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Point and Click lives on! Heathen Gray (21) 4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars4.5 Stars
Relic of the Past krisko6 (824) 3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars3.33 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.6
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (16 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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100 (Jan 18, 2008)
Bref c'est indéniable, Capcom a parfaitement su adapter à la Wii l'exercice si périlleux du jeu d'aventure à énigmes. Et de quel manière ! Mine de rien, ils viennent de réinventer et de remettre au goût du jour le point'n'click, là où tant d'autres avant se sont cassé les dents. Ce n'est pas donné à tout le monde, alors je leur tire mon chapeau.
1UP (Oct 23, 2007)
Thankfully, Zack & Wiki is far more than the sum of its pieces, and it absolutely succeeds despite any minor problems. It's a huge world of wonderful puzzles to solve, with creative approaches to even the most mundane solutions; it's also a big game, and it goes on far longer than even the story would imply (though some people may never beat the last couple of stages without assistance). Its biggest hurdle will be finding its audience, as it's the kind of game you don't know you're dying for until you play it (and its youthful aesthetic doesn't do it any favors). But it's worth looking into for every Wii owner, and if it isn't the best game for the system, it's at least the most "must-play" Wii experience next to Wii Sports. It's unmatched as a cognitively and creatively challenging experience, and just about anyone can pick it up and enjoy and appreciate it for what it does...even if they won't get very far.
Gaming Age (Nov 19, 2007)
As such, Zack and Wiki stands as one of the best games I've played in a long time, with my only (aforementioned) complaint being the ridiculously steep hill that the rather odd name puts between it and consumers. Get past that, whether by reading a review or getting some word of mouth advice from a friend, and you'll find yourself knee-deep in a fantastic voyage featuring a boy pirate and his magical monkey.
100 (Feb 07, 2008)
By the time your quest is over, you will have most likely logged over thirty hours playing Z&W; additional puzzles also show up in completed stages once you've beaten the main storyline for additional brain-teasing. Considering that a new copy of the title retails for a discounted $40, that's a playtime-to-cost ratio rivaled only by epic RPGs. Unlike an RPG, however, you will be actively engaged just about every step of the way. The puzzles are always logical, although not necessarily obvious or intuitive every time. Sometimes the Wii remote's gestures don't respond quite like you want them to, but outside of that small problem there are few flaws to be found in this game. The Wii needs more third-party support of this superior caliber, and Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure deserves a spot in every Wii owner's library.
I loved Zach & Wiki and would definitely recommend it -- it goes in anyone's library that also has games like Brain Age or just enjoys a good set of puzzles. It is very much worth the time, and if you still aren't convinced, rent it because you will probably want to buy it afterwards.
95 (Feb 04, 2008)
There is so much more that I could tell you about this game, such as how you attack, what types of puzzles you will encounter, etc, but I am reluctant to do so because I do not want to spoil what is probably my favorite Wii title yet. Zack & Wicki really is a welcome surprise for me, I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but it really does deliver in so many ways. This is one game you will be glad you parted cash for, don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself.
That Capcom has managed to allay our fears of the game lacking replay value is really the golden icing on this particularly piratey cake because we always knew Zack & Wiki was going to be good - we just didn't realise how good. A great review means nothing if it doesn't sell so we'll repeat our plea: please, we implore you, buy Zack & Wiki. If you don't, then you can't complain five years from now when all you'll be able to buy is awful movie tie-ins.
92 (Jan, 2008)
Buy the game and then tell a friend; this game will not disappoint you. It's not Super Mario Galaxy, but this is definitely a title you should own for keepsies. In the years down the road, when this title is next to impossible to find, you'll be glad you had your own copy. I'll keep Zack & Wiki on my shelf next to my golden colored Legend of Zelda NES cartridge and my SNES Chrono Trigger cartridge.
92 (Feb 04, 2008)
Capcom on siis onnistunut siinä, mihin ei moni ole vielä pystynyt. Zackin ja Wikin seikkailut Barbaroksen aarteen perässä ovat piristysruiske ja merkkipaalu Nintendon ulkopuolella tehtyjen Wii-pelien joukkoon.
91 (Nov 28, 2007)
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaro’s Treasure is an exquisite title that makes exceptional use of the Wii’s motion sensing technology. It’s easy enough to pick up and play but complex and challenging enough to be extremely rewarding. This is a must-have title for any Wii owner that hasn’t already picked it up and the best third party title to come out for Nintendo’s console. Prepare to have some of the most fun you’ll have on the Wii while making your brain work overtime.
The Wiire (Nov 06, 2007)
There is no doubt in my mind that Zack & Wiki is one of the best games made for the Wii so far. It combines the puzzle-solving adventure of Twilight Princess with the varied environments of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, but still incorporates originality in the point-and-click gameplay and seemingly endless fun activities. Just being able to mention Zack & Wiki with the previously mentioned games earns it The Wiire's Editor's Choice award. To drive the point home, I'm just going to say it: buy this game. Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is why you bought a Wii.
Game Revolution (Nov 08, 2007)
When showing this game to other people, the closest thing I’ve heard to a universal ‘complaint’ usually falls into the “Hey, this isn’t a kiddie game at all!” category… and if that’s the dullest, most nicked-up coin you can find in the chest, I reckon you’ve found yourself a real treasure.
Game Shark (Dec 06, 2007)
With so many publishers looking to cash in on the Wii’s success, it’s always nice to see a game appear that is nothing but quality from top to bottom—the fact that this game is ten bucks cheaper than other Wii offerings makes it an even sweeter deal. Zack and Wiki may not bowl you over with its story, however the beautiful graphics, fiendishly clever puzzles and spot on motion controls makes it one of this year’s standouts on the Wii and an utter joy to play.
IGN Australia (Feb 21, 2008)
Zack & Wiki is very much what happens when talented Japanese game designers decide to revisit classic point-and-click adventure gameplay, and proceed to inject it with their own aesthetics and sensibilities, all with a modern coat of paint. Thus, you have super-kawaii characters (including a “bourgeois” schoolgirl pirate captain), zany, nonsensical voice samples, gorgeously colourful art direction and some of the best puzzles on Wii. It's not all that long, but don’t let this one pass you by.
IGN UK (Jan 14, 2008)
Ultimately, Zack & Wiki is exactly what the Wii was designed for – a joyous game that mixes classic, near-perfect level design with a brilliantly-implemented new control system – and it simply could not exist on any other console. Not a fan of humour and imagination? Prefer games with grey bricks, grey sky and brown ground as opposed to cute cartoonishness? Then Zack and Wiki’s not for you, and you’re missing out. Everyone else will find more than enough to love about this innovative, mischievous, fantastically well-designed adventure puzzler to justify the purchase price.
Nintendo Life (Dec 16, 2007)
Overall though, Zack and Wiki is just what the Wii needs, new ideas. It has used the Wii Remote brilliantly in a game that could only have worked on this console. I hope that Capcom release a sequel.
Factornews (Feb 01, 2008)
Les bons jeux tiers sur Wii existent, je les ai rencontrés. Zack & Wiki : Quest for Barbaros' Treasure parvient à trouver le bon équilibre entre l'utilisation des contrôles spécifiques à la Wii et un jeu de qualité. Messieurs de chez Capcom, comptez sur moi si vous sortez une suite !
Aventura y Cía (Mar 18, 2008)
Como reza el rótulo que encabeza estas líneas, Zack & Wiki es una magnífica extravagancia, un juego inclasificable al que el lema de «una partida vale más que mil palabras» (y aquí ya llevamos varios miles) se ajusta a la perfección, una cita puntual e indispensable para todos los amantes de las aventuras y de los juegos bien hechos. La infinidad de los retos planteados y su fácil y lógica resolución lo hacen asequible para toda clase de público, sin prejuicio de su edad o su habilidad.
Hooked Gamers (Nov 05, 2007)
Zack and Wiki is really in desperate need of support, as the box art/title will probably deter even the most hardcore point-and-click fans; and that’s really a shame. While Zack and Wiki may not be the overall best game of the year, it has more than enough charm and imagination for me to give my wholehearted recommendations. Zack and Wiki may look weak or strange standing next to all the bigger, higher-pedigree Game of the Year contestants, but I’m going to be backing it, even if I’m all alone in doing it.
Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is a brilliant title which belongs in the library of any Wii owner who has a brain to bend. Its unique if sometimes Japanese-infused presentation sports a snappy visual design and an excellent musical score, but the real hook is the superb puzzle design. While the Wii remote actions aren't always placed front and center, the devious and clever ideas at work here are refreshing and without the nonsense found in other point-and-click adventures. Capcom has created what every third party longs for: a Wii title that makes good use of the platform's strengths and rivals the big N's own work.
AceGamez (2007)
With the holiday shopping season more than upon us, making those last minute shopping decisions and prioritizing those 'me' gaming dollars are high on many peoples' to do lists. With more and more high-profile games landing at the feet of retailers every week, this is becoming an increasing burdensome task. So take my advice and let Capcom make at least one of those decisions hassle-free; purchase Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure. The title may be convoluted, but the gameplay and presentation are anything but. What could have fizzled into a case of undeserving hype is one of 2007's top games - and considering the competition, that is quite a lofty (but nevertheless justified) statement.
90 (Jan 18, 2008)
With wonderfully varied levels, colourful, cel-shaded graphics and mind-bending puzzles that'll have you working those little grey cells into the ground, Zack & Wiki triumphantly makes its debut on Nintendo's Wii, the only console it could have appeared on. You won't see it on the PS3 or the Xbox 360 that's for sure. Dare I say it? Zack & Wiki might just be my favourite game on the console.
DarkZero (Jan 26, 2008)
Arguably, Zack & Wiki could very well end up being the equivalent of Plok from the SNES era, the Go-Go Trouble Makers of the N64 era, and could easily go down as being just like the highly praised but little played Beyond Good & Evil of last-gen. All trilled the select few that got their hands on them. However, it would be much better if a game such as this would be recognised as being as truly great by gamers worldwide, not just the critics. Once you get past the sickeningly Nickelodeon like exterior and take the plunge to buy, you’ll wonder why you waited so damn long. Simply put, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure is a game that will be loved by almost everyone that gets that chance to play - and will be endlessly praised by these same people at every chance they get. One of Wii’s best titles.
N-Europe (Feb 10, 2008)
Zack & Wiki is a must have in any gamers’ collection and a beacon of hope for quality 3rd party games. If you want a great, innovative game that exercises your brain, this is the way to go. And it could only be done on the Wii.
90 (Feb 11, 2008)
Silly overlong title aside, Z&W represents something of a milestone for the Wii. It's a genuinely exciting brand new IP, its Wii exclusive, it has a flawless understanding of how best to use the console's motion sensing controls and it proves there's a use for the adventure game genre in this current generation. But perhaps most significantly of all, it does all that while being developed by someone other than Nintendo, proving that at last third-party developers are getting to grips with the Wii. If you're one of the millions who own a Wii then there's no reason why Zack and Wiki shouldn't jump right to the top of your shopping list. Its delightful blend of well designed puzzles and intuitive controls provide a welcome change from the poorly implemented cash-ins and sloppy multi-platform ports that have been clogging up shelves for a while.
90 (Oct 29, 2007)
Playing Zack & Wiki, we couldn't stop thinking about how Wii needs more games like it. That's because it's true. In fact, the industry needs more games like it.
GameSpy (Oct 29, 2007)
The worst things you can say about Zack & Wiki is that it doesn't offer much in the way of a satisfying narrative, and some of the repetitive and strident character voices become grating in short order. But between its extraordinary collection of cerebral trials, its comprehensive menagerie of shape-shifting animal-tools, and its skilled use of almost instinctual motion control, Zack & Wiki reveals itself as an unexpected, must-own treasure.
Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure has turned out to be one of the best games available on the Wii today. The whole thing is so creative and clever that it's hard to put down, and comes highly recommended.
Si, además, añadimos el descubrimiento de Wii como una plataforma ideal para desarrollar aventuras gráficas de nuevo cuño, una buena noticia para muchos, estamos ante un título imprescindible no ya sólo por lo que es, sino por todo lo que puede ser.
Video Game Generation (Nov 12, 2007)
While it’s true, the graphics in Zack & Wiki can be simpler than most games, the controls still have a few kinks to work out and the logic of this fantasy world can trip you up at times, it isn’t enough to tarnish what the game does right. The cartoon-like look allows for a lot more unique detail and effects with very little slowdown, the pick-up and play controls broaden the appeal of the game and fit in perfectly with the expanded audience, and the level design is nothing short of genius. In the end, the package comes together in such a way to make this title easily one of the top third-party games available for the Wii, and, if you ask me, one that even bests some of Nintendo’s own efforts for their unique home console.
90 (Jan 28, 2008)
Zack & Wiki is een genot om te spelen. Het spel is origineel, fun, en laat goed zien dat ook andere ontwikkelaars dan Nintendo zelf goede games voor de Wii kunnen maken. Hopelijk krijgen de Wii-gamers wel dit spel in de gaten, zodat de ontwikkelaars het nut zien van het maken van echte Wii-games. Het smaakt in ieder geval naar meer!
Video Game Talk (Dec 24, 2007)
It’s again a pleasure to see new and fresh games coming out in the world of sequels, and supporting these new games will only help spur innovation. Thanks to the tight controls and the pure fun associated with this game I can easily highly recommend this title for anyone who enjoys puzzle or adventure games, not to mention the family friendly aspect of the game makes it safe purchase for any gamer out there.
Worth Playing (Nov 12, 2007)
While Nintendo has developed a number of excellent titles for the Wii console, it seems to be taking third-party companies a bit longer to adapt to the new control scheme offered by the Wii. Zack and Wiki sets a high standard for other developers to follow. It's clever, stylish, challenging and fun. It is an example of the kind of game that the Wii should have, and one that Wii owners owe it to themselves to try. Even better, it retails at the budget price of $40, which is simply icing on the cake. To put it bluntly, Zack and Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is one of the best games out for the Wii, and any gamers who own Nintendo's new system owe it to themselves to at least give this title a try, if not a buy.
GameDaily (Oct 29, 2007)
Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaros' Treasure for the Nintendo Wii is a sweet adventure game with something to offer for young and old players. Capcom masterfully blends treasure hunting with the motion sensitive controllers with excellent results, and you absolutely need to experience it.
IGN (Oct 22, 2007)
The end product is one of those welcomed surprises – an unpredictably top-quality undertaking whose winning marriage of sometimes-genius environmental puzzles and beautiful graphics will suck you in. It also perfectly encapsulates what I always hope for but seldom see from third parties: an original Wii project that really makes the most of the console.
I can't state this enough; so far, this is one of the best Wii games of the year. With its complex gameplay, beautiful graphics, interesting controls, great sense of humor, and user-friendly approach, this is truly a game that will appeal to virtually any gamer. For fans of the point-and-click adventure games and newcomers alike, this is a great title to pick up and have a fun challenge with. Since there are many levels and increasingly difficult puzzles involved in each, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure will keep you satisfied and scratching your head for many hours to come. The amazing boss battles, which definitely need to be experienced to be fully appreciated, are worth the price of admission alone.
Gamer 2.0 (Nov 15, 2007)
Zack & Wiki is easily the best original Wii game on the system right now, though whether it strikes a chord with the Wii's audience is another discussion all together. For most of the core gamers that own a Wii, Zack & Wiki should be right up their alley for a purchase. While it may be kid-friendly in appearance, the game may be a bit much for kids to play alone, but may be something parents could play with their kids to get the whole family involved in the game. Zack & Wiki is definitely full of treasure, but now it's up to you to start the search.
NZGamer (Mar 03, 2008)
My fellow New Zealanders (and other folk of PAL decent), we have a golden opportunity. Last October Zack & Wiki was released in the States and was met with embarrassingly low sales. This wasn’t because Wiki is a bad game, in fact, it is one of the finest on the Wii, but it appears people would rather be playing updated versions of games they’ve played before. Oh, the horror of trying something new! This must be an American thing.
GameZone (Nov 07, 2007)
Smart and rewarding, Zack & Wiki will please every game that decides to pick it up this holiday season. While it doesn’t have the most enticing title, Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is a game to be enjoyed by all ages.
Video Games Daily (Mar 25, 2008)
Zack and Wiki gushes new life into the point and click adventure, unleashing it on a console where many of it's owners will never have seen this genre before. Hopefully they will all be as compelled and exhilarated by the experience as I am.
88 (Jan 07, 2008)
Wann habe ich mich das letzte Mal beim kreativen Ausprobieren und anschließendem Fluchen so köstlich amüsiert? Vielleicht irgendwann in alten Amigazeiten. Um so größer die Freude, ein geliebtes Spielkonzept wieder auferstehen zu sehen: Den ebenso actionreichen wie intelligenten Knobler, der sowohl Timing als auch Köpfchen verlangt. Nach so langer Zeit wird endlich wieder ein Feuerwerk an kreativen Ideen gezündet! Das Team von Capcom hat selbst einige der besten Klassiker in Sachen Rätselreichtum übertroffen und erreicht eine inhaltliche Qualität, die man bisher nur Nintendo auf Wii zugetraut hätte. Es gibt zwar einige unnötige Dämpfer im Spieldesign, die die Begeisterung etwas trüben: Man zwingt mich z.B. zu stupidem Trial&Error und lässt mich ohne erlösendes Game Over in so mancher Sackgasse versauern. Auch einige Steuerungsgeheimnisse muss man über das wiederholte Ausprobieren lüften.
Power Unlimited (Feb 06, 2008)
Op begin en einde van het spel valt wel wat aan te merken, maar daartussendoor kun je genieten van twintig uur hartverwarmende puzzelpret.
FOK!games (Feb 09, 2008)
Hoewel het verhaal voor een adventure, om het voorzichtig uit te drukken, nogal aan de magere kant is, maken het inventieve gebruik van puzzels en de grappige figuurtjes heel veel goed. Je bent constant op een leuke, uitdagende manier aan het zoeken naar oplossingen voor de obstakels op je weg en daarbij gebruik je de Wiimote op allerlei bijzondere manieren.
Purojuegos (2007)
Para el jugador de consola solo decir que es algo totalmente distinto y que merece darle una oportunidad sin ningun tipo de prejuicios. Sin duda, Zack & Wiki tendra secuela, estos titulos de calidad no deberían ser olvidados por el publico y menos terminar en un solo juego.
Consoles Plus (Dec, 2007)
Juste quand on pense avoir saisi la subtilité des mécanismes du jeu, on en trouve de nouveaux. Zack & Wiki est à se procurer d'urgence si on aime se creuser les méninges.
Good Game (Feb 18, 2008)
The 40 hours of gameplay stated on the box is very subjective, people will go through this game at different speeds. But I can't imagine anyone who's into puzzles not enjoying this game, I'm giving it 8.5/10 flying golden chickens.
Gamernode (Nov 06, 2007)
Zack & Wiki is clearly not flawless, but in the end, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Engrossing gameplay is the focal point, and the game delivers in that area. Additionally, I feel Zack & Wiki may very well open the floodgates of more innovative Wii games, acting as a primer for other developers to build from. Go ahead and try out Zack & Wiki, I don't think you'll be disappointed.
The name may be unbelievingly dull, awful, and causing aneurisms among marketing people everywhere, but Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure is a great game that the kids might feel a bit overwhelmed by, though on the other hand they may find it easier than some of our older, stubborn minds do. With the complete lack of marketing and hype for the title, it’s practically the duty of all reviewers to say please, don’t miss out on this game. It isn’t for everyone, but it’s cheaper than most games and plays excellently.
GamersMark (Nov 08, 2007)
Ironically, Zack and Wiki is the kind of game that is a must play for any Wii owner. It’s cute and cuddly art style may turn away the majority of older gamers but the game’s puzzles are challenging for a player of any age. Its implementation of the Wii-mote feels like anything but gimmicky and is a sign of greater things to come, in both Wii-mote implementation and in regards to the rebirth of a dying genre. Although, the game’s length and replayability may be a concern for some as it is for me. Nevertheless, Wii owners owe it to themselves to give Zack and Wiki a spin regardless.
ripten (Feb 08, 2008)
But Zack and Wiki’s strengths easily overpower its flaws, and it deserves to pick up the genre’s strewn crown from the floor. A creative set of challenges accessed with the Wii’s remote (proven an adventure designer’s dream) make this the finest point-and-click experience seen in a long time.
85 (Feb 05, 2008)
Door de speelse tekenstijl van het spel lijkt het misschien meer geschikt voor de jongere gamer. Schijn bedriegt, want de voorgeschotelde vraagstukken zijn pittig, tot soms het frustrerende toe. Echter is het antwoord altijd te vinden door logisch na te denken en daardoor voelt het des te beter wanneer je de puzzels zelf oplost. Een beetje snelle puzzelaar kan dit spel al in 15 uur doorlopen - helaas wat aan de korte kant.
Genau solche Art von Spielen braucht die Wii. Dafür wurde Nintendos Next-Generation-Konsole geradezu geschaffen. Kein anderer Titel nutzt die bewegungssensitive Steuerung der Wii bisher so intensiv wie Zack & Wiki: Der Schatz von Barbaros. Da stört es mich auch so gut wie gar nicht, dass die Wiimote-Steuerung ziemlich ungenau ausgefallen ist. Was hingegen ganz schön mühsam ist, sind die vielen Trial & Error-Passagen, welche neben Nerven auch immer wieder sehr viel Zeit kosten. Frustresistente Knobelfans, die darüber locker hinwegsehen können, sollten sich das Spiel vor allem angesichts der vielen witzigen Ideen, der durchgehend logischen Rätsel und der gelungenen Cel-Shading-Optik aber trotzdem nicht entgehen lassen.
Nintendojo (2007)
Adventure games are often compelling but hinge upon primitive, boring gameplay. Capcom shows how all future adventure games should be designed: with engrossing gameplay that both intuitively and innovatively solves puzzles. While there's not much story to pull a player through Zack & Wiki's treasure hunt, the brilliantly designed puzzles and their vivid presentation ensure that most anyone will feel compelled to keep playing through-- even folks who tried Mario Galaxy first!
GameSpot (Oct 22, 2007)
All told, Zack & Wiki is a winner. It might not win you over with its characters or story, but it will with its wonderfully crafted puzzles and sharp control mechanics. It's just the sort of game Wii owners have been pining for, the sort of game that blends accessibility and challenge into one seamless whole, and does it without devolving into yet another minigame collection. And best of all? This game is retailing for only $40. If you own a Wii, Zack & Wiki belongs in your collection.
Jolt (UK) (Mar 01, 2008)
Pushing aside further annoyances such as the European market having to wait an unnecessarily long time for the game to actually be released, and then insulting us even further by charging double the amount the US stores are asking (even taking into account web discounts) for which it loses some serious marks, Zack & Wiki is still very close to being a near-essential addition to any Wii owner’s collection which we dearly hope will get a sequel.
Gameswelt (Jan 29, 2008)
Den Jungpiraten Zack muss man einfach in sein Herz schließen. Die Adventure-Knobelei fühlt sich angenehm frisch an und spielt sich dank Level-Häppchen richtig flott. Okay, weder die arg simple Story noch die teils zu ungenaue Wiimote-Bewegungserkennung sind Glanzlichter, aber darüber kann man locker hinwegsehen. Ebenfalls erfreulich, dass ’Zack & Wiki’ so angelegt ist, dass sowohl Knobelexperten als auch Neulinge ihren Spaß an dem umgangreichen Piratenabenteuer haben.
In the Wii's expansive gutter of shoddy third-party ports and minigame garbage, Capcom is showing that it's possible to make something original and fun. I just hope that the presentation doesn't kill Zack and Wiki's chances.
Lawrence (Nov 05, 2007)
Considering the Wii’s demographic, I’d have to imagine that a large amount of “casual” and younger gamers will pick up this game. They might not be prepared for the experience, however, as some of the puzzles are very difficult. I’m a 23 year-old who has played games for literally as long as I can remember, and I found myself scratching my head pretty frequently during some of the tougher brainteasers. If you’ve ever been a fan of point-and-click adventure games, or puzzle-based games of any sort, you should definitely check out Zack & Wiki. If you’re a parent just looking to buy the first Wii title you see with cartoon characters on the packaging, think twice before considering this as a Christmas gift. Your stupid kid probably won’t be able to get past the first world.
Adventure-Treff (Mar 16, 2008)
Zack ist schon ein knuffiges Kerlchen und es hat durchaus Spaß gemacht, ihn auf seinem Abenteuer zu begleiten. Bei aller Originalität gab es leider ein paar Punkte, die mich gestört haben. Warum muss ich so viel mehrfach spielen und wenn ich das schon muss, warum kann das nicht ein wenig schneller gehen? Und bei allem Applaus für das Steuerkonzept der Wii, einige Bewegungen, die ich beim Spielen machen mussten, erinnerten wirklich nur sehr grob an die Aktion im Spiel. Sollte es einen Nachfolger geben, hoffe ich, dass die Entwickler an diesen Punkten noch feilen.
81 (Feb 19, 2008)
Zack & Wiki is spot-on when it comes to using the Wiimote. However, we are afraid the game is not fit for everyone. It is too hard for the youngest ones and not interesting enough for twenty year old gamers (and older). This means there is only a limited target group and within that not everyone is interested in this type of game. In other words, there is a big chance this game will pass by unnoticed.
WiiDSFrance (Feb 11, 2009)
Je pourrais continuer pendant un bon moment et ne voudrait pas oublier de souligner que Zack et Wiki fait penser à Monkey Island qui aurait mangé Wario Ware pour ne garder que le meilleur des deux mondes. Certes, l'humour est moins omniprésent que dans les anciennes productions Lucas Arts, mais pour un coup d'essai dans le genre aventure sur Wii, Capcom s'en sort haut la main et le vrai gagnant dans l'histoire, c'est nous les joueurs.
Games TM (Dec 27, 2007)
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure feels like one of those titles that's so original that it's bound to flop in the face of an audience that demands familiar, comfortable concepts. The conservative score at the bottom of this page won't convince anyone that Zack & Wiki is Game Of The Year material but if words have ever been more important than numbers then this is the time. Ignore the occasionally unresponsive controls, overlook the cruel final stages and you'll be rewarded with a joyous Wii game that's sure to be a jewel in the console's crown for years to come.
80 (Feb 21, 2008)
Mit „Zack & Wiki: Der Schatz von Barbaros“ erhalten Adventurefreunde endlich wieder einen Titel ihres Lieblingsgenres - dieses Mal sogar mit einem neuen Schwung Ideen, dank Wiimote-Steuerung. Aber auch Neulinge können getrost zugreifen, zum einen hilft das Spiel die aktuell anherrschende Flaute zu überbrücken, zum anderen müssen sie dank etlichen Hilfen für Einsteiger nicht verzweifeln. Der Steuerung hätte ein Tick Feinschliff bestimmt gut getan, so gibt es einen Abzug für die diversen nervigen Probleme mit der Erkennung. Insgesamt kann das Game aber immer noch sehr gute 8 von 10 Punkten absahnen.
80 (Jan 29, 2008)
Es gibt kaum etwas Langweiligeres, als eigentlich bereits gelöste Abschnitte in einem Adventure nochmals spielen zu müssen. Doch gerade dies zwingt mir Zack & Wiki: Der Schatz von Barbaros regelmäßig auf, da die Entwickler auf ein komfortables Speichersystem verzichtet haben und es ein Quicksave nur gegen Bezahlung gibt. Bei einem Abenteuerspiel, in dem man nicht sterben kann, wäre das in Ordnung, doch Capcoms Titel fährt viele Trial & Error-Passagen auf. Es sollte sich auch bis Japan herumgesprochen haben, dass ein fehlendes Speichersystem in Verbindung mit einem Game Over-Schirm für unnötige Frustmomente sorgt. Davon abgesehen macht Zack & Wiki bis auf die fehlende Sprachausgabe aber vieles richtig. Ich hatte beim Durchspielen jedenfalls viel Spaß. Einige Rätsel sind derart intelligent, dass sich selbst PC-Adventures hier eine Scheibe abschneiden können.
Good Game (Feb 18, 2008)
Even for a puzzler it's a bit slow paced, and left-handers might not like that every item in the game was made to be held with your right hand. But in a world of trilogies and resurrected franchises, you've just gotta respect the originality. I'm giving it 8/10 chickens
UOL Jogos (Nov 16, 2007)
"Zack & Wiki" é um exemplo de como um jogo do Wii deve ser. Ao invés de inventar, aposta em soluções simples e intuitivas para o uso do Wii-Remote. Tem ainda aquela qualidade Disney que consegue cativar pessoas de qualquer idade. O "tente outra vez" dos quebra-cabeças e a resposta falha do sensor de movimentos podem irritar em alguns momentos, mas é compensado pelo excelente trabalho de direção artística, que se estende tanto no agradável estilo visual como na proposta dos desafios, alguns bem geniais. Depois de se aventurar nessa ilha, uma conversão nua e crua de "Sam & Max" perde seu efeito de cobiça. Ok, nenhum fã iria dispensar, mas uma continuação de "Zack & Wiki" com novos personagens e possibilidades para o Wii-Remote não seria nada mal.
EL33TONLINE (Dec 03, 2007)
Overall this is a gem of a game and it does well to earn a prize place on your gaming shelf. It is guaranteed to provide you with hours of puzzling pirate fun and I would definitely purchase another installment in the series should they choose to make it.
Adventure Island (Apr 19, 2008)
Zack and Wiki is een erg leuke adventure geworden die erg goed gebruikt maakt van de Wii Remote. Verder heeft het spel leuke puzzels, creatieve levels en prachtige graphics en muziek. Jammer alleen dat het verhaal niet veel om het lijf heeft, niet alle toepassingen voor de Wii Remote even goed werken en dat je vast kan lopen in een level zonder enige vorm van feedback.
80 (UK) (Nov 30, 2007)
Far and away the best original IP on the Wii, Zack & Wiki is a compelling reason to own this console. Its superb puzzle design and ingenious mix of humour, cleverness and the occasional bout of trial-and-error recall the best adventure games in history, and yet its gorgeous cartoonish looks and innovative control make it refreshingly modern. And unlike most Wii games, the novelty and appeal of the control system stays beguilingly strong the entire way through. I can even forgive it for having a light puzzle.
A young and free-spirited kid pirate named Zack, an enchanted morphing monkey sidekick named Wiki, and a long-eared, furry footed band of comrades who collectively called themselves the “Sea Rabbits?” You know nothing short of wacky is going to come from such a colorful cast of characters as this. But here’s the real kicker: This weirdly conceived puzzle adventure is actually very solid and I’d even go out on a limb and say a hair bit addicting.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 30, 2008)
If Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros’ Treasure leaves any lasting legacy once the dust has well and truly settled, it’s that there is a need for something different. That simplicity and charm go a very long way in this industry clouded by games boasting hyperrealism. This ‘legacy’ may just be a small splash in a very big ocean, due to poor advertisement and an irrational sense of unease towards cute puzzle adventures, (the game’s title is hardly appealing in itself). But it’s a splash worth noticing.
Though there are a few flaws within Zack & Wiki, it doesn’t stop the game from being a very crafty and challenging experience that would b welcome with open arms. Though it doesn’t have the high profile characters like several established titles, this game manages to hold its own and is well worth the retail price of $40. For those gamers looking to acquire a quality product on the Wii console, look no further than Zack & Wiki.
NintendoWorldReport (Nov 14, 2007)
Zack & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros' Treasure is one of the best single player experiences on Wii to this point. The basic gameplay is so strong that it easily overcomes a bland story and sometimes frustrating gestures. This game is just begging for a sequel, full of the same point-and-click animal changing fun. The characters are great, and they deserve to have more stories told about them.
GamerDad (Jan 06, 2008)
Even worse, there are countless ways to die or mess up in the game, and it's not always obvious what can make Zack kick the bucket. And sometimes you might mess up simply by using or losing an item at the wrong time. Lots of trial and error here. This wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for the fact that, if you die, you have to start the stage all over again. You can buy hints and extra lives to keep you in the level, but they get increasingly expensive each time you buy them. Luckily, most stages in the game are pretty short, so it doesn't take too long to retrace your steps. But if you're up to the challenge, Zack & Wiki is still a real treasure of a game.
Game Critics (Feb 22, 2008)
Overall, this is a very fun and slightly quirky game, with a definite challenge to it. The look and sound puts me in mind of Powerstone from my beloved Dreamcast; and although Zak & Wiki lacks the fast-paced smack-talk-inducing gameplay of its stablemate, it's got a lot of charm and style in its own unique way. I don't see this as a game with replay value, because once the puzzles are solved, it's generally too tedious to try and solve them faster in order to score more points. Yet the first travel through is a fun one, provided the player has a little bit of patience or persistence. I'm glad I had a chance to learn that colorful scorpions and nighttime bats could be put to industrious uses when in a predicament!
Game Valor (Aug 18, 2008)
There’s plenty to see and do, and if you particularly enjoy adventure games then Zack & Wiki is a definite must buy. It’s harder to recommend the game to someone not interested in adventure games, but I’m still fairly confident that there’s something unique and fun to find here. Give it a try.
80 (Jan 17, 2008)
Plus qu'un simple jeu d'aventure point'n click à la Wiimote, Zack & Wiki donne au genre une approche plus moderne, plus dynamique et plus novatrice que ce qu'on a déjà pu voir dans cette catégorie. Le nombre et la diversité des interactions possibles donnent une saveur toute particulière à la progression, l'humour omniprésent et le charme inimitable des personnages faisant le reste. A la fois pertinent et audacieux, le soft de Capcom est un coup de génie qui saura séduire une grande majorité des joueurs.
Cubed3 (Feb 03, 2008)
Zack & Wiki definitely has the potential to be a rip-roaringly fun series on Wii if Capcom next time chooses to flesh out the story more and refine the control system even more. But for now what we have is still a downright enjoyable adventure/puzzle romp that has one or two minor niggles that could very well put many players off, but will remain fun in the long-run. Definitely be sure to give this a whirl to experience one of the most unique Wii games released so far.
Computer Bild Spiele (Feb 06, 2008)
Eine frische Spielidee, deren fröhlich-bunte Comicpräsentation über den hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad hinwegtäuscht. Wer gerne knifflige Rätsel löst, wird „gut“ bedient.
Game Positive (Nov 09, 2007)
Zack & Wiki is a great game for the Wii. Capcom really focused on what makes the Wii special and built a game from the ground up to take advantage of its capabilities. The graphics and sound both hold a high standard, and the gameplay is both fun and rewarding. While the experience may be a bit on the short side, there is some replay value. Puzzles can be tackled from a different angle, or played again for higher scores. With a console that has far too few quality titles, Zack & Wiki may just be what Wii owners needed.
However, this game is frustrating as often as it's fun, and at times the Wii control features seem to be doing little more than making the gameplay sloppier and less exact than it should be. It's an interesting concept that could have been used a bit more polish.
Netjak (Dec 18, 2007)
At times, the play control can be a bit wonky, but overall Zack & Wiki is a solid addition to the point and click adventure genre. Moreover, the game shows that you can make a good one for a console, or at least this console. However, I feel like this game is condemned to failure. It's in a genre that is not nearly as popular as it once was. It's on a platform where nobody playing the genre is looking. Plus, unfortunately, it's not quite so good as to convince newcomers that it's worth becoming a fan of the genre. The problem is that Zack & Wiki is a great game for only a very small minority of gamers. It's a shame that more won't get to play it, for two reasons. One, I enjoy point and click adventures and I'd love to see more for consoles. Two, as solid a game as Zack & Wiki is, it'd be neat to show people that it can get even better than this, and I'm afraid most people won't ever find out.
AusGamers (Feb 26, 2008)
If you can look past (and even embrace) the game’s unique look and feel, there’s plenty of meat here for puzzle junkies. Controlling Zack can sometimes be a nightmare, but if you like your games a bit slower-paced, you won’t really have that issue. It’s actually pretty challenging and as a result, quite charming. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Wii owners looking for something that actually utilises the console’s strengths will no doubt get a real kick out of this – for everyone else, there’s still the option to hire, but at the end of the day, it’s great to see a string development house that isn’t Nintendo looking to flex some creative muscle on the Wii. Kudos Capcom.
Diehard GameFan (Nov 01, 2007)
It’s not a perfect game, but it scores where it counts: it’s really fun! Oh, and it’s beautiful too. It’s a great effort from Capcom, it’s truly original and despite its shortcomings, I still have to recommend it. The game looks like nothing on the outside, but it’s been a while since I have played a game so challenging. Thumbs up!
Nintendo Spin (Dec 10, 2007)
I feel bad about giving this game such a low score. Believe me, I really do. Zack & Wiki isn't like all the other crap that gets put on Wii. It's a charming, original IP built specifically with the hardware in mind and is chock-full of style and other good ideas. But there's one glaring problem--and it's a big problem--that keeps this from being entirely recommendable: Zack & Wiki is too damn frustrating. It's not a "tough as nails, turns little boys into grown men" kind of frustrating, either. This is all about cheap deaths and having to repeat menial tasks. I'm sure there are people out there who really dig such trial-and-error gameplay. If that's your forte, go nuts. May all your dreams come true. I, on the other hand, can't stomach that. Therefore, Zack & Wiki gets a hesitant thumbs down from me.
Adventure Gamers (Jan 21, 2008)
While not spectacular as a game in and of itself, the gameplay innovations it presents to the adventure genre might make it worth a try.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 13, 2008)
Zack and Wiki is a unique title for patient gamers looking for a thought-provoking challenge. If that describes you, bump up the score by one letter. Others should proceed with caution.

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