The Cassandra Galleries Ad Blurbs (Windows 3.x)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of box - Windows/Windows 3.1/MAC (US):
    Unlock the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of renowned media tycoon William Cassandra and his beautiful daughter, Maya. Journey through the Cassandra mansion and dimensions beyond in a quest to find the truth. Using keen logic skills and the knowledge you'll gather during your search, you can solve the baffling mystery and free Maya.


    • Navigate virtual worlds with logic as your guide
    • Includes 2 CD ROMs filled with stunning 3D graphics and animations
    • Solve 49 challenging puzzles
    • Experience the drama firsthand through live video sequence
    • Enjoy an original soundtrack by award-winning musicians

    Contributed by monkeyislandgirl (8702) on Nov 04, 2005.