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Dracula in London Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

The title screen featuring Dracula and his new vampire bride Mina
Searching for clues to the count's location
Equip your slayers with holy weapons
The adventure game interface
Seek out and destroy Dracula's places of rest
Dracula's lairs are in serious need of pest control
Sometimes Reinfeld can be somewhat less than helpful
Search news reports for signs of Dracula's presence
Just your average portent of doom
Dracula eliminates Reinfeld
Bad news
Harker and co. screw up big time
Gee Mina, thats a new look for you...
A painful decision
If you wimp out, Helsing and Harker don't fare so well
Staking Mina
Mina's soul at peace
Another possible scenario which follows the book more closely
Failing to slay Dracula means bad things for all concerned
The final battle
Dracula recoils from the crucifix
The best ending is rather tough to get