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Burn:Cycle Credits


Game Directed byDavid Collier
Produced byDavid Collier
Visual Direction byOlaf Wendt
Technical Direction byGraham Deane
Written byEitan Arrusi
Directed byEitan Arrusi
Original MusicSimon Boswell
Thanks toJon Piesing, London Video Access, Paul Clarke, Kevin Porter, Julian Lynn-Evans, Liza Clary, Eric Lux, Tina Kibodeaux, Neil Jones-Cubley, David Stein, Paul Newell, Kelly Kaufman
Special Thanks toFrans Penders, Jake Hagopian, Kris Aelterman, Patrick Indestege, Howard Soroka, Chris Dudas, Product testing in Belgium and the US

Actors in order of appearance

CutterAaron Swartz
KrisViva Duce
GalaAbigail Canton
DocWilliam Marsh
ZipRichard Hanson
DealeyDavid Stern
BuddhaIndra Sinha
RageRobert Whitson
VielliSam Cox
Female CutterTanya Pohlkotte
Hotel AgentPeter Leckie
Taiwanese PiratesMinh Minh Ngo, Ryo Inoue
BarwomanClaudia Frutiger
Roulette PlayersEitan Arrusi, Rob Le Quesne
Orange ManNick Clark
Additional VoicesBuffy Davis
Televerse AdvertsRupert Burdett, Ruth Gibson, David Jones, Bruno Martelli, Joe Mattey, Jeremy Quinn, Rachel Sanders, Joe Stephenson, James Stevens, Miho Tambo, Michael Wynter
GuardsDani Arrusi, Liam Corner, Danny Earl, Chris Oades, Tomas Roope, Patrick Tichy
ExtrasKumi Akiyoshi, Jacob Algreen-Ussing, Conrad Allen, James Chercoff, David Collier, Dominic Green, David Jones, Matt Laniado, Florence Lowenthal, Rachel Meyrick, Christine Peacock, Luke Pendrell, Sophie Pendrell, Andy Polaine, Jonny Raven, Ben Reddings, M. C. Reddings

Shoot Crew

Production ManagerEitan Arrusi
Line ProducerMichael Tomkins
Camera/LightingConner Connoly
First Assistant DirectorSadu Fisher
Sound RecordistNick Walker
SparksGary Owen
Make‑UpKim Menzies
Costume Design and stylingGavin Fernandez, Ryo Inoue
Additional CostumesBoom Cortina, Anell Takach, Whittaker-Malem , Pael Cooper, Suzanne Lee, The Original Fifi Lambshtrumph, P.I.L.
Prop MasterPatrick Bill
Model MakerMike Fairbrass
Set PhotographerPatrick Tichy
Studio ManagerPeter Patching
Production AssistantsRupert Burdett, Christina , Nick Clark, Liam Corner, Ashley Hampton, David Jones, Rob Le Quesne, Sophie Pendrell
Publicity VideoFlorence Lowenthal
CarpenterTed Chamberlaine
Casting DirectorJeremy Zimmerman
Casting AssistantAndrea Clark
CateringDog Boy Productions
Camera Equipment byPCL, MIR
Lighting Equipment byAFM
Grip Equipment byBritish Turntables
Post Production Beta SP byREW

Second Unit

DirectorRob Le Quesne
Assistant DirectorTomas Roope
SoundPaul James
CameraDavid Jones
StoryboardsLuke Pendrell

English CD-I Production Team

Project ManagersEitan Arrusi, David Collier
Multimedia DesignJeremy Quinn
Special EffectsJeremy Quinn
2D and 3D GraphicsJeremy Quinn
Digital MatchingJeremy Quinn
Special Effects GraphicsTomas Roope
Production AssistantRob Le Quesne
Trainee OperatorAshley Hampton
Line ManagerDana Hanna
Game DirectorDavid Collier
ProducerDavid Collier
Original PrototypeDavid Collier
Interface DesignDavid Collier
Visual DirectorOlaf Wendt
Technical DirectorGraham Deane
WriterEitan Arrusi
DirectorEitan Arrusi
Original Story StructureEitan Arrusi
EditingEitan Arrusi
Additional FX AnimationJoe Stephenson
Script ConsultantMike Jay

3D Unit

DirectionOlaf Wendt
DesignOlaf Wendt
Production ManagementOlaf Wendt
Design/Model AnimationRussell Tickner
Modeling/MatchingEvan Davies
Additional ModelingSteve Hubbard

Technical Production

Runtime and Production SoftwareGraham Deane
Script language design and programmingDavid Collier
Video Production SoftwareIan Horne
Disc Building SoftwareMark Wilson
Video Sequencing softwareRupert Henry
Sequence BuilderRob Le Quesne
CD‑I BuildTomas Roope

Sound Design

Sound MixerAlex Boyesen
Sound AssistantHarris Charalambis
Spot EffectsAlex Boyesen, Andy Polaine, Jeremy Quinn, Tomas Roope

Philips Black Mariah Conversion Team

ProducerDana Hanna
PC ProgrammerWalter Hunt
Macintosh ProgrammerAndrew Fisher
Cross Platform Software Build SystemBrent Burley, Ken Ellinwood, Lex Van Sonderen

Mac/PC Asset Production

Mac/PC Asset ProductionDavid Ehlers, Rantz A. Hoseley, Brenda Long-Brown, Ken Murphy, Nino Rodriguez, Julie Van Uchelen

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80151)