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Castle of the Winds Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The graphics left quite a bit to the imagination..
About to leave the little farming village and head out on adventure
Your Character's Inventory screen
Ooops, maybe I should read the manual again
The village of Bjarnarhaven. (Running on Windows 7)
The character screen. (Running on Windows 7)
Map (Running on Windows 7)
Customizing the spell menu. (Running on Windows 7)
Looking in the spellbook, for spells not in the spell menu. (Running on Windows 7)
The town of Crossroads. (Running on Windows 7)
A bit of story. (Running on Windows 7)
Not many choices on level up. (Running on Windows 7)
Tough crowd! But nice to be able to use Map Level scrolls at least. (Running on Windows 7)
Not much of a victory screen, but a victory nevertheless. (Running on Windows 7)
This is how the game appeared in Epic's 1992 catalogue