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Arc of Doom Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The game starts with an animated sequence. Deep in space a character asks his minion, 'What's that planet out there?' Shades of Ming the Merciless, methinks
The introductory video sequence continues with scenes of global disaster and ends with the Redmond Institute, an organisation dedicated to ecology and Earth studies
The game's main menu
The start of a new game and the player must enter some details, no-one says they have to be accurate
In-game and this is the main menu when the player is in the Redmond Institute. The game starts with a summary of the latest crisis. All other hotspots can be interrogate by clicking on them
After looking at the latest crises the player gets a lengthy briefing. As the new director it is the player's job to continue the work of the missing Alpha team.
The most important screen in the game. The player can enter anything here but if they do not enter the code from the manual they will be blocked later in the game when security codes are needed
After entering their security code the player sets their characteristics. These are assigned randomly but the player can repeatedly reassign them until they get a satisfactory result
Once skill points have been assigned the player can tweak them
The game has a database of earth related information. Reading through this will increase the player's science points. There is a lot of it and it includes videos.
The personnel files include photos, biographies, and details of individual skills. This is FIS, he's an android and he's automatically assigned to Beta team
The Secret Files contain all the reports from the missing Alpha Team. This shows a piece of physical evidence that the player can access. This is how the player interacts with the game world
So the game has started and this message appears on screen. It leads to the player's first major plot choice
Here is the player's first major plot choice. Remember that in this game the player can die so at places like this a game save is a good idea
How cool is this? A mobile phone / ray-gun combination, (it comes in a glove so you can't shoot a hole in your hand). The player must score well in target practice before they're allowed in the field
Having picked their team the player sets off on their mission which, in this case, did not go well. Remember the earlier comments about saving the game...