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Castle of the Winds Windows 3.x The graphics left quite a bit to the imagination..


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    The second game has almost twice as many levels as the first, plus a final confrontation with the malevolent god who has been after your head! You can even carry forward your character from the first game, and continue your adventures in a quest to reclaim the throne that is rightfully yours! The second game has new monsters who will attempt to thwart your quest, including fire-breathing dragons, boulder-lobbing giants, elementals, devils, and foul undead creatures from beyond the grave! But of course there are also new and more powerful enchanted objects to help you, such as Swords of Dragon Slaying, Giant Slaying, and Wound Healing, Wands of Fireball and Transmogrify Monster, Staves of Healing and Identify, and dozens more items you'll discover as you play! It's well worth the $25 registration fee, and in addition, you'll get a hint sheet with tips and tricks on how to defeat the evil denizens of the lower realms. As a special bonus you'll also get a free disk of the latest releases from Epic Megagames!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66480) on Jan 06, 2009.