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Atari 50

Castle of the Winds I: A Question of Vengeance Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

This level was released as shareware and it starts with a shareware reminder screen
The title screen
An extensive help file accompanies the game. The Overview section can be accessed from the title screen. It can be accessed from within the game too
The character creation process. The blue bar on the extreme left shows the available distribution points. It decreases as the attribute sliders are increased
The character creation process. After assigning distribution points the character can be assigned a spell
The game starts in a village
The inventory screen. When in a store the player drags and drops items in and out of the named cells on the left
After all the neat buildings this one stands out, wonder why
Aha! We've discovered our home farm, or what's left of it, and we've advanced the story
There's lots hidden away under the menu bar
The game has a manual save function