D/Generation Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Start screen (SVGA)
Title screen (SVGA)
Setting the scene (SVGA)
Background (SVGA)
Introduction stills (SVGA)
Intro: The plot thickens (SVGA)
Coming in for a landing (SVGA)
In the lobby -- so far, so good (SVGA)
Why is the receptionist hiding behind her desk? (SVGA)
Conversation (SVGA)
Leading survivors to the exits (SVGA)
You want it sooner, build a higher landing pad! (SVGA)
Blown away! (SVGA)
Got what I need... but what about the guy? (SVGA)
Dialogue selection (SVGA)
Through that locked gate! (SVGA)
And I don't know what company I'd trust more there! (SVGA)
Getting garbled stepping on an electrified floor plate (SVGA)
Invincible enemies follow pre-set paths... gotta just suss out the gaps and run through then! (SVGA)
Ricocheting my laser shots (SVGA)
And up I go, twirling through the vacuum tube, into the next level (SVGA)
B/Generation organisms -- ominous blue cylinders. What are they going to do, roll over me? (SVGA)
I must say I did not see that one coming (SVGA)
An A/Generation drone, a red ball, engulfs me like a Rover from The Prisoner (SVGA)
Equipment and stats display (SVGA)
Inventory display (SVGA)
Blowing up the gate with a grenade... and myself, not having taken cover. Drat! (SVGA)
The grenade is primed and I'm safely tucked away (SVGA)
Teleporting (SVGA)
It was big of them to warn me (SVGA)