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Back of Box - Win3.x (US/Portugal):
    A "nuclear holocaust" has made life hell on earth! Kat, chopper pilot turned survivalist, has only one hope for escape: a waiting helicopter on the roof of Generalissimo Minh's maximum security facility. That's where YOU come in. From your fully-equipped control center, you share Kat's view via a headset mounted camera. As Kat's eyes, ears and sixth sense, you help direct her to safety...that is, if the tempermental heroine opts to take your advice!

    Gritty...intense...super realistic!
    Together, you negotiate scene after scene of killers, mutants, traps and high-explosive surprises. To survive, you've got to gain Kat's trust. Warn her of fast-approaching dangers. Act fast, or she'll make her own decisions! Solve riddles. Engineer a fast escape...or it's "Game Over"!

    "This isn't a game... they're going to KILL me!"
    • A new level of CD-ROM realism and excitement
    • Lifelike, 3-D motion video - like starring in your own action movie!
    • "Human intelligence" programming makes Kat come alive: a person with moods, fears, morale...and an attitude!
    • Fluid interaction via voice and mouse commands.
    • The ultimate multimedia gaming experience.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76516) on Apr 27, 2007.