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Release dates, publisher and developer information for this game listed by platform:

Windows 3.x

Published by
MVP Software
United States flag United States
Release Date
Patch History
Apr 23, 1994
Version 1.11 : Fixed MIDI song titles and scoring bugs.
Apr 23, 1994
Version 1.10 : First release of Literati and Literati PLUS.
Aug 19, 1994
Version 1.14 : Workaround for generic SUPERVGA driver bug. Fixed more scoring bugs, tiles changing to blanks on Undo, and tile dragging from top row.
Sep 25, 1994
Version 1.15 : Fixed volume support detection on SB and PAS16.
Sep 25, 1995
Version 1.16 : Fixed Windows 95 sound/music bug.

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