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A more then generous introductory free game to the Nintendo Wii STU2 (72) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
Hooray For The Pack-In Game! Guy Chapman (1997) 4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars4.2 Stars
Eh... Jungle Jim (306) 2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars2.4 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.3
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.0
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.3
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.3
Overall User Score (87 votes) 3.5

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The Video Game Critic (May 04, 2007)
All five games offer tremendous replay value, but don't dismiss the training and fitness modes. The training mode amounts to a collection of awesome mini-games, which include hitting a golf ball onto a large bulls-eye, or bowling into a rack of 100 pins! The fitness mode measures you physical skill much like Brain Age (Nintendo DS, 2006) measures your mental skill. A few option menus would have been nice (like the ability to turn off the instant replays), but overall Wii Sports packs a wallop. When playing solo, the games adjust to your skill level, and in terms of multiplayer action, this is the ultimate party starter. Load times are negligible and your progress is saved automatically. If you're thinking about buying a Wii, Wii Sports is all the reason you need.
100 (Dec 15, 2006)
With those problems out of the way, however, what remains is a very solid gaming experience. Some of the training exercises are flat-out awesome (Bowling: Power Throws come to mind immediately) and are great for quick workouts while actually (theoretically) developing your skills in the game. The word "workout" in that previous sentence is meant literally, by the way; I've built up legitimate sweats during extended Tennis and Boxing sessions, and while I'm definitely no athlete, I'm not grotesquely out of shape either. Perhaps most importantly, Wii Sports is a blast to play with friends and family -- and anyone in the family old enough to swing a baseball bat should be able to enjoy this game. In the end, that is what the Wii is meant to do, and Wii Sports passes that test despite all of its shortcomings.
GamerDad (Nov 20, 2006)
One benefit about the system is how much exercise you'll get. Try going three fights in boxing and you will be sore the next day. To get the most out of the system you'll need more wands and nunchuks. I'd recommend four wands and two nunchuks for the games currently available. The system does come with one of each currently, but that means only single player play is available. Adults and children with injuries or nagging shoulder, wrist, elbow, or other joint problems should be careful and limit their play. Everyone else needs to get off the couch and play videogames the way they were meant to be played. With your own physical skills!
N-Europe (Dec 24, 2006)
Twilight Princess is unquestionably the game that has got fans’ keyboards chattering at the Wii launch, but it’s in Wii Sports that the console finds a particular kind of champion. Just as a Nintendo 64 without Super Mario 64 was unthinkable, so too is a Wii without Wii Sports. It’s one of the most perfect launch games we’ve seen.
Softpedia (Mar 19, 2007)
Wii Sports is not only the perfect game for a teenage party, it's a party itself and it has all the symptoms of one: you get dizzy after too much of it, your arms and feet hurt after a couple of hours and you can make new friends. The Tennis game is by far the best of the Wii Sports collection, followed by the Boxing game and maybe Bowling. Nintendo's title doesn't rely at all on the graphics and sound, it's like it was the opposite of the next-gen consoles, becoming the Godfather of pure gameplay and innocent fun, effort included.
Le Geek (Sep, 2007)
Bridging the gap between casual gamers and the hardcore, Wii Sports is an excellent pack-in to showcase the Wii. You may dismiss it as a tech demo at first, but if you give it a chance I think you'll find that it's deeper than you think.
It's simple yet has a surprising amount of depth, and when played with a group of friends is one of the best multiplayer experiences on the Wii. And it didn't cost you a penny.
TheHDRoom (HDR) (Feb 03, 2008)
Wii Sports is the perfect Nintendo Wii pack-in title for its full use of the remote and nunchuk, and ability to get players off the couch and physically playing. The games are overly simple, though, at the same time, easily accessible by anyone of any age. A sequel with expanded options, more stats, and even deeper gameplay should be a foregone conclusion and an instant best seller. For now, this little gem is the pride of the Wii console. And, best of all, it comes packed in.
Lawrence (Nov 11, 2006)
Don’t go into Wii Sports expecting complex sports gameplay. This isn’t a yearly rehash of an EA Sports game, it’s an introduction to a new way of playing videogames. Skeptics that were previously unsure of the Wiimote should head straight to this title for a hands-on demonstration of what it can do. For what it is, it’s a fantastic pack-in for an extremely promising console.
Atomic Gamer (Nov 29, 2006)
Overall, Wii Sports is an incredibly solid game on its own and, as a pack in, is just downright incredible. The game does a great job of showing off what the system is about and showcasing the system’s abilities. On that game note, it is simple enough for potential system buyers to try out in a store or at a friend’s house. In the end, Wii Sports does exactly what a pack-in game should do. I’m definitely glad Nintendo put this one in every single Wii box. Sure, it isn’t that deep and won’t keep you addicted forever, but you’ll want to bust this out any time you have non-gamer friends over and get them into your new system. Trust me, it’ll work – I’ve already done it myself.
Un bon jeu, vraiment excellent, que les gamers oublient de sortir de la boîte par simple méprise, mais bon, quand on a un Zelda à côté, c’est compréhensif !
Game Vortex (Jan 16, 2007)
Each of the games is entertaining and the entire package stands on its own as a good party game. Playing any of these with a friend will be instantly rewarding. Simple, but easy to learn and free with the system, Wii Sports is a good offering. Don't come expecting big-time sports games or the ESPN license, but if Nintendo can pull this off, I will be excited to see what cool sports games are on their way. The Wii-mote and Nunchuk lend themselves perfectly to these sports and there's nothing to beat the experience of unwrapping your Wii, plugging it into the TV and having something to play right away.
GamePro (US) (Nov 16, 2006)
Even though Wii Sports is included in the system, we don't want to give it too much leeway because it's free. But, realistically, we can't help but enjoy the fact that we're getting a solid sports experience for nothing. It's definitely more fun in groups and won't have a great deal of longevity, but anyone who doesn't find at least some fun in Wii Sports has a heart of coal. There, I said it.
GameZone (Nov 20, 2006)
Mario. Tetris. Mario World. Wii Sports. These are the four games Nintendo has chosen to include with four of their game consoles. In terms of sales and longevity, Wii Sports won’t do for Nintendo Wii what Mario did for the NES. Wii Sports won’t be played by as many people as Tetris. It is, however, a killer, innovative showpiece that will draw in anyone who witnesses all that it can do. Sure, it lacks goals and can be beaten very quickly. But the ultra-responsive technology and high multiplayer replay value are far greater than any other party or sports game collection. Excite Truck is good, but this is the one that should’ve been packed in Wii kiosks all over the country.
84 (Nov 21, 2006)
In trying out various Wii titles while having friends over the house, Wii Sports was hands down the favorite. Great for parties or for showing off to non-gamers what is possible on the Wii, Wii Sports is probably the only game I’ve ever played in which it is just as fun to watch others play as it is to play for yourself. Nintendo has really hit the nail on the head with this title. It’s the one game that can convert non-gamers into giving video games a try. It converted my parents, and that folks, speaks volumes!
Game Freaks 365 (Nov 19, 2006)
Wii Sports made its inaugural debut at E3 2006 when Nintendo President Satoru Iwata, legendary developer Shigeru Miyamoto and PR rock star Reggie took to the stage to play a friendly game of tennis on their new Wii home console. Nintendo had said at the Tokyo Game Show in 2005 what the Wii's remote control could do, leaving it to gamers' imaginations to understand what kinds of games they would be playing this holiday season. With this demo at E3, Nintendo showed to the world the fun of playing tennis in the warmth of your living room using body gestures.
Insgesamt betrachtet hat man es mit einer ordentlichen Sammlung von Tech-Demos zu tun, die wunderbar die Fähigkeiten des Nintendo Wii unter Beweis stellen und durchaus zum Partyspaß avancieren können. Freunde, Verwandte als auch man selbst können einen Eindruck gewinnen, was in nächster Zeit auf die Spieler zu kommen wird. Dies ist erst der Anfang und nur die Spitze des Eisbergs. Bei Wii-Sports handelt es sich im Grunde genommen nicht nur um eine kostenlose Dreingabe des Wiis, sondern auch um einen Titel, den man mit späteren Spielen schlecht vergleichen kann.
Retroage (Oct 08, 2008)
Podsumowując, należy powiedzieć iż jest to gra przejściowa między jakimiś konkretnymi tytułami. Razem z konsolą Wii na samym początku może zapewnić wiele frajdy wszystkim, którzy mają z nią styczność. Każdy gracz / „niegracz” jest w stanie powymachiwać Wii Remote, czerpiąc satysfakcję z prostoty (ale nie prostactwa) jakie oferuje nam Wii Sports i nowe sterowanie tej konsoli. Recenzowany tytuł jest świetnym dodatkiem do Nintendo Wii i choć nie zapewni długiego grania (no chyba, że ktoś będzie się bawił w Wii Fitness), to z całą pewnością na starcie ukazuje zalety sterowania tejże konsoli. Jest takim demem/przyciągaczem „niegraczy” i sprawia radochę każdemu, bez względu na wiek, płeć i zamiłowanie do gier.
Nintendo Life (Nov 24, 2006)
It's understandable the sacrifices Nintendo made in developing this title, and it's just meant to be a fun, easy-to-pick-up experience that eases players into using the Wii remote, nothing more. It's simply a fun game that is somewhat plagued by the simplicity and a few other errors, but offers a refreshing and satisfying experience.
GameTrailers (Nov 16, 2006)
Reviewing games like Wii Sports is tough. It’s free with the system in North America so therefore our expectations are lower than for a typical game. If you live somewhere else where you have to pay for it, we do not recommend it. A couple of the games are rewarding for the long term, but most can be easily whipped into submission in a matter of hours. The visuals are also severely lacking. We understand that function is almost always more important than fashion, but these graphics are Nintendo 64-level. As a pack-in, Wii Sports is a great way to showcase the capabilities of the system, and is sure to become a party favorite. It’s also a glimpse into the future, when full-featured games will be built upon its fundamentals. We can’t wait.
Cubed3 (Dec 04, 2006)
We love it. We love Wii. A cracking game that will have you smiling from ear to ear for hours on end as you, your friends, your family and confused bystanders enjoy what is one of the best multiplayer titles in recent years. A canny move by Nintendo to bundle this in with the system and one that will no doubt pay dividends as more and more people are won over by the Wii experience. Make sure it is the first thing you play when you turn on your Wii this Friday.
Hooked Gamers (Feb 01, 2007)
Wii Sports was never meant to be a strong single player experience. All five games are very simple, giving the game a sort of tech-demo feel but that doesn’t stop the game from offering a lot of enjoyment. The multiplayer experience is superb and we all know that watching faces light up as they play Tennis is something that will never get old.
Gamervision (Feb 20, 2007)
Overall I'd have to say that Wii Sports is a great first title and has infinite replay value. Getting a group of people in a room and competing in these silly and cartoony competitions all night long is the closest a game has come to reproducing that feeling of getting a new game system on Christmas morning.
80 (Dec 11, 2006)
Wii Sports eine Zahl aufzudrücken, ist gar nicht so leicht. Auf der einen Seite lässt der Umfang der einzelnen Sportarten doch arg zu wünschen übrig. Auf der anderen Seite liegt es der Konsole eben „kostenlos“ bei und soll gar nicht viel mehr als eine Tech-Demo sein. Das Wichtigste aber ist: Es macht Lust auf mehr. Ich jedenfalls kann es jetzt kaum erwarten, Mario Tennis, Mario Golf, Mario Baseball - oder vergleichbare Titel - für Wii zu bekommen. Bis dahin verkürzt Wii Sports die Wartezeit doch sehr angenehm.
PlayDevil (Apr 20, 2007)
It's not just "The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess" (review coming up) that's worth buying the new Nintendo Wii console for. With "Wii Sports", which is INCLUDED with the console, BIG 'N' shows that it's capable of letting "everybody", from young to old play a simple but fun game with innovative control! Nintendo redefined gameplay and it's starting to take it very seriously with their new console, the Wii and their very first game, "Wii Sports". Also if you hate to do any sport outside, "Wii sports" will be a nice addition to burn those calories.
80 (Nov 28, 2006)
Undoubtedly, Wii Sports did start out as "just a tech demo" but the game that'll arrive with your Wii has come a long way since then. It's come far enough, in fact, that were Nintendo to sell this separately for say £20, it would be something akin to a must buy. It may not win any awards for the best looking or sounding game but it's great pure fun, and is instantly accessible to pretty much anyone. We all know roughly how to swing a tennis racket, or bowl a bowling ball - even if we haven't done either before - and the Wii Remote does a great job of recreating the sensations of the real thing by being neither too accurate nor too forgiving, but just right.
80 (Feb 14, 2007)
Overall, the game really could have been better had they made these full fledged games and jazzed them up a bit. Still, it’s more fun than many of the other sports games I’ve played over the past couple of years and when they decide to make a sequel to this I can only hope it gets better. The sports chosen are all fairly popular, so maybe they can either make them deeper and include some of the more fringe sports (perhaps Curling?) just to keep the game fresh. For now, you don’t have to worry about buying it if you’ve gotten one of the launch systems, but they’re not going to leave it as a pack-in game forever. So, for those of you waiting for a system this is a must have game, so don’t hesitate too long or you’ll have to pay for it.
80 (Dec 12, 2006)
Wo man bei der Virtual Console mit fehlenden Schnupper-Versionen noch Nachholbedarf hat, macht Nintendo mit der kostenlosen Beilage von Wii Sports alles richtig: Die Minispiel-Sammlung eignet sich hervorragend, um die vielfältigen Möglichkeiten des Controllers eindrucksvoll zu demonstrieren, ohne aber vor lauter Tech-Demo den Spielspaß zu vergessen. Da können die Kulissen mit detailarmen Texturen noch so billig wirken und die groben, nur rudimentär animierten Männchen noch so simpel und grafisch erschreckend über den Bildschirm huschen: Wii Sports macht einfach Spaß und entpuppte sich vor allem im Multiplayer als eines der Highlights im Start-Lineup der Wii-Konsole.
With a few friends, Wii Sports becomes the game it's meant to be. Boxing and Baseball are the only two that do not support four players because of the sport itself. It's a success as an inclusion inside the consoles box, and to get a new owner excited by the possibilities. Still, pick up an extra game to keep you occupied during any single player periods.
eToychest (2006)
Wii Sports' presentation is as simplified as its content, with simple 3D shapes adorned with either pre-generated or customized Wii facial features perched on top of their geometric frames. The game also allows for the use of customized Mii avatars, which further add to the hilarity of the experience. Of course, as has been Nintendo's idiom since embarking upon this path, the graphics are downplayed to the point of obscurity with Wii Sports, and that alone will make this game an acquired taste for some. However, one need only pick up the controller and play a game or two of tennis or bowling to fully realize its charm. This is a simple game about simple fun, and everyone owes it to themselves to try it out to get a taste for what the Wii may in fact have in store for us all very soon.
80 (Dec 12, 2006)
Wii Sports ist nicht unbedingt als vollwertiges Videospiel zu betrachten, viel mehr ermöglicht es einen umfangreichen Einblick in die verschiedenen Steuerungsmöglichkeiten der Wii-Konsole und bietet zudem auch noch jede Menge Spielspaß für bis zu vier Spieler. Einzig und allein die comic-artige Grafik wird nicht jedermanns Geschmack sein. Für den nächsten Teil wünschen wir uns noch mehr Sportarten, ich für meinen Teil versüße mir bis dahin den Alltag mit ein paar Runden virtuellem Tennis.
80 (UK) (Nov 30, 2006)
Because whatever line Nintendo takes with its promotion of Wii Sports - and everything up to now has positioned it as a sideshow - what it's actually got here brilliantly embodies the Wii's dramatic premise: that this kind of control can appeal to people who don't play games and people who used to play games as well as people who've been playing them for as long as we have. That's not to say that it's all things to all people, or that it's without flaws - but when you get lost in tennis late at night, you can be playing because your opponent's smart, and needs to be forced out of position with varied ground shots, top spin and precisely angled shots; or you can be playing because, golly Michael, come see what Tom's brought home, it's a sort of magical tennis racket. It's more than the parlour game that we all expected, then, but perhaps the beautiful thing is that it still can be that if you want it to.
GameSpy (Nov 14, 2006)
Wii Sports is at its best in a group setting, where the familiarity that everyone has with these games makes them incredibly easy to pick up and play. It's a game you can play with your friends and family, and it perfectly highlights the direction that Nintendo is taking with the platform. It's not the best-looking game on the system, and it's definitely not the deepest, but it may well be the most fun. You're not forking over any money for Wii Sports, so consider it the best money you won't spend this year.
Games Master (Dec, 2006)
More fun than a box of ferrets and almost genius, but it feels just a bit too slapdash...
79 (Dec 25, 2006)
Wii Sports is without a doubt the most sportive game on the market and for some even the only form of movement. That not all games are equally perfect was to be expected, but they're good enough to make this game one hell of a party title. The only thing you still need to do is get that second controller.
Para los jugones clásicos resultará algo simplista, aunque no por ello menos divertido, pese a todo, y dirigido a ellos, encontrarán el excepcional The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, que constituye una forma de estrenar la nueva consola casi inmejorable.
Cheat Code Central (Nov 22, 2006)
Taking a look at the overall package, Wii Sports is an addictive interactive game that virtually anyone can pick up and play. Wii Bowling overshadows the rest of the four other games because it offers exactly what you want from the Wii – an interactive virtual simulation of the real life activity. When you turn the controller, your ball has spin when it leaves your hand. We grabbed everyone we could to play Wii Sports with us, including a brief baseball game against the pizza guy who delivered a couple days ago. Hardcore and non-gamers alike can all become proficient at most of these games in no time, with only Boxing and Golf giving us grief. For a free game that’s included with the system, we couldn’t be happier. We hope that Nintendo expands on the Bowling, Baseball, and Tennis games and tweaks Golf for future releases because they have a real winner on their hands.
Eigentlich braucht ihr euch zum Start des Wii gar kein extra Spiel kaufen. Denn Nintendo packt euch die Sportspielsammlung Wii Sports mit in den Karton. Hier könnt ihr mit der Wii-Fernbedienung gleich so richtig loslegen. Da der Titel nichts kostet, kann man sich wirklich nicht beschweren und hat obendrein auch noch jede Menge Spaß.
N-Zone (Feb 06, 2007)
Wii Sports macht Spaß, keine Frage. Doch irgendwie habe ich ein wenig mehr erwartet. Da nur wenige Gesten wirklich direkt umgesetzt werden, sind viele Spiele einfache Reflexübungen und nicht so real, wie ich das gern hätte. Solange ich aber mit meinen Freunden Spaß daran habe, ist eigentlich alles okay.
GameSpot (Nov 19, 2006)
Wii Sports is the first Wii game that uses the Mii, a digital avatar that you can create and customize from the console's Wii Channel interface. These figures, which look a bit like further simplified versions of Playmobil people, populate Wii Sports, and they set the tone for the look of the game. The environments aren't as overtly abstracted, but their look is simple and clean, something that comes across on both standard and progressive scan displays. The sound follows suit with simple, crisp effects, and though it's perhaps not as striking, it does make nice, mostly underplayed use of the Wii Remote's speaker.
GamingExcellence (Apr 06, 2007)
Despite these two solo modes, Wii Sports is really all about getting some friends together and playing a few matches of tennis or bowling. The game isn't designed to be a true authentic sports simulation, it's all about the sheer entertainment value, and this is where Wii Sports really shines. Instead of worrying about the accuracy of your golf shot, you'll likely spend more time trash-talking your opponent. Playing alone is a satisfying experience, but the multiplayer is where the game really earns it replay value.
GamePlay (Croatia) (Jan, 2007)
Svaki od uključenih sportova specifična je mini zabava za sebe te će vas neki od njih dobrano umoriti nakon već desetak minuta igranja. Iako je vizualna strana Wii Sportsa njegov najmanje bitan element, primjetno je kako je na njega Nintendo utrošio skromnu količinu vremena. Igranje Wii Sportsa u društvu, u dvoje ili više igrača zapravo je moment u kojem igra apsolutno briljira i jedini ograničavajući faktor u toj vrsti zabave bit će vam veličina prostorije u kojoj imate konzolu. Upravo ovom igrom Nintendo je uspio gaming tržište proširiti na još širu skupinu ljudi, što mu i jest bio primarni cilj, te pokazao kako potencijala za neki konkretniji razvoj sportskih naslova s razrađenijim sustavom kontrola te većom količinom sadržaja itekako ima. Nadamo se da će se upravo zbog toga zasebni i kompletniji Wii Sports naslovi uskoro naći na tržištu.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 27, 2006)
Wii Sports is not a great game, but if you subscribe to the belief that launch games go up an extra point in all the reviews due to the limited amount of them at launch then go ahead. Wii Sports is a great game for launch. This is well worth the extra 30-50 dollars that got tacked on to the production of the Wii to include this game. It's the type of thing that people trying to punch holes in the Wii's value will bring up, but practically anyone who has played Wii Sports will turn around and say Wii Sports is much more then a demo disc. Wii Sports is a wonderful pack in well worth the price of admission.
Gaming Age (Nov 18, 2006)
I'm very pleased Nintendo decided to pack this game in with the system since many people might have overlooked this extremely fun game if it had been sold separately. When you crack open your brand new system, don't shove Wii Sports to the side and forget about it while you explore Zelda. Create your Mii and challenge your friends (both gaming and non-gaming) to a game of bowling. I guarantee they'll be hooked and so will you.
A very solid first effort for the Wii, and provides just a taste of what is, and what will be, great about the Wii console. Pick it up, play it and have fun. Very nice.
75 (Nov 13, 2006)
But it’s when you boot up multiplayer and have your friends, family and whoever you want join in that Wii Sports transforms from the most straightforward sports game out there to possibly the most fun. The bottom line, really, is that Wii Sports, as a multiplayer game, is downright fun. Whether your thing is tennis, baseball, golf, bowling or boxing, you’re bound to be smiling – at least for a few seconds – while playing Wii Sports. Wii Sports is free, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.
Purojuegos (2007)
Nintendo acerto de lleno en el blanco con el Wiisports, mucha gente quedara enganchada a la consola con hambre de mas y si bien estos juegos tienen un aroma a “Demo técnica” son increíblemente adictivos y totalmente apropiados para realizar nuestra primera aproximación al control de la Wii.
IGN (Nov 13, 2006)
Wii Sports is a successful showpiece for Nintendo's new hardware and a fantastic means to get non-gamers talking about Wii. Not all of the games are spectacular. Given the choice, I'd prefer not to play either boxing or golf, which is disappointing because both sports seem like a fine fit for the remote. But the games that do work really work. Baseball is good in short bursts. Tennis is a lot of fun, especially with two or more. And bowling is fantastic – I can't wait for Nintendo to use these mechanics and release the inevitable (and much deeper) Mario Bowling.
Da Gameboyz (Jan 08, 2007)
Although Wii Sports lacks the depth to keep the hardcore gamer interested, it is this reviewers opinion that it was not Nintendo's intention to make it as such. Wii Sports is all about showing what Nintendo's newest console an do in terms of innovation and making gaming accessible to everyone and overall it does a great job of this.
Gaming Target (Nov 28, 2006)
All in all, Wii Sports is a definite crowd pleaser for Wii fans and successfully demonstrates various uses for the Wii Controller. While the game isn’t exactly deep, who cares? It’s free and it’s fun; and that’s all that matters.
Netjak (Nov 27, 2006)
No one expected Wii Sports to be a reason to buy Nintendo's new console all on its own, and it is not. However, it adds a lot of value to a package that would be a good. This glorified tech demo is an excellent game for groups, whether the serious gamers you'd expect from a college dorm or the kids at a family reunion. Take some time out from Twilight Princess and let the virtual console rest for a while to try this game. You may have forgotten that, when Nintendo includes a game with its console, it's something good.
70 (2006)
Très grand public, Wii Sports est destiné à démontrer le concept de la Wii, et se veut globalement sympathique.
Edge (Nov 23, 2006)
So, perfect? No. Indispensable? Yes. Wii Sports more than earns its bundled place as an essential component of the hardware.
Meristation (Dec 04, 2006)
Wii ya está aquí y pronto miles de españoles la tendrán en casa, todos ellos con un Wii Sports bajo el brazo. Es un título que se queda algo corto en el modo invidual, pues al poco tiempo puede resultar demasiado repetitivo, pero tiene al menos un par de modos de juego adicionales que pueden prolongar algo su vida, aunque esperamos entrenadores de físico algo más completos en un futuro.
Wii Sports is neither bulging in features nor graphically impressive, but when you put everything together, you have a fun package that, although better in places than others, is varied enough to keep you entertained for a good while and brilliant in multiplayer.
games xtreme (Dec 18, 2006)
Wii Sports illustrates what the Wii is all about. Do you like to have fun? Then you’ll like this game, and you’ll like the Wii.
Gamestyle (Jan 04, 2007)
Gamestyle still has concerns over the longevity of what could be a glorified Wiimote training session; but we were surprised at how much fun is here for the short term at least. Its shallow, yet immensely playable, and a great introduction to this revolutionary system.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 26, 2007)
For a bundled-in tech demo, Wii Sports fulfils its role fairly well. It gives gamers a small taste of what the WiiMote can do for their gaming experiences and a reason to keep playing the new system, but nothing more. Its appeal and flaws lay with its simplicity. It boasts simulations of five classic sports that most people, regardless of gaming experience, can understand and play. You’ll be able to unleash your inner Andre Agassi, go on a (hopefully) steroid-free home run crusade, feel a sense of pride over a well-aimed bowling strike, putt around at your leisure, and face some of the toughest gaming boxers since Mike Tyson’s Punch Out. None of the games, however, feels like a complete recreation; questionable controls, lacking AI, and missing gameplay elements deprive it of a truly deep gaming experience. Despite such flaws, Wii Sports does what Duck Hunt and World Class Track Meet did for Nintendo twenty years ago: getting people active and interested in what the console can offer.
Binary Joy (Jun 16, 2007)
The stand out game for me was Tennis, it’s clearly the best, and received the most publicity. I also really enjoyed the Bowling (getting a 91 pin strike is so cool ). The other games are a nice distraction but didn’t last me very long. Unfortunately that’s the problem with the entire game. It’s fun whilst it lasts but there just wasn’t enough variety to keep me entertained. That said invite some friends round and it’s the first game that gets fired up for some multiplayer action.
70 (Jan 11, 2007)
Fourni avec la machine, Wii Sports sera votre premier jeu si vous investissez dans une Wii. Il assume parfaitement son statut de distraction et animera avec beaucoup d'efficacité des soirées multijoueurs. Quelques soucis liés aux commandes poseront de petits problèmes mais certains jeux comme le bowling ou le golf s'en tirent suffisamment bien pour que l'on pousse le DVD très régulièrement dans le mange-disques de la console.
Defunct Games (Dec 22, 2006)
It's hard to complain too much about a pack-in game, but it would have been nice if the quality of the sports was a little more consistent. Had this been released as a standalone game it would have been a tough sell, so perhaps Nintendo did the right thing by using Wii Sports as a way to get people accustomed to the new control. But part of me wishes that the games were a little deeper and offered a longer lasting experience. Ultimately Wii Sports is a fun title worth checking out, even if you get bored of it after only a few tries.
Extreme Gamer (Nov 28, 2006)
Wii Sports might not be the most interesting sports collection of games, but its fun. Whatever features we are missing can be easily forgotten once you start swinging away with the remote. In Wii Sports, innovation and gameplay triumph over substance, graphics, and depth, a feat which only Nintendo could accomplish. Wii Sports is the perfect game for the Wii, swing batter batter, swing.
FZ (Dec 11, 2006)
Wii Sports är inte ett helt lätt spel att sätta ett betyg på. Det kommer trots allt paketerat med konsolen och som sådant är det fantastiskt underhållande. Ska jag däremot jämföra det med andra titlar känns det inte riktigt lika bra. Wii Sports är precis så annorlunda, intuitivt och roligt som det ser ut att vara, men då dess glans har en klar tendens att avta efter bara någon timmes spelande, kan det inte bli någon medalj den här gången.
Consoles Plus (Jan, 2007)
À défaut de provoquer de réelles sensations, Wii Sports présente les premières fonctionnalités de la Wii. Un jeu anecdotique qui crée néanmoins l'espoir.
Game Critics (Jan 31, 2007)
In the end, the greatest strength of Wii Sports—its unparalleled accessibility—ends up being its greatest weakness. Although the game initially feels like a breath of fresh air, the failure of its novel control scheme to provide the sensitivity needed for continued growth and mastery ultimately sucks much of that air right back out.
1UP (Nov 18, 2006)
As a demo that gives a glimpse into the Wii's gaming future, Wii Sports is reassuring, charming, and good, clean fun -- to varying degrees of success, the games demonstrate that the concepts behind the Wii's motion-sensing control are solid, and the integration of the Mii Channel is an amusing touch. As a demo that arguably raises the price of the system itself? Maybe not so much. But that wasn't our choice to make.
Wii Sports certainly has entertainment value, especially in the Bowling mini-game. However, that's just what it is: a set of five mini-games, none of which are particularly fleshed out. The games are oversimplified to compensate for the "non-gamer" to allow them to get into the Wii's new control style. Furthermore, the game's graphics and audio are paltry; only those who have been living in a cave with zero light penetration for the past decade or two will be particularly amazed by the look and sound of this game. The sensitivity and response power of the Wii's sensor bar makes this a questionable buy. Perhaps it would have been more suitable for me to have used a television set produced within the last three decades, but for some reason, it just feels like what my character did on screen did not always match up with the actions I made with the Wiimote.
EL33TONLINE (Feb 20, 2007)
I would just like to say that this game came a sparrows fart away from getting 4 stars, unfortunately the blemish of Boxing is what made for the short coming. Still though 3 stars is “Great.”
Video Game Generation (Nov 20, 2006)
With the exception of Boxing, which was disappointing almost immediately (aside from the joy of KO’ing an opponent), my first few hours with Wii Sports trying out the different games were some of the most fun I’ve had while gaming in a long time. Each game literally put a smile on my face, which is saying something in today’s gaming world. After the initial euphoria wore off however, I’ve found little reason to come back to most of Wii Sports. It will definitely get some playtime after I finish this review, but I have little reason to play it again for more than short sessions at a time. The lack of a game that truly shows off the capability of the Nunchuk is also pretty disappointing, reducing the overall value of the package even more.
Gaming Nexus (Jan 12, 2007)
You can’t expect too much from a pack-in game, and Wii Sports is no exception. While it’s true that you will probably have a good time with one or two of the activities presented on this disc, it’s just as likely that you’ll get bored of them after only a few plays and never touch them again.
It’s easy to see what Nintendo intended with Wii Sports, but it didn’t work. The graphics are too simple, the ‘gameplay’ too limited. It won’t be long before you forget about the disc altogether and go find a real game instead...