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Wii Music Reviews (Wii)

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Nintendo Life (Oct 25, 2008)
Wii Music is clearly well made, well produced and certainly innovates. The game takes a massive emphasis on creativity, you can't win or beat this game, only play music as fast or slow as you like. There is no doubt this game expands the genre and will be welcome in alot of households this Christmas. It's worthy of praise for what it is and what it tries to achieve, but I warn you, it's not for everyone.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 09, 2008)
So that’s really it. The game is fairly barebones, and for the $50 price point you expect there to be more. This game should be budget-priced, perhaps around $20 under their Touch Generations line (I still don’t know why the Touch Generations line includes Wii games). Some might call Wii Music a waste of time, but in reality you need to understand what Nintendo was going for. It’s fun and basic. It’s not trying to be Guitar Hero or Rock Band, and really it does its own thing. I was incredibly skeptical before playing Wii Music, but it’s won me over with a more unique attempt at the music game genre, and is certainly worth a look for any Wii owner that is searching for something to pick up this holiday season.
GameSpy (Oct 17, 2008)
Wii Music is an odd duck. It is far from a traditional videogame, and more akin to a tech demo or social audio experiment. The fact that it is so very basic means it's completely accessible to anyone, but at the same time there's not much here to interest regular and core gamers. It'll be a definite hit with younger children and in turn, parents and family members will love to watch the reactions of this demographic. So once again, get it for you and your young kids to enjoy as a group activity, but don't expect Gears of War 2 fans to be down with virtual banjos, bongos and clarinets. Unless they have kids, that is.
60 (Dec 22, 2008)
This kind of open-ended, creative gameplay is theoretically what people want "these days", but I think many gamers will be disappointed and not really know what to do with the game. Wii Music has been crippled by a disappointing song selection (mostly nursery rhymes or Nintendo theme tunes) and will probably only appeal to much younger gamers or really musical types. If you are looking for a feeling of a vague challenge in the playing of a faux-instrument, play Guitar Heroor Rock Band - or wait for Orchestral Hero or Brass Band similar to make an appearance.
25 (Nov 18, 2008)
Stattdessen reichen bei Wii Music ein paar sich ständig wiederholende Bewegungen mit den Controllern, stupides Drücken von Knöpfen sowie ein kleiner Hauch von Taktgefühl aus, um die Töne immer richtig zu treffen. Und geht es doch mal daneben, wird halt automatisch improvisiert. Doch egal, ob im Takt oder nicht, ist das Ergebnis jedes Mal eine Folter für die Ohren: Während selbst bei der musikalischen Wii-Schlaftablette Boogie schon halbwegs gute Cover-Versionen aus den Lautsprechern trällern, ist das billige MIDI-Gedüdel von Wii Music zusammen mit der schwachen Setlist und Arrangements der übelsten Sorte lediglich Klang-Trash in seiner reinsten Form. Positiv sind einzig die Quiz-Minispiele, die zumindest einen kleinen pädagogischen Effekt mit sich bringen und durchaus dazu beitragen können, das Gehör zu schulen. Davon abgesehen versagt Wii Music allerdings kläglich, echten Spaß an der Musik zu vermitteln - und das sowohl spielerisch als auch klanglich!