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The Wild Thornberrys: Rambler is a collection of themed mini-games based on the Nickelodeon cartoon. Each mini-game represents a different continent on a map of the world and features a different characters. Each game starts by giving the players three lives but additional lives can be picked up by collecting bonus items, the games are:
  • Eliza’s Ice Hopper: Set in the well known region of 'Europe and the Arctic' this mouse controlled game features the character Eliza. She starts the game on an ice island around which circle smaller floating chunks of ice. Her task is to hop from one piece of ice to another, locate a baby animal and then transport it to its mother. As the player progresses the levels become harder with unstable and cracking chunks of ice, polar bears, and whales whose spouts of water can knock her into the water. There are also bonus items such as film canisters and insulated bottles on some ice floes which score bonus points and parkas which give extra lives.

  • Darwin’s Another Vine Mess: Set in South America this game features Darwin the monkey. The task is to swing from vine to vine collecting food, fruit and shirts stolen by the local monkeys. Contact with another monkey makes Darwin fall off and costs a life. As the game progresses the levels become harder with slippery vines, more monkeys to avoid, crocodiles and flying toucans that drop coconuts from above.

  • Donnie’s Bug Quest: Donnie’s wandering around the African Savannah looking for a bugs to eat. The object is to guide him around the screen until all bugs have been collected. As the game progresses the levels become harder and introduce a puzzle element with rocks that must be moved out of the way in the correct order so Donnie can reach the last few bugs. Other obstacles such as warthogs and lions will cost a life if encountered but there are bonus items picking up canteens earns extra lives and film canisters score bonus points.

  • Debbie’s Monkey Chaser: Debbie’s CDs have been stolen by monkeys in Asia so she goes chasing them armed with a bottle of shampoo, (everyone knows monkeys hate to be squirted with shampoo). The object is to search the screens looking for the CD while squirting monkeys who come after you. Bonus items here are bananas which give extra turns or, if Debbie gets caught, can be used to bribe a monkey into letting her go, film canisters score bonus points and puddles refill the shampoo bottle.

  • Nigel’s Boomerang Tango: Nigel's after poachers in this shooting game. The poacher is on one side of the dock and Nigel is on the other. They throw boomerangs at each other and if the either one's hat gets knocked off they fall into the water. If enough poachers get knocked into the water the animal is released. Bonus items here are boomerangs which give more turns, and sardines and film canisters for extra points.
All the games are controlled with the arrow keys except Eliza’s Ice Hopper which is mouse controlled and Nigel’s Boomerang Tango which uses both the mouse and keyboard.


The Wild Thornberrys: Rambler Windows Another Vine Mess<br>Any contact with another monkey drops Darwin in the water and costs a life. Film canisters like the one in the upper right score bonus points
The Wild Thornberrys: Rambler Windows Nigel's Boomerang Tango<br>The mouse aims Nigel's boomerang, remember to aim at the hat<br>Left/Right arrows move Nigel. The red boomerang in the centre gives an extra life
The Wild Thornberrys: Rambler Windows When the player loses all their lives Debbie appears and comments before the final score is revealed
The Wild Thornberrys: Rambler Windows Eliza's Ice Hopper<br>Here she is about to pick up the baby animal

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