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The Bizarre Adventures of Woodruff and the Schnibble Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

In the beginning...
Professor Azimuth and Woodruff
The bad guy!
The credits screen
At home
The stairs street
The bar of friendship
Hey!? This is the title screen! Woops, that 'A' is about to fall...
the temple entrance
talking to the king (hum... nice statue)
traveled back in time just to pose for a statue
talking to professor Azimuth
working at the factory (this hat must be defective)
at the House of Happiness (I think the entire development team is here)
in Coh Cott's room (nice dog)
all the wisemen are back at the council chamber
I should have found this transporting device sooner
Wrong feet!
Woodruff and a Buzuk prostitute
A sect
Woodruff on the dance floor, yeah !
Game Over, Woodruff turn evil
President Woodruff
A look on the city from outside
For some reason, when running the game in ScummVM, I had all different subtitle problems, such as subtitles appearing in the French version...
...not changing, shown in the wrong colour (yellow for interlocutor), or changing too fast...
Looking for the Health Wiseman - a shooter game parody.
The memorial at present time.
Woodruff suddenly drops into High Morals Club and loses his clothes! ;)
Plant a seed in the waterless fountain to have a flamboyant flower grow.
A much better view of Woodruff on the dancefloor. He dances kazachok, Scottish dance with bagpipes, step dance, disco...
The final confrontation with Bigwig!