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Living Puzzles: Triazzle Credits

Berkeley Systems, Inc.

ProducerJim Tso
Creative DirectorKim Payne
Technical DirectorBruce Burkhalter
Product Marketing LeadJulie Tarlton
AnimationLou Bustamante, Randall Ho, Brian White
EngineeringEllen Nolan, Vann Miller, Evan Harsha
Software Q.A. LeadKathleen Prevost
Software Q.A.Katie Barnes
Sound EffectsWes Chester
MusicJohn Good
Executive LeadershipWes Boyd, Nick Rush, Jack Eastman, Igor Gasowski, Julie Wainwright
Prepress/Design GroupRod DeWeese, Brian P. Dougherty, Michelle Rose
Tech Support and Additional TestingRich Young, Lance Crummett


Original ConceptDan Gilbert, Arnold Shimizu
DesignSpence Snyder, Bryn Imarire, Charlene Tiani, Walter Good

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Credits for this game were contributed by POMAH (56492)