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Exile II: Crystal Souls Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

Splash screen
Start menu
Display preferences
Selecting some advantages and disadvantages.
Fine-tuning my skills.
Choosing a character avatar.
Betcha knew I was going to call him that, didn't you?
Forming a party.
Introduction -- but where do I fit into things?
Stock party supplied with game.
The saga begins...
Starting location
Leaving my room. Line-of-sight hallway!
That's a big window for such a short message.
Adventurers only want to talk about one thing...
What is this, Soko-Ban?
Time to blow this popsicle stand...
Wandering the overland map.
Looks like a dungeon entrance over yonder!
This dungeon is unlit!
Decisions, decisions...
How helpful. But how many miles do we get to the gallon here?
What's over here? Bet it's dangerous!
Party unpacking for combat.
Party in the thick of combat, poisoned and webbed.
Ooh, a magic glowing door! Unfortunately for me... blocked.
Things don't look good for our heroes.
Game over!
Game comes bundled with its own editor! How awesome is that?
Just like Escape from the Pit, Exile II was initially released with a completely different set of hand-drawn graphics.
Viewing character traits. Crystal Souls introduced playable Nephilim and Slithzerikai characters, and also traits that modify individual character abilities.
Picking up your equipment.
The party hasn't left the starting fort yet, but there's already a combat encounter!
Fighting Nephilim raiders.
The caves outside the fort.