Critical Path Credits


StarringEileen Weisinger (Kat)
Executive Director and ConceptMark Giambruno
Lead ProgrammerDrew Vinciguerra
Mac ConversionBritt Peddie
Lead Modeler/AnimatorEric Chadwick
Lead Artist/MapperLaure Hainke
DirectorGene Thomas
ProducerAnne Sandkuhler
ScreenplayNed Miller
Executive Producer Media VisionMin Yee
Executive ProducersJohn Evershed, Deirdre O'Malley
Stock PhotographyTom Atwood
Critical Path ThemeJim Lively (Engineering), Phil Milner (Guitar), Kirsten Turrigiano (Bass), William Zelinski (Drums)
VIE Quality Assurance DirectorDavid Maxey
VIE Quality AssuranceStacey Mendoza, Jon Williams
MusicHer House Productions
SoundHer House Productions
Producer German VersionBill Niemeyer
Critical Path Theme Music "Kat Attack" composed byHer House Productions
Uses Video Display Technique Quicktime for Windows byApple Computer Inc.
Uses Video Compression Technique Supermatch Cinepak Codec bySupermac Technologies
Special EffectsPYROMANIA!
A special effects disc ofVCE Inc.


QA ManagerGraeme Bayless
Lead TesterThomas MacDevitt
TestingBrian Lowe, Matthew Vella, Sean House

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