2008)
Admittedly, there may be some concern here for the hard-core Nintendo faithful - that they are abandoning them in favour of the wider public. And it certainly is likely that this is where they will make the most money this year. But, with such high quality continuing in their hard-core games (Mario Galaxy, Zelda and Mario Kart) there seems little to worry about. Wii-Fit will certainly mean that more people get to enjoy what the hard-core has enjoyed for a long time - that social play is great fun. And if that’s the case then it really is hard to criticise Nintendo, even if they are making bucket loads of money.
3D Juegos (Apr 25, 2008)
La última innovación de Nintendo tiene forma de báscula y llega con la intención de ponernos a todos en forma, aunque sin llegar a suponer el sustituto del gimnasio que nunca quiso ser. Un producto muy completo, divertido, que hace sudar y que a buen seguro será capaz de reunir a todos los miembros de la familia para pasar un rato divertido. Los de Kyoto han cumplido su objetivo. Además de un “vende consolas”, Wii Fit es un buen argumento para dejar de creer que los jugadores son individuos sedentarios.
Wii Fit is a good exercise alternative for those who can’t afford or don’t want to go to the gym. The variety of fun activities make it well worth picking up if you can.
Gamesmania.de (Apr 26, 2008)
Da soll doch noch einer behaupten, dass Videospiele dick machen. Wii Fit räumt mit diesem Vorurteil auf und motiviert alle Spieler dieser Welt dazu, ihre köerperliche Konstitution zu verbessern. Das Konzept geht unserer Meinung nach voll auf und dürfte so manchem trägen Schwergewicht zu einer Menge Bewegung verhelfen. Wii Fit ist somit ein Spiel, das man in jedem Fall empfehlen kann. Ob euch das Ganze letztlich auch Spaß macht, ist sicherlich eine Frage, die man so pauschal nicht beantworten kann. Wer mit Sport und Bewegung nicht viel anfangen kann, der wird vermutlich auch Wii Fit schnell wieder im Schrank verschwinden lassen. Alle anderen dürfen bei Wii Fit jedoch bedenkenlos zugreifen und sich an einem Titel erfreuen, der euch auf spielerische Weise zu einer gesünderen Verfassung verhilft und dabei, angesichts der hohen Qualität des Balance Boards, sogar noch preislich attraktiv ist!
Video Game Generation (Dec 03, 2008)
And one way or another, for all its faults and all the improvements in design it could have used prior to actual release, the bottom line is that Wii Fit gives us something rare in the gaming world, if not life in general: an actual fun way to sneak in some exercise. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?
El éxito de Wii Fit en Japón no hace si no refrendar las expectativas generadas en torno a este producto, que tiene todos los visos de convertirse en un fenómeno atemporal que de nuevo vuelva a romper las reglas de estacionalidad y ciclo de vida de producto, alcanzando quizás el estatus de fenómeno de ventas a nivel mundial. Los problemas de espacio en nuestras viviendas y quizás el coste del producto puedan resultar sus principales enemigos, aunque sin duda con un correcto trabajo de publicidad las féminas caigan rendidas ante este producto.
NZGamer (Jun 03, 2008)
If you’re able to motivate yourself to exercise you can do no wrong in getting Wii Fit. Granted it’s not for everyone, but the ones it is for will be able to take a lot away from it. If it does the job well there, then what more does it need? Wii Fit is a novel approach to exercise and as a result makes it a little more fun. Again, it’s not for everyone but it’s hard not to recommend Wii Fit if you’re able to dedicate $199 and your body to it.
IGN Australia (May 01, 2008)
Wii Fit is a curious but logical step forward for mainstream-savvy Nintendo. This is a company that is using the medium it helped pioneer to enrich lives and improve the quality of life of its users. It's a commendable move – taking a responsible stance towards a mostly sedentary hobby. Parents will love it; it gets their kids off their butts and into sports – even if it's still in front of the tube. Kids will go for the micro-games and competitive elements. Stay-at-home mums can work out pent-up anger and health-nuts might use this as the excuse they need to buy a Wii. Old people will still scratch their heads, though. And gamers? Well… at least they can't say nobody ever tried to do the right thing by them.
So that's Wii Fit. Not really a game and not really a hardcore workout, the "game" falls somewhere in between. If your feelings can handle its emotionless evaluation of your physical form, there's a roadmap to a healthy new lifestyle waiting on the disc. The Balance Board is another matter entirely. Offering gamers an entirely new way to interact, the peripheral could be the next great innovation for the console, provided that developers choose to support it. Wii Fit definitely won't please every console owner, but those who are willing to commit can expect a personally fulfilling experience.
1UP (May 12, 2008)
I wanted more regulation, more guidance, more demands. When you have complete freedom to choose what you want to do, you might find yourself cheating, despite your best intentions. I mean, c'mon -- this is a workout game. I self-motivated on plenty of challenging activities (running in place, lunges), yet I still found myself doing lots of simple yoga poses and rudimentary calisthenics to unlock more stuff with minimal effort. I guess I'd hoped an exercise videogame would make fitness a lot more fun -- and easier to do. And, though it doesn't quite exceed those expectations, Wii Fit will get you moving -- especially if you're looking for a gentle, fun introduction to an exercise program.
Unfortunately, some activities are just lame (tricep, extensions and dancing, to name a few), there's too much futzing around between activities (let us create a workout playlist!), and there's not much incentive left after everything's unlocked. But if you're curious about blending exercise with your favorite pastime, Wii Fit is definitely worth checking out.
WiiDSFrance (Feb 22, 2009)
Cette note finale represente autant les grandes qualités de Wii Fit, de la balance board et du concept que Nintendo a introduit ici. Si on rajoute par dessus cela l'utilisation potentiel de la balance board par d'autres développeurs, on obtient une recette plus qu'interessante.
Nintendo Life (Mar 31, 2009)
For a peripheral pack-in title Wii Fit is quite an extensive offering, with a large array of fun activities that will challenge you and help you get fitter. Whether or not you lose weight will depend upon how much time you invest into it, but at the very least it will get your bum off the sofa and moving around -- and that's a good thing. The major shortcomings are lack of flexibility in measurement units and the inability to create your routine, a frankly baffling omission. Some more work was also needed on the boxing hit detection, which sometimes fails to register a punch at all, and hula hoop movements that can sometimes fail to register and end your gyrations early. Overall though this is a worthwhile purchase for anyone wanting to try something different with their little white box.
Retroage (Jul 23, 2008)
Dość! Działa czy nie? Mam nadzieję, że niniejsza recenzja rozwinęła co niektórym wątpliwości co do tego produktu. Tak, Wii Fit działa. Wystarczy 30 - 40 minut dziennie aby poprawić sobie kondycję, wygląd i samopoczucie, a o to właśnie chodziło. Czyż nie? Trzeba być tylko wytrwałym, bo leń jest dosyć trudnym do pokonania wrogiem.
GamesCollection (Nov 16, 2008)
Il costo e l'ingombro potrebbero inizialmente spaventare, ma la compatibilità con i futuri giochi (tra cui il già uscito Family Ski e l'esilarante Rayman Raving Rabbids 3 in arrivo a Natale) rendono la Wii Balance Board un accessorio tutto sommato interessante e divertente. Il gioco in sè non è eccezionale tecnicamente - nell'aspetto - quanto preciso nel rilevamento dei movimenti (anche se odierete l'esercizio delle flessioni :P). Consigliato specialmente agli utenti Wii più pigri, nella speranza di rianimarli... ma, prima di spendere i 90 euro richiesti, cercate di provarlo a casa di qualcun altro.
Gamestyle (Sep 21, 2008)
As a game Wii Fit is very limited and that certainly applies to the graphics. However used correctly it can be an aid for exercise, co-ordination, weight loss and improving your flexibilty. It is a unique experience that can engage families and friends who may seem entrenched on the sofa. For that alone it is recommended but it is not a sure fire solution, only one part of a lifestyle change that you must undergo.
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Apr 23, 2008)
Precis som ett onlinerollspel skulle Wii-Fit må bra av flera månaders test. Men svetten och träningsvärken talar klarspråk, Wii-Fit ger mig fysisk träning. Utan gym-musik, utan att lämna lägenheten och utan att behöva investera mer pengar än den initiala kostnaden för brädan och spelet. Det är faktiskt riktigt bra nyheter för en stackars överviktig spelare som undertecknad.
Good Game (May 12, 2008)
It’s kind of hard to rate how efficiently wiifit works, especially without testing it over a long period of time. But it definitely achieves what it sets out to do. I’m giving it an 8.
Eurogamer.nl (Jul 26, 2008)
Wii Fit mag dan wel in dezelfde periode als Grand Theft Auto IV zijn uitkomen, het is prachtig om te zien hoe twee producten die duidelijk een volledig andere doelgroep aanspreken allebei als zoete broodjes over de toonbank vliegen. Jij hebt natuurlijk al lang een keuze gemaakt welke van deze twee titels het best bij je past en bent waarschijnlijk vandaag de dag nog steeds aan het genieten van deze leuke titels. Het zijn mooie tijden om een gamer te zijn!
Gamervision (May 27, 2008)
I never expected Wii Fit to be a miraculous overnight weight loss product, and anyone looking for such a solution should spend his or her money elsewhere. Just like any kind of workout, you will actually need to stick with this one if you want to see results. That being said, I found it a lot easier to do Wii Fit every day than just exercise alone, and in just one week, I have already seen results. Best of all, I don’t hate it. It feels like exercise, but it’s not torture, and for me, that in itself is almost a miracle. I believe that Wii Fit is $90 well spent, and I intend to keep using it on a regular basis. If that seems like a lot of money, keep in mind that you’re mostly paying for the balance board peripheral, which can be used for other games as well. If losing weight and being more aware of your body’s well-being is something you feel you would be willing to devote half an hour a day to, then Wii Fit is probably a good choice for you as well.
As such, Wii Fit falls short of being the all-in-one exercise program it could be. Be that as it may, perhaps the more important question is: Will you make the most of what it has to offer?
IGN UK (Apr 25, 2008)
However, on the understanding that you’re signing up for either casual use or a supplementary exercise regime, then Wii Fit is undeniably great value. It’s beautifully presented, joyfully accessible and effortlessly entertaining. We’ve barely touched on the Balance Board here, but it’s a reassuringly constructed, surprisingly adept – if potentially limited - bit of kit. And that pretty much sums Wii Fit up perfectly.
Game Tap (May 19, 2008)
Could you do all these exercises and balance activities right now without Wii Fit? Sure you could. But would you? That's where the Wii Fit balance board comes in. Just like the Wii itself, it just looks like something you'd like to try out. But once you take that first step onto it, you might find yourself on the way to becoming more fit.
Daily Game (May 19, 2008)
Men will find Wii Fit and the Balance Board has a high "wife acceptance factor," and it may even get their wives and girlfriends interested in videogames (this one, anyway). But it's the countless moms who will make Wii Fit and the Balance Board as difficult to find in stores for months to come as the Wii console itself has been. If sales are the determining factor to a game's success, then Wii Fit and the Balance Board will be one of the most successful "videogames" released this year -- much to the chagrin of true "gamers."
GameZone (May 28, 2008)
And here’s another oddity: before playing, Wii Fit tells you to make sure the room is clear and that you have plenty of space to play the game. Later on, if you start to stumble, it tells you to lean on objects or other people.
GameSpy (May 21, 2008)
Performing Wii Fit's exercises and tracking your Wii Fit Age serve to not only provide a balanced and entertaining mix of activities but to also create an atmosphere of wellness within the home, where dedicating time to your body can become a welcome part of your routine. Wii Fit won't replace your favorite videogames, but it may become an activity you'll want to do for a few minutes in the morning before school or work. At $89.99 for the bundle, Wii Fit may be a bit expensive, but you may want to think twice before putting a price on something that can have a positive effect on the health and fitness of your household.
IGN (May 19, 2008)
Wii Fit is a really innovative non-game that not only features a robust list of exercise programs and games, but creates an environment in which working out is less daunting and as a result enjoyable -- fun, even. And I guarantee you, if you really want to lose weight with Wii Fit, you can do it, just as you can build and tone muscle. That a videogame has finally crossed that barrier is impressive. That it makes working out an entertainment is more commendable still.
G4 TV: X-Play (May 16, 2008)
While Wii Fit may be apart of a well-rounded exercise rudiment, you shouldn’t start cancelling your gym membership anytime soon. There’s a definite hands-off approach to fitness when it comes to the games but we would have liked to have more structure and information about my fitness progression. At the end of the day, I can truly say that I worked up a little Wii sweat. If you’re looking for a way to get a gamer into shape, Wii Fit is a great start. Anyone who has picked up a controller will quickly get into this game by trying to beat the high score and pounds in the process. While the game may have its flaws, Wii Fit is a good warm-up for anyone looking to start working out.
Boomtown (May 16, 2008)
And perhaps it's worth getting just for the balance board. EA Sports has already signalled an interest in creating a more western set of excercises for the hardware - more aerobic workouts rather than the eastern focus on balance and yoga. I'm already looking forward to the possibilites the Wii Fit will bring ahead of its own bundled software.
Bordersdown (Mar 05, 2008)
We can hear people shouting "Why not just do some proper exercise?" already, and Wii Fit certainly isn’t going to replace going for a real run, or getting into the gym for a serious weights session, or doing a real Yoga or Pilates class. However, many people don’t do any of these things in the first place and unlike many other exercise tools (think teleshopping…. Shudder….), there’s a high chance that it will end up being used regularly, because it is actually well thought through and is as fun and taxing as you want it to be. And “many people” is what Nintendo is surely aiming at here. Wii Fit is already flying out of the shop doors in Japan and the same will happen when it arrives in the West too, not because it’s a gimmick that’s easily bought into, but because it’s a great product.
Eurogamer.net (UK) (Apr 16, 2008)
What's brilliant is that these titles can come out simultaneously and both sell millions of copies, even if one gets more mainstream column inches than the other. You probably already know which title you'll be picking up at the end of April. If you're one of those people who'll be buying both, you're in for a great May.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Apr 24, 2008)
Well perhaps a week is a little too limited to make a call on the overall effectiveness of Wii Fit. After a grand total of 2 hours and 28 minutes on the Balance Board I've ended up with statistics pretty much the same as when I started, I've lost a pound and my BMI has reduced by 0.13 - but my Wii Fit Age has dropped by 23 years, so that's ok. I'll hold my hands up and admit it. Wii Fit is a game that scared me from the start. Not simply because of its efforts to change my 20+ years of a posture honed for slouched sofa gaming perfection, but also because it marks a concerning trend of Nintendo distancing itself from its classic formula. In all seriousness, Wii Fit has succeeded. It's made daily exercise fun and appealing, plus its lessons about the body have had a lasting effect. If certain videogames can attract negative press then Wii Fit, as a videogame, deserves praise for its efforts to get Wii owners thinking about their health.
videogamer.com (Apr 30, 2008)
At £70 Wii Fit isn't cheap and as such can't really be recommended unless you plan on using it to its full potential. It's not a solution to weight problems, but it's definitely a good addition to your fitness routine. The mini-games are really just the icing on the cake, opening Wii Fit up to everyone. People of all ages will love how you control the games using nothing but your balance and competing for new high scores is great fun. Once again Nintendo has delivered a product that stretches beyond gaming, with an appeal broader than anyone else seems capable of creating.
Nintendo has taken ideas of what a videogame can achieve and has thrown them into a completely different universe. While others play with increased physics engines, Wii Fit entices you to play with your own physics and for the most part, succeeds at something we've never really seen before.
GameDaily (May 12, 2008)
Like Miyamoto said a few months ago, Wii Fit won't necessarily make you fit. If you're looking to get ripped, you're better off buying some protein powder and heading to the gym. For everyone else, this is a clever way to sneak in a little extra exercise every day – and for some couch potatoes, this could be the best way to start down the path to physical fitness.
Wii Fit slaagt volledig in zijn initiële opzet: de gamer op een leuke manier in bewegen brengen. Het bevat een groot aantal oefeningen en games die een positieve invloed kunnen hebben op je fitheid, maar verwacht niet dat het een wondermiddel is. Daarvoor zal je je in de eerste plaats zelf in het zweet moeten werken en zijn er te belangrijke minpuntjes (het gebrek aan opties, de zwakke multiplayeropties en het gebrekkige gezondheidsadvies). Anderzijds krijg je met de Balance Board de meest geavanceerde weegschaal die je ooit onder de voeten hebt gehad.
Cheat Code Central (May, 2008)
I'm sure everyone that's interested in Wii Fit will be happy with the purchase. It is a little expensive, but the quality of the Wii Balance Board seems to justify the price. The title is missing some key elements that would have made it better, such as different training programs and maybe some other tracking systems. You can cheat easily and not do the exercise. But you'd just be fooling yourself…or your mom. If taken seriously, Wii Fit provides a solid workout experience that should motivate many of us to continue exercising daily.
GameCola.net (Aug, 2008)
I still crack it out once in a while, but, to be honest, Wii Fit said I was obese, and adjusted my Mii to look like a fucking sausage. I haven’t quite forgiven the anthropomorphic jerk bag balance board for that. It’s not entirely his/her/its fault; BMI is based on lots of factors that Wii Fit does not take into account. Also, I have to get up and change the game disc from whatever I’m currently playing to Wii Fit, and I’m ironically too lazy to do that.
Gamers Platform (May 22, 2008)
Not the best thing for a complete workout, but definitely a nice supplement to a healthy lifestyle and a fun way to workout and become more active. The stat tracking and goal making will have you coming back to check up on yourself and make sure you are staying on track.
Kombo.com (May 19, 2008)
Whether or not you should purchase Wii Fit depends on the answer to this last question: Do you want to exercise and get in shape? If so, then this is a great tool for you. If your answer is "no," then you might want to play something else.
Game Shark (Jun 03, 2008)
In the end, Wii Fit works at what it was created to do, namely raise your level of fitness awareness and get you off of the couch and exercising. The menu navigation takes up too much work out time, and the means of evaluating your fitness level is dubious, however the game provides plenty of good exercises and balance board games to keep those excited about fitness coming back. As with Wii Sports showing off the motion capabilities of the Wii, Nintendo has shown the world what can be done with the balance board and provided a decent exercise game to boot. With a few tweaks to the formula provided in Wii Fit, a great exercise game is there for the making. Just please, no more lunges.
Gaming Age (May 29, 2008)
Wii Fit delivers a fun way to exercise, monitor your weight, and develop a plan to reach your goals. The game is aimed at people of all ages and is packed with activities that can be both strenuous and fun. The balance board is going to be used in some upcoming games like Skate It (skateboarding game from EA) and Rayman (mini-game compilation). No word at this time from Nintendo if they plan on releasing more games for the board, but chances are good. If you're looking for another tool to use to help you lose some unwanted pounds, or just another way to get the kids off the couch, Wii Fit will make a nice addition to your gaming library.
Game Positive (Jul 31, 2008)
Overall, Wii Fit is a good entry for Nintendo's exciting new peripheral. It offers plenty of fun and challenging activities that effectively show off the balance board's capabilities. As a fitness tool, however, it leaves much to be desired. Those looking for a fun party offering have clearly come to the wrong place, while others that want a good workout will no doubt look forward to some improvements should Nintendo ever take a stab at a Wii Fit 2.
Jolt (UK) (May 11, 2008)
There’s no doubting that Wii Fit is a well put together package on the whole, our gripes regarding the lack of exercise queuing aside. If you’ve played any of the Brain Training games or one of its plethora of clones, you’ll know exactly what to expect as Wii Fit’s progress charts and planners gradually build up your progression and extra exercises and games become unlocked as you bank more time in the fitness clock. If you’re wondering if it’ll actually get you fit though, we’re dubious. If you’ve always fancied getting one of those home gym kits that are always in the Argos catalogue and Sunday supplements, then Wii Fit would make an ideal substitute. Without will-power, though, you might want to consider waiting for the inevitable clutch of games to appear that’ll use the potentially excellent balance board in a way that’s just more fun.
Games TM (Jan 24, 2008)
The difference between Wii Fit's version of repetitive gameplay and that of, say, Super Mario Bros is that one challenges limb co-ordination and the other hand-eye coordination. But the biggest difference between Wii Fit and videogames in general, is that the last (and only) boss is you. And Wii Fit helps you find the boss's weak points. How the adventure ends is entirely up to you.
Good Game (May 12, 2008)
Now, I know I’m no Gladiator, but the shock of being told I was as healthy as a 40 year old man did make me sit up and take notice... and I can see how this ‘game’ would appeal to some, but honestly it felt like less of a game and more of a chore for me so I think you need to go into this knowing that it’s not going to be a game, it’s something else. I probably wont play this again, but I’m giving 7 for ingenuity and out of the boxiness.
PlayDevil (Jul 15, 2008)
To sum up the package, "Wii Fit" is well worth owning especially if you are body conscious and don’t fancy the daily chore of going to the gym. It does offer something for everyone and has enough variety to maintain your interest for a good period of time. It is by no means perfect as stated earlier in the review but I would suggest if you own a Wii this is an add on you should purchase. In order to keep the novelty of the balance board fresh it will be interesting to see if Nintendo or other developers are planning other games which will utilise the add on. One instantly thinks of sports which require balance such as skateboarding and snowboarding to prove to be big sellers.
DarkZero (May 19, 2008)
When all is said and done Wii Fit is a product that can help you lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet, so in the end that’s what really matters with a purchase of something like this. Although, if you wanted to be cynical you could say you achieve similar results by scoffing down a few yoghurts and going for a walk in the park. In spite of that, it’s still one of the better ways of trying to get in shape from the comfort of your own home, and regardless of how unscientific some of its ideas are the game at the core is entertaining. But remember, it’s still just a mini-game compilation, and as a result it is something that is quite easy to get bored with after frequent play.
GameSpot (May 08, 2008)
Wii Fit's included exercises do have the potential to positively impact your health, but thanks to its lack of exercise options, poor support for multiplayer, and shallow health advice, this title isn't a gaming fitness revolution. What it does do is serve as a great introduction to the very impressive balance board, a peripheral which is already being lined up for use in other games. But for a game that's being marketed so heavily on fitness and fun, Wii Fit is a little underweight in both.
AceGamez (May 11, 2008)
When judging Wii Fit overall, you're very conscious of the fact that it doesn't achieve anything for its users that couldn't be managed with a little willpower. Worse still, the most entertaining 'games' in the package are the ones that improve balance rather than promote weight loss or muscle tone, which potentially damage its 'good for you' fun credentials further. With that said, it's true that any exercise is better than nothing, and spending some of your usual sofa-bound game time on your feet and moving around cannot be a bad thing. Wii Fit's biggest triumph though is that it keeps you conscious of your fitness goals at all times - sure, you could have another pint, but are you really ready to face the disappointment of the cutesy white board? I'm certainly not.
NGamer (Apr 16, 2008)
You can look at Wii Fit in two ways. On one hand it's a pretty comprehensive selection of exercises, cleanly presented and given a novel twist thanks to the board. Alternatively, you can see it as a series of lacklustre tasks that beautifully demonstrate the technical abilities of the board, decorated with the silly lifestyle trappings we're willing to overlook as long as Ninty keep delivering the proper gaming goods. We have no doubts that the board will eventually become a must buy, but here and now, for £70? That's heavy.
Giant Bomb (Jun 24, 2008)
Once you've outgrown the activities in Wii Fit, the yoga may still come in handy as a warmup, and the scale and calendar can be used to track your progress, regardless of your workout plan. With that in mind, Wii Fit is a decent package, and it works exactly as advertised. But you may outgrow it quickly. Unless you're already convinced that you'll want other balance board games down the line, you're probably better off just going for a nice, long walk.
Maxim Magazine (May 21, 2008)
OK, Nintendo, while you may have succeeded in getting us to swing our arms around like fools, this is just going too damn far. Jogging in place? Swinging invisible hula hoops around our waists? Doing yoga poses? Feck off.
RewiredMind (May 12, 2008)
In short, buy it anyway. The balance board is innovative enough and it really is just a shame that Wii Fit is the only title that works with it right now. Family Ski is on the way, as is a more professional workout experience from Peter Moore’s EA Freestyle division in the near future, so the investment is worthwhile. More titles will undoubtedly make use of the board too, so it isn’t like it’ll be sat in a cupboard collecting dust. Plus, Wii Fit isn’t THAT bad. Its just a lot more limited than I’d have liked or imagined it to be.
Game Revolution (Jun 04, 2008)
Wii Fit is the Cliffs Notes version of exercise, and as anyone who’s ever tried a fad exercise program knows, there are no shortcuts to fitness. Nintendo obviously means well, but the balance board will soon enough end up in the same place where every other piece of home fitness equipment does: the garage sale.
Gameblog.fr (Jun 02, 2008)
Comme vous pouvez le constater, Wii Fit aura suscité un véritable intérêt auprès de nos sportifs en salon. Intéressant alors de constater combien chacun aura su y déceler certaines forces... ainsi que quelques faiblesses. Pour ce grand public, Wii Fit ne semble pas suffisamment addictif pour franchir le cap et acheter une Wii. Enfin, les choses sont claires, si Wii Fit stimule les instincts des sportifs, il paraît plus jouer le rôle de prise de conscience et de remise en forme... plutôt que de sport à proprement parler. Et si la force de Wii Fit était là : redonner goût en l'effort sans réellement s'en rendre compte, avant de se remettre réellement au sport... en extérieur ?

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