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Klik & Play Screenshots (Windows 3.x)

User Screenshots

Windows 3.x version

When the package has loaded the user / player is presented with a play or create menu. The menu displays the user id and the package serial no which have been obscured in this shot
This is the menu of the supplied games. Each game's name is displayed as the mouse pointer passes over it
Game 1 : Gracillis V This is the load screen
Game 1 : Gracillis V An in-game screen shot. This is an arcade space shooter
Game 2 - Hungry Hedgehogs
Game 2 - Hungry Hedgehogs This is near the end. To answer this sum Player 2 will click on hedgehog 3.
Game 2 - Hungry Hedgehogs The end of the game. The numbered hedgehogs smile and bounce up & down while player 2 gets to eat the worm
Game 3 - The Card game This is the start of the game
Game 3 - The Card game This is not a match
Game 3 - The Card game This is a matching pair, this pair of cards will now be removed
Game 3 - The Card game This is the end of the game, the joker somersaults to fairground like music
Game 4 : Music Madness This allows the player to record a simple tune and then play it back
Game 5 : Racing Line This is the start of the game
Game 5 : Racing Line Track selection
Game 5 : Racing Line A game in progress
Game 6 : Reversi This is the start of the game
Game 7 : Romeo It's probably a graphics card glitch but the shadow of the text that was about to be displayed appears on screen with the title
Game 7 : Romeo This is the plot summary
Game 7 : Romeo The game is all about climbing ladders, getting keys and trying to get to Juliette while avoiding pies thrown by the Pie devil.
Game 7 : Romeo If he's hit Romeo must stand there and eat it, then he gets fat and is replaced, at th cost of a life, with a slimmer version
Game 7 : Romeo End of the game. The characters circle around until a key is pressed to start the next game
Game 8 : Slot machine This is a straightforward slot. The Treasure Trail is NOT a feature, it just shows how many pounds the player has in the bank
Game 9 : The Face Game This is a game of Simon Says. The player must repeat a sequence of actions as demonstrated by the computer
Game 9 : The Face Game These are the faces that are displayed. As each is selected a brief animation occurs and a sound is heard
Game 9 : The Face Game This shot shows one of the animations inprogress
Game 9 : The Face Game The end of a game
Game 10 : Toyland This game is similar to Breakout. The player uses the 'skateboard dude' to keep a ball in play until all the toys have been cleared from the shelves
Game 10 : Toyland An in game screen shot
Game 10 : Toyland The end of the game
US version
Brainwave. This is a "Mastermind" clone of sorts
Brainwave - my brain sucks
Condition: RED is a Missile Command type of deal
Condition: RED - Shooting down missiles
Condition: RED - The alien boss mothership!!!
Condition: RED - Endgame
Crazy Pool - it's 'crazy' because they couldn't implement traditional pool rules and physics
Go for Goal - 2 player goal game
Go for Goal - I don't know what i'm supposed to do here...
Maniac Racers - Despite the name, there is no racing here
Maniac Racers - Stage 1
Maniac Racers - Stage 2
Maniac Racers - Stage 3
Operation Overkill - Wasn't Gracillis V enough?
Operation Overkill - ingame
Pinta - alcoholic frogger.
Pinta - not exactly a clone of the game, as you have to make it back home after you slurp that pint
Quads - 2 player game involving knocking your opponent down into a hole
Quads - in game.
Racing Line - US CD version track selection
Ski Monday - an oversized ski game
Ski Monday - You make 'oh!' noises when you hit bunnies. (and trees)
Slot Machine - US version
Zero G Pinball - an excuse because KNP has no implementation of gravity in their Ball Movement physics.
Gracillis V: The interesting 2nd level
Gracillis V: Shooting a hedgehog splits it into 2 and shrinks it in size, similar to Asteroids.