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Bad Toys Windows 3.x Company logo (Version 1.91).


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Developed by
Written by  :  Mr. Me (34)
Written on  :  Nov 14, 2003

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The Good

...This is one of the most oddball games I've played in my life.

I don't know why I decided to suddenly return to do THIS review, but here it is. Bad Toys is exactly as I just said. You see, the graphics are horrible, worse than Wolf3d in fact. The guns you hold directly in front of you get continually weirder and weirder, at one point looking like, as a friend told me, like an elephant's trunk...or another part of it's anatomy, if you get my meaning. Navigating around is a little confusing at first, due to proportions and...distances, I guess, being way off, but after some time playing, it became a consistently fun experience!...

The enemies are messed up as hell, ranging from sticky purple balls or whatever they were to wooden clown puppets armed with shotguns. This leads to probably the best part of the game, as you go around wandering the factory when suddenly out of nowhere you hear a hilarious evil laugh in the background. There is also wierd red "enemies" in corners that not only can you not hurt, but they can't hurt YOU! Hahaha, power!

While Bad Toys is not particularly violent, it does contain a twisted form of nudity...a picture on the wall of extremely cartoonish breasts.

The Bad

The damn thing is in a small window! Argh, how annoying! Besides that, the game is only something like 4 levels.

The Bottom Line

While somewhat select taste, Bad Toys is a very enjoyable and extremely strange addition to the "3d" shooter genre...enjoy!...