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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS:
    The most interesting and innovative text/graphic adventure to date.

    ...the Flight Simulator II of the great outdoors.

    Durable entertainment, challenging and realistic.

    ...tests the cunning of even the most woods-wise outdoorsmen.

    One of the best educational software packages of the year.
    SCIENCE 86

    Wilderness' dynamic topographic maps are primary sources of navigation information in this survival adventure simulation. Journeys can take place at 10 levels of difficulty: the more torturous the trek, the more rugged the terrain.

    Pangraphics’, Winderness' 3-dimensional graphics generating system, actually draws scenes as the adventurer's point of view changes. Scan the horizon for a full 360 degrees and survey the surrounding landscape for 50 miles in all directions.

    Your plane has crashed in a remote region of the Sierra Nevada mountain range. Rescue? Forget it. You're on your own. Your only chance of surviving is to reach a distant ranger station. But first, you must determine your location using real navigation techniques, pack your supplies, and prepare for the dangers ahead.

    Your journey is made arduous by harsh weather, rough terrain, wild animals, extreme physical demands, and your own lack of experience in sustaining yourself in the wilds.

    And your survival depends on your own common sense, quick wits, stamina, knowledge of survival techniques, and at least a little luck.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66516) on Sep 27, 2004.