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Game Chronicles (May 22, 2008)
Wild Earth: African Safari is a pretty fun game and even works well in the coop play with two to four players which is also a good time. There are some short comings in African Safari but they have done a great job of combining all the aspects of the game in a complete and polished game that works well. Even though it is a bit short the game is very educational and even shows what cooperation in different careers means to kids growing up and learning about jobs. Wild Earth: African Safari is worth the cost and a great game for kids that are interested in learning about animals, Africa, conservation and some about a possible career path.
USA Today (Jun 26, 2008)
Wild Earth African Safari is a good fit for families looking for educational video games. However, since this is a game about nature, you will see some animals kill others for food, including a wildebeest that falls prey to three alligators. If you don't have a Wii, Majesco produces a similar game for the PC called Wild Earth.
Game Vortex (May, 2008)
While Wild Earth: African Safari isn't the most fun game in the world, the mini-games are definitely a hoot, and like many things on the Wii, it goes along way with uniqueness. If you are unsure about it, rent it, but adults might find it a great way to teach their kids about animals. Heck, this game could become the Zoobooks of the next generation.
Cheat Code Central (May, 2008)
For an all ages title that clearly caters to younger players, Wild Earth: African Safari is substantially entertaining on the Wii. Taking pictures of anything you like in any way you choose is excellent. Just be sure not to step in any elephant droppings.
Egal ob gross oder klein, wer sich für Tiere und Pflanzen interessiert, bekommt auch mit der Wii-Version des einstigen PC-Spiels ein enorm informatives und kurzweiliges, wenn auch spielerisch kaum forderndes Programm serviert. Die Abenteuerjagd nach den besten Motiven macht Spass und informiert im gleichen Zug. Die Technik ist vielleicht nicht wirklich das Nonplusultra und auf Dauer mag die ewige Motivjagd etwas eintönig anmuten, dennoch hat man sich für die Wii-Umsetzung grösste Mühe gegeben, weshalb Wild Earth: African Safari der PC-Version auch wertungstechnisch in nichts nachstehen wird.
60 (Oct 06, 2008)
African Safari constitue assurément pour les jeunes joueurs (7-14 ans) un sympathique et instructif voyage au coeur de l'Afrique. Les plus âgés, cependant, bouderont ses graphismes peu soignés ainsi que la superficialité de son gameplay.
Nintendojo (Jun, 2008)
Wild Earth: African Safari feels like a game on the fence. It doesn't know whether it wants to be a serious, realistic photo safari sim or a lighthearted romp for younger players. It has elements of both, but it's never wholly one or the other. Wild Earth: African Safari could have been a great game for either audience had developers chosen one direction and pursued it. As it is, Wild Earth: African Safari suffers from a lack of direction and doesn't succeed much at being either.
Wild Earth: African Safari made me feel like I was in class again. For a game that ­delivers interactive education, this can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse. It stimulates the brain with a wealth of knowledge about Africa’s wildlife, but comes off just as dry as a lesson a schoolteacher has been reciting for decades. The only goal of the game is to take photos of animals either by yourself or with up to four players in co-op. While tasked with capturing them in certain behaviors, it doesn’t matter how you frame the shot. I just took photos of animal butts and still managed to impress my tour guides, who are constantly filling your ear with interesting tidbits about the animals around you. Without any degree of difficulty, however, you don’t feel like you are doing anything other than making your tour guides talk.
Video Game Generation (Jul 22, 2008)
Wild Earth: African Safari is still a somewhat fun and relaxing expedition despite its problems, but unfortunately becomes too bogged down in questionable level design and horrible graphics to come recommended for most gamers. However, at a budget price this is still worth a rental for players that enjoyed other similar exploration games like Endless Ocean, and it’s a solid option for parents wanting to teach younger children about the wonders that exist in Africa.
GameZone (May 05, 2008)
Young gamers will rarely be challenged by Wild Earth: African Safari and, while there are some interesting lessons to learn, the repetitive gameplay make this a game they will only want to play once. There are fun mini-games and co-op works well, but ultimately this game falls short in the gameplay department.
IGN (Jun 04, 2008)
Wild Earth: African Safari is a good game concept with disappointing execution.This title reminds me of slower paced efforts like Endless Ocean, but it unfortunately lacks any real polish, a truth that makes the process of exploring what should be a beautiful national park far less compelling. If you've got kids who won't necessarily mind (or notice) the subpar visual presentation and technical deficiencies, Wild Earth does have a couple of redeeming qualities, specifically that your young ones may learn as they play and that there's no hazards or violence to be found. Also, it's got a bargain big price tag. If you're a multiplatform gamer who seeks a truly engrossing safari experience, though, you'll do much better to wait for the release of Afrika on PS3.