Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong Nou Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

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Windows 3.x version

Title Screen
Rin's lost his soul
Yashiro lends Rin a temporary soul
Off to Tong-Nou
Tong-Nou - based on the likeness of designer Osamu Sato
Exploring Tong-Nou
Fang-shing may give you clues
The Land of Life (Ming-ken)
The marketplace from a distance
The Phantom Marketplace (Hou-ang)
Some puzzles can be solved with alternative items from the marketplace
Tong-Nou Illustrated Book
Show-mi from the Land of Desire
Fang-shing in the forest
The place where Fang-shing was born
The Tree of Life (Mingke-shu)
The King of Mig-ken
Ga-show transports you to the top or bottom of the tower
Ying and Yang, the twins