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The Improv Presents: Don't Quit Your Day Job Credits


Executive ProducersLaura Cohen, Budd Friedman, Mark Lonow
ProducerJonah Koslen
Written byJon Boni, Claudia Lonow, Ron Richards
Technical Director/EngineerMarco Gonzalez
Art Director/Photoshop ArtistChristopher Otcasek
Audio Engineer/ Incidental Music and Sound DesignDan Powers
Project ManagerStephan Fopeano
Associate ProducerSteve Bradbury
CastAndrea Abbate (as Comic's Table), Max Alexander (as Abe Yoder), Gerry Bednob (as Gupta Ghandi), Johnny Dark (as Johnny K. Producer), Sully Diaz (as Sari Ghandi), Bruce Fine (as Dolan Delatorre), Budd Friedman (as himself), Monty Hoffman (as Insult Comic), Meleney Humphrey (as Trudy, the Hatcheck Girl), Kyle Hunter (as Gameshow Host), Andy Kindler (as Former Talent Scout), Steven Kravitz (as Limo Driver), Scott LaRose (as Comic's Table), Claudia Lonow (as Shirly Felcker), Mark Lonow (as The Silent Partner), Bill Maher (as Comic's Table), John Mendoza (as Comic's Table), Diane Nichols (as Angela Anders), Rhonda Shear (as Comic's Table), Christopher Spencer (as Tyler Livingston II)
Stand‑Up Performances byAndrea Abbate, Jimmy Aleck, JoAnne Astrow, Rick Ducommon, Mike Dugan, Wayne Federman, David Feldman, David Gee, Geechy Guy, Sheila Kaye, Suzanne Krull, George Lopez, Henriette Mantel, Barry Marder, Pam Mattison, Carey Oades, Jackson Perdue, Gene Pompa, John Ridley, Jason Stuart, Greg Travis
Special Appearances bySteven Allen, Michael Rappaport, Joe Walsh

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