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Nintendo Life (Aug 01, 2008)
Gameloft has crafted an addictive and attractive game with enough gameplay to keep you coming back for short blasts every once in a while, but there's not really enough meat on the bones to hold your attention for prolonged play sessions. There's little doubt that more modes, environments and enemies could have made Wild West Guns an essential purchase but overall what’s on offer for 1,000 points is a very well executed and likable light gun game that is made even more enjoyable thanks to some robust multiplayer options.
WiiWare World (Aug 01, 2008)
As children many of us spent several lazy afternoons watching old cowboy flicks, so it seems almost criminal that this classic Hollywood genre hasn't been granted a decent videogame adaptation for some time. Last generation's GUN was a modestly successful representation of the movies, but the focus on adventure meant it lacked the all-important gun-slinging. Right up until this day the closest thing we've come to being in a real cowboy gun fight is Wild Gunman on the NES. Is Wild West Guns, an on-the-rails light-gun game, set to change all that?
IGN (Aug 07, 2008)
I like Wild West Guns. I just wish it retailed for 500 Wii Points less. It's a game that works for exactly the same reasons Link's Crossbow Training does. It has tight control (it supports the Wii Zapper, even), a respectably polished presentation, and some decent variety in level types. But Nintendo's game is much deeper, which is saying something given that it's not very deep at all. Still, if love games like Crossbow Training and you don't mind shelling out $10 for an hour of genuine gameplay, give Wild West Guns a shot. For everybody else, holster your weapon and move on. Okay, out of puns now.
62 (Sep 27, 2008)
Looking past the lack of options, Wild West Guns has an entertaining core. With responsive controls and highly interactive environments, players will definitely enjoy their time with this title. It is just a bummer than the experience will be short lived. If this title sold for half of the download price, then every Wii owner should purchase this game, hands down. Otherwise, Wii players might be satisfied playing the shooting mini game on Wii Play.
60 (Aug 02, 2008)
Mit Wild West Guns hat Entwickler Gameloft ein gutes Lightgun-Spiel veröffentlicht, das leider etwas zu kurz ausgefallen ist. Mit nur 18 Levels, die allesamt nicht länger als einige Minute dauern und sich teilweise sogar wiederholen, hält der Spielspaß nicht lange. Die Steuerung sowohl mit Wii-Fernbedienung als auch Zapper funktioniert hingegen einwandfrei und so schnell, wie man es sich bei einem Spiel des Genres wünschen würde. Wer nach Link’s Crossbow Training unbedingt wieder auf ein paar Zielscheiben schießen möchte, kann bei Wild West Guns getrost zugreifen, alle anderen sollten sich den Kauf für 1.000 Wii-Punkte gründlichst überlegen.
UOL Jogos (Aug 12, 2008)
"Wild West Guns" é um jogo simples e direto, que serve para matar o tempo ao lado de algum amigo, principalmente se ambos curtirem um bom e velho tiro ao alvo, como nos velhos jogos de pistola dos tempos do NES e Master System. Certamente aqui a coisa é mais avançada, mas o preço de 1 mil Wii Points é alto demais, especialmente se comparado a outros produtos oferecidos pelo WiiWare, bem mais compensadores.
Cheat Code Central (Aug, 2008)
As an aside, we're pleased to see WiiWare off and running, and we're equally pleased that Gameloft is jumping in with both feet when it comes to developing for the platform. But the Wii is, if nothing else, arguably the most innovative gaming system currently available when it comes solely to gameplay possibilities, and we'd love to see the developer break out a bit and experiment. That's what this system was made for. That's the philosophy the WiiWare platform was born out of.
1UP (Aug 06, 2008)
Considering the production values and repetition, Wild West Guns is probably pushing it with a $10 price point, but for those looking to swap their virtual crossbow for a slightly less-enticing six-gun, this throwback shooter very nearly justifies the investment.
The Game Hoard (Mar 19, 2018)
Wild West Guns feels like it could have been designed to be an arcade game where you pay a quarter for some quick shooting and forget about it shortly after. The shooting works as well as it should, there’s enough places that a quick bit of play will satisfy you, but it doesn’t have any extra oomph to it. It’s the light gun game you’ve seen countless times before and will continue to see for as long as the genre exists, and what few ways it threatened to add some extra appeal like having the achievements and medal system end up being too forgiving that you can’t really engage with them strongly.
Co-Optimus (Aug 19, 2008)
Wild West Guns is short, and repetitive. However, it is fun while it lasts. We were hooping and hollering like mad when playing. But once it's done, and you've earned the best badges, there's not much reason to replay. There is a hard mode to check out, and there are single player "achievements". In 2 player versus mode, play is exactly the same as in co-op, save for the fact that it keeps track of your score separately. All in all, there's some fun to be had here, but not very much. I'd have felt better about the game had it been less than $10, but considering there are titles like Geometry Wars 2, Super Stardust HD, and Dr. Mario available for that price, Wild West Guns seems overpriced.
50 (UK) (Aug 05, 2008)
The prospect of a downloadable shooting gallery game on the Wii is utterly natural and, in theory, Wild West Guns should tick enough boxes to make it worthwhile. There's an inherent appeal in shooting targets that never seems to dim, but Wild West Guns is far too content to let that natural amusement carry the load for its own tepid design. Hobbled by an obvious lack of ambition, and by the foolish decision to release it at the top end of the WiiWare price scale, what should have been a rootin', tootin' party game is instead a rather limited and repetitive experience.
GameZone (Sep 29, 2008)
For 1,000 Wii points ($10), there is hardly enough material here for me to recommend. Link’s Crossbow training and Ghost Squad offer more in-depth gameplay and more fun for a similar price.
Wild West Guns is best looked at as perhaps a good first attempt. It has good settings and sound to suck you in to the Wild West theme, but the actual gameplay just falls short. The controls are great and responsive, but the game itself is just too repetitive and gets boring quickly. If more variety had been added then perhaps a higher score could have been given.