Dark Seed II Credits

Published and Created by CYBERDREAMS, INC.

Based on the fantastic artwork ofH. R. Giger
Written byRaymond Benson
Designed byRaymond Benson
Story ConsultantJohn Shirley
Additional DialogueKeith Herber
ProducerDavid Mullich
Art Director, Dark WorldPeter Delgado
Art Director, Normal WorldJeffrey Hilbers
MarketingAndrew Balzer, Daniel Pelli, MGM Interactive
SalesAndrew Balzer, Daniel Pelli, MGM Interactive
Quality Assurance ManagerJohn G. Fair Jr.
Lead TestDaniel Lee
TesterChris Klug
Technical Review BoardMichael G. Buscher, Jani Peltonen
Music CompositionMark Morgan
Music Arrangement & ProductionDavid B. Schultz
Voice Casting & DirectionVirtual Casting
Voice Recording & DigitizingCheshire Multimedia Sound
ProductionMichael G. Buscher
DocumentationMichael G. Buscher
Packaging DesignBright & Associates

Programming, Art and Sound Effects by DESTINY SOFTWARE PRODUCTIONS, INC.

ProgrammersWilliam C. W. Tsui, Bo Yang
3‑D Artist/AnimatorsGregg Haggman, J. J. Gonzales, Chris Gilbert
2‑D Artists/AnimatorsJeff Buchwitz, Patrick Arce, Rolando Espinoza
Clean‑Up ArtistsCathy Burton, Emily Lo, Lee Patterson
Development ProducerSteve Vestergaard
Development DirectorMichael Hiebert
Photography ModelsChris Gilbert (as Mike Dawson), Patrick Arce (as Carnival Barker #1), J. J. Gonzales (as Carnival Barker #2), Gregg Haggman (as Carnival Barker #3), Jeff Buchwitz (as Deputy Brown), Michael Hiebert (as Sheriff Butler), Manjit Bedi (as Carnival Clown), Richard Bradbury (as Paul Cooper), Bernice Bull (as Mrs. Dawson), Danny Hiebert (as Young Mike Dawson), Erik Vestergaard (as Mayor Irving Fleming), Cathy Burton (as Melissa Fleming), Dan Johnson (as FBI Agent Gannon), Chaz Green (as Jimmy Gardner), John Andal (as Gargan the Strongman), Abe Hiebert (as Hank), Devin Isaak (as Jack), John Hiebert (as Doc Larson), Beverley Jane Clowes (as Minnie & Daisy), Karla Cummins (as Pandora), Gina Vestergaard (as Mrs. Ramirez), Sarah Stone (as Rita Scanlon), Lou Bouthot (as Dr. Jethro Sims), Steve Vestergaard (as Slim)

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (52115) and SupSuper (1925)