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Williams Arcade Classics Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

This is the first of the game's title screens.
There's a short animates sequence which simulates walking into a games arcade. There are three machines here and three in the back room
The scruffy bit of paper on the floor is a list of shortcut keys. The 'Backroom' sign takes the player to the other machines. The black sun brings up the games credits and the 'Exit' sign - exits
These are the machines in the back room
This is the start of Bubbles. All games start with an Options bar that allows the player to customise keys and so on
The Bubbles game in progress
The Bubbles help screen.
The Defender II start screen
All games have high score tables with the kind of score that takes some beating.
Defender II looks pretty much as I remember it
This is a game of Sinistar in progress
This is Defender, very like Defender II of course but with less detail on the ship and on the ground
This is a shot from the first wave of Joust
Robotron 2084 has a significant number of action keys
A game of Robotron 2084 in progress

Game.Com version

Title screen.
Welcome to the arcade!
Beware, I live!
Ye olde Joust.

Genesis version

Game Selection
Colorful Credits
Game menu
Robotron: 2084
Second stage
Defender II
The ship still goes down in a huge explosion.

PlayStation version

Title screen
Options menu
Joust with two players
Robotron instructions
Robotron - Game over
Defender title screen
Defender - Rescuing a hostage.
Defender 2 - Teleporter
Sinistar instructions
Sinistar death
Sinistar game over
Bubbles title screen
Bubbles - Collecting drops of water.
Bubbles - Open faucet
Bubbles - Razor blade
History of Defender

SNES version

Title screen.
Select your classical game here. The past is alive!
The first game is Defender, a shooter game in space.
Your sequence, Defender II, has some little changes, but is basically the same game.
In Joust, you must jump in the enemies and catch the eggs freed for them.
Ostrich without rider (Joust)
One enemy is dead, his bird runs away (Joust)
Fighting in the air. (Joust)
Flames! (Joust)
Robotron has a futuristic sense. But forget this and kill all the enemies!
There are many enemies to kill. (Robotron)
Just one shot... (Robotron)
Sinistar is other shooter game in space. The difference: you can rotate the ship!
I missed him (Sinistar)
Trying to hit the rock (Sinistar)