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BrainWave 2 Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

In 2013 the shareware game starts with this warning that the game is out of date. This is not a problem as it still plays.
After displaying a brief, and optional, help screen the game progresses to this where the player has the option of buying the full game or playing the shareware version.
There are three scenarios to choose from, each with its own class of nanobot invader. Only Reptilica is available in the shareware release.
The first wave of nanobots in the Reptilica scenario
The player who has not read the game documentation may mistake the crystals for mines and try to avoid them which is a bad idea.
The 'Game Over' screen is nothing special.
Here there's no ship on screen. That's because the player has lost a life and all the crystals that have been collected are being scattered.
The end of the first wave and fifteen crystals have been collected. Time to go shopping!
These are the power ups that are available for purchase
Wave four is in play and this screen shot shows the newly purchased tractor beam automatically grabbing a nearby crystal.
Game over but a high score has been attained.
The high score table. This is displayed when the player attains a score worthy of being recorded, it can also be accessed via the menu bar.
The keyboard controls can be configured. This is another feature that is accessed via the menu bar.
The shareware 'nag screen' that is shown on exit.