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Blue Ice Credits (Windows 3.x)

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Blue Ice Credits


ProgrammingRichard L. Yapp, Carol Nudds
GraphicsRichard L. Yapp, Carol Nudds
SoundRichard L. Yapp, Carol Nudds
DesignRichard L. Yapp, Carol Nudds
Story & PoetryCarol Nudds
Additional ProgrammingWalter Bayer, Neil Dodwell
ActorsHollie Nudds, Teresa Simonelli, Lucy Smith, Bradley Whale, Will Yapp
UK Product ExecutiveDawn Williams
UK PR ExecutiveJane Hickey
UK Trade Marketing ExecutiveDawn Lambert
French Product ManagerThierry Genre
French PR ExecutiveBenoite Lavie
German Product ManagerSabine Westenberger
German PR ExecutiveIngo Zaborowski
German Trade Marketing ManagerJanice Zima
International Product ExecutivesDawn Williams, Jane Hickey
International PR ManagerCarolyn Seager
Materials Co‑OrdinatorsKelly Evans, Lorna Owen
Manual and Packaging DesignAnthony Roberts
Manual and Packaging TextCarol Nudds
Manual EditorHuw Thomas
Voice and Music ProductionPhilip Morris
Studio FacilitiesSwallow Studios; Cheshire, Sound Company; London
Speech EditingPC Music Ltd.
English VoicesTom Conti, Ron Meadows, Judy Holt
German VoicesMartin Arnhold, Wolfgang Becker, Ellen Schulz
French VoicesEvelyn Celerien, Philippe Monet, Philippe Smolikowski
Spanish VoicesMarisa Benlloch, Miguel Penranda, Carlos Riera
ProducerRichard Baxter
Executive ProducerSteven Riding
Business AffairsJamie Ingram, Emma Quinn
QA ManagerFeargus Carroll
TestersRichard John Yandle, Jenny Newby
Intro VideoSteve Gilbert
Windows ConversionJim Finnis

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Credits for this game were contributed by MegamanX64 (16064)